Boustead: Where are our 6 combat ships, worth RM9 billion?


RM6 billion was paid up front but not a single ship has been delivered…





“The first ship should have been delivered in April 2019, but not one ship has been built although the government had already paid the company RM6 billion.”

In 2005, Boustead took over PSC Naval Dockyard which failed to deliver even a sail on a RM24 Billion 6-patrol vessel contract. PSC, then under Daim/Mahathir crony Amin Shah, blew RM4 billion including several hundred million in (read as fraudulent) overbilling. Shah, with a scintillating track record of having floated several paper boats down a drain as a boy, was obviously destined for a great shipbuilder’s career. He diasappeared to Saudi in the attermath of the RM4B fiasco/fraud/financial scandal.

Corruption is endemic in Msia because it has become a culture within UMNO/BN. Will PN perpetuate it?


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