Rahim Zainun: Today I’m 63, and sick to the bone…


Received via WhatsApp…

An sincere and honest view of a concerned citizen_

The last two or three years political development, among others, revealed one thing; that most senior politicians (on both sides of the house) are filthy rich. These are no more hearsay, but based on evidence derived in court.

Some admitted in court to having an amount of ‘pocket money’ people on the street will never never see in the whole entire life.

It only raised one question: how come they can get so bloody rich?

I recalled, once, at a dinner, I was talking to a Tan Sri, a prominent chinese businessman. He said: politicians in power today are good at legislating laws or work procedures with the sole intention of self enriching, and at the same time that law or procedures act as a barrier to others (from trying to encroach into that business). He cited a few examples – the APs, the foreign workers permit, permit teksi and so on.

He further said: its legalising daylight robbery.

Harry Truman, the tough American president during WW11 was quoted saying: you cant get rich in politics unless you are a crook….

I think there are lots of truth to what he said.

In our country, politics need lots of money, partly because, for a long time, we cultivated the culture of vote buying. Thus at the end of the day, elected reps are not based on vision or the economic program they proposed, but rather, on how much money were splashed. The result? The system created a society that became dependent on the reps for a living. And for the reps, where else can he or she look for the money? They started to look into how gov operates and manoeuvre how to milk the country.

How else do you explain why, some people can become millionaires overnight. A school friend of mine, a very senior gov servant, once relate to me a story of how he was ‘instructed’ by a minister to award a federal gov project worth hundreds of million of ringgit to one particilar person. With the commission from that one project, the minister doesnt have to work for the rest of his life.

I was just running thru the current office bearer on one political party – one look at the names, you know they have tons of money to last them five generations. I wouldnt want to go into details, but you know what I meant, ie, their source of wealth. These are the people I referred to in my many previous writings; the Malaysian ‘political royals’.

There isn’t a shread of guilt – manipulating the system to enrich oneself; capitalising ones position to enrich oneself. The law that apply to every man on the street, does not apply to the political royals.

I am writing based on my personal experience, hush hush stories shared by close friends or associates, or evidence derived in court. Count our blessings; we are lucky that this is a rich country, a very very rich country indeed. Rest assured, the ‘legitimate’ plundering of the country will continue in the name of “memertabatkan Melayu” .

Today, on my 63rd birthday, I am sick to the bone.

Rahim Zainun
13 June 2020 as forwarded


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