Fake: The letter from Dr Chong Yit Kang…




Dr. Chong Yit Khang Medical Officer
Kuala Lumpur General Hospital

Malaysia is finally forced into entering a stormy time. As the number of Covid-19 cases increases, all we can do now is to minimize the damage. Malaysia is entering the Delay Phase from the Containment Phase.

During the Containment Phase, medical staff will try to detect a confirmed case from a sea of suspected cases and isolate the patient to prevent the virus from spreading in the local population.

Our quarantine period has failed in a way. On the one hand, it is due to policy failure. On the other hand, the virus is highly contagious. Of course, the self-awareness and quality of the people play a great influence at this stage. Compliment or derogatory, let the history decides.

The government’s Movement Restriction Order falls in the Delay Phase. The government has led the masses to prevent the virus from spreading further. At this time, it is no longer meaningful to find cases and isolate them. The virus has spread to the masses and the existing government hospitals are not capable to provide enough isolation facilities.

We are currently in the blocking period. If everyone follows the instructions to reduce outdoor activities, or the virus will spread further, an increase in cases is inevitable. The virus needs a host to survive, and we pose as a delicious dish in the eyes of the virus.

If people insist on going out during the blocking period to let the virus spreads, then we will very soon enter the Mitigation Phase.

At any stage, the high infection rate of the virus has exceeded the load and expectations of all medical institutions. When the medical institutions cannot handle a sudden surge of patients, we can only leave it in the hands of the Almighty.

As a civil servant with the government’s Ministry of Health, I am honestly telling you that we are already struggling to deal with patients on a day-to-day basis .The economy is not good, more and more patients are being admitted in the government hospitals. Private hospitals do not accept patients with Covid-19.

If there is really an outbreak, we have no ability to rescue you.

It is not that we don’t want to, it is because we can’t.

You will face with the problem of no beds in the hospital, severe shortage of ventilators and insufficient medical resources. If you don’t wake up now and don’t take responsibility of your life seriously, then at least don’t spread it to other innocent people.

There are many ways to die. Please don’t bring others along with you. That’s a mean thing to do.

I would like to ask the people of Malaysia to listen to the medical staff’s request and our mission here is to ensure everyone stays safe and healthy. Let’s work together to solve this pandemic. How about let’s wait after it’s over, then only we come out to celebrate?

Dr. Chong Yit Khang
Medical Officer
Emergency Department, Kuala Lumpur General Hospital


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