Malaysia Chronicle: It’s now 42 – 39 in the vote for the Budget…



Speaker of Parliament, Azhar Azizan Harun today decided that attendance at the Dewan Rakyat Session will be limited to only 80 people at a time.

The resolution will begin tomorrow, when the 2021 Budget is tabled.

The breakdown of the 80 MPs allowed to attend included 41 people from the government bloc and 39 people from the opposition and independent blocs.

In a statement, he explained, the election of MPs who are allowed to participate in the session will be determined by their respective parties and those present will be given a special card to record attendance.

This measure of limiting attendance is taken as a measure to prevent the spread of Covid19.

Yesterday, the media also reported that the idea of ​​limiting attendance to 80 people came from the National Alliance or PN.

It is not mentioned whether the idea came from the thoughts of Muhyiddin Yassin himself, Hamzah Zainuddin or Azmin Ali.

When the Speaker finally agrees to implement the rules, it by itself shows some clues: –

First, this shows that the Speaker is no longer free, instead subjecting to the will of PN as the party that controls the government, but has a dubious majority.

The simple picture is, the presence in the government bloc with this new rule is no longer up to 41, but actually 42.

Second, limiting the attendance to only 80 of the 222 MPs, shows democracy in the era of government the back door and this perforated roof are heading to the graveyard.

After failing to enforce the emergency and suspending Parliament to remain in power, now the presence in Parliament has been reduced which means to shut down the practice of democracy itself.

Third, this is also an easy-to-understand deceptive tactic arising from PN’s tricks to ensure the 2021 Budget is passed without much hassle.

With a limited attendance – only 41 from the government bloc and 39 from the opposition bloc as well as the independent, of course the 2021 Budget is easily approved there is no room for anyone to be neutral or absent during voting.

Fourth, the new rules also show that Muhyiddin does not believe in the promise of BN Chairman, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi that all 43 MPs in the coalition will support the approval of the 2021 Budget.

Should, with Zahid Hamidi’s promise yesterday, Muhyiddin no longer have to worry about the possibility of the 2021 Budget being rejected during the voting.

But, why is Muhyiddin still worried that the 2021 Budget will not be approved until finally the presence in Parliament is limited to less than 40 percent?

The biggest indication of all this is that Muhyiddin and PN are slowly wanting to sideline BN by considering them no longer as respected friends.


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