Pro China propaganda with two serious factual errors received via Whatsapp…


H1N1 is from Mexico. AIDS is from Congo. Would Wang Yi make these factual errors? No. I think this is fake and created by a cybertrooper.


This is the message:


This morning! Seriously warn the United States: China’s nuclear weapons are not for viewing! We are not afraid of things, but you are not qualified!

  1. At the press conference, a reporter asked Foreign Minister Wang Yi on the spot: US President Trump wants to send his own investigators to China to investigate the situation related to the epidemic. If China is deliberately responsible for the spread of the virus, he needs to bear the consequence, what’s your comment?
  2. Wang Yi’s answer: The virus is the common enemy of all mankind. It may appear at any time and anywhere. China, like other countries, has been attacked by the new coronavirus . It is the victim, not the perpetrator, not the “accomplice” of the virus. The H1N1 flu was first diagnosed in the United States and broke out in a large area that year. It spread to 214 countries and regions and caused nearly 200,000 deaths. Has anyone made the United States compensate? In the 1980s, AIDS was first discovered in the United States and quickly spread to the world. It caused suffering to a lot of people and families. Has anyone asked the United States for compensation? The financial turmoil that occurred in the United States in 2008 and the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers eventually turned into a global financial crisis. Has anyone demanded compensation from the United States? The United States must be clear that their enemy is the virus, not China.
  3. Wang Yi went on to say: If Trump and his secretary of state and his par are not guilty of senile rhapsody, then they should know that China is not the same China that the “Eight-Power Allied Forces” trampled on, it is not Iraq, not Venezuela or Syria, is not what you want to come to inspect and go as you like. China is not guilty of being afraid of things, but you are not qualified to do the inspection! In the early stages of the epidemic, we proactively invited WHO and Chinese experts to conduct joint inspections in the affected areas, and put forward preliminary inspection results on the outbreak and spread of the new coronavirus. Trump’s request for investigation is purely unreasonable and a manifestation of hegemonism. They put the United States above international organizations and above all mankind. It seems that only they themselves are credible. But is the United States really credible? Happenings in Iraq and Venezuela are lessons from the past.
  4. We have to warn Trump that if he want to make harm to China , it is better to think about it. Because 1.4 billion people will not agree, China’s 2 million troops are not decorations, but China’s steel Great Wall. China’s Dongfeng missiles are not used to rake, but to fight dogs and wolves. China’s nuclear submarines are not used to travel under the sea, but to strike at uninvited guests. China’s nuclear weapons are not used to scare anyone, but to defend themselves. If anyone wants to taste it, tell me when you think about it.
  5. We have to warn Trump that if you want compensation from China, we start counting from the time when the Allied Forces of the Eight Powers invaded China and continue to count the cases mentioned by Wang Yi. You should pay for the old accounts of China and the world first.
  6. Now China is in a very good position all over the world. It was the first to contain the new coronavirus, and was the first to enter the stage of economic recovery. Now it is increasing its horsepower to export anti-epidemic materials to the world. China is catching up with the total economic volume. The time for surpassing the United States has also been greatly advanced. This is unacceptable for Trump. The United States has been dragged into a quagmire by Trump. At this time, Trump wants to make China and the world feel bad. Harmfulness is not allowed, anti-Trump is absolutely indispensable, evil people will meet their own days!
    I hope that every Chinese can forward this article to make our China stronger and stronger and support all patriotic groups.


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