SteadyAku47: Stay home. Malaysia needs you.


From Sdr Hussein Abdul Hamid aka SteadyAku47
All you non-Malays who are thinking of leaving Malaysia to live in Australia…T H I N K. I am not going to talk about UK, the US, EU, or any of the other countries that you guys might be thinking of migrating to. I will talk about Australia because I have lived here for over 30 years and counting. Okay, I can talk also about the UK, London to be specific because I lived there for four years but that was half a century ago and I am sure things have changed kan? So let us stick to Australia. Don’t be smart and tell me that I am living in Melbourne so what do I know about Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, or Sydney? Well guys I have lived in all those cities except, Brisbane. So I have established my credentials. Over 30 years in Australia and I have lived in enough cities in Australia to say a few things about life in Australia. And….I also have something to say to the Malays who also want to leave home and come to Australia and pick fruits (illegally) or study here with the intent of staying back in Australia after graduation, get a Graduate Visa to stay longer, and work for a few years and then apply for Permanent Residence and then Citizenship.

D O N ‘ T.

I am now 72 years old. I first came to Australia when I was in my late 30’s. It was at this time that I realized that I had to make choices in my life and be prepared for what is to come knowing full well the kind of person I want to be. I valued freedom of choice in everything that I want to do. Choices that were not constrained by conventions. Choices that only looked inwards – towards my own family and no one else. Very selfish reason for migration. And I had prepared my family for this eventuality. As my wife is Australian, both my children, on birth, were registered as Australian citizens. That was the choice I made. And from there, getting a PR for me was no problem. Since then, every few years until about a decade ago, I have alternated between living in Australia and Malaysia. So I know what is happening in Malaysia and I knew what is happening in Australia.

So why do I say D O N ‘T think about leaving Malaysia?

I have met many Malaysians in Australia. Talked to them and have got to know a good number of them. And every one of them, without fail, tells me that without the racial discrimination and religious persecution, they all want to go back to Malaysia. The food is great. The people are friendly. Life is good in Malaysia but they just cannot stomach the evil that corruption breeds. Race, religion, and all things Malaysians have been used and abused by corrupt politicians to satisfy their greed for the almighty R I N G G I T. Nothing escapes. Without corruption, Malaysians abroad will return home.

How endemic is corruption in Malaysia?

After over six decades of abject, abusive, and corrupt political hegemony by Umno over the Rakyat, Umno lost government to Pakatan Harapan in 2018 because PH promised to fight corruption and punished corrupt politicians and then build a Malaysia for ALL Malaysians. PH did not do enough towards this end. Before their term of office expired, PH lost government to the self-serving and corrupt political alliance of BERSATU, UMNO, and PAS. Now, again, a corrupt government is in Putrajaya.

What is happening in Sabah this month is an election to be fought on issues upon which Shafie Apdal has staked his political survival and future. An election that is not being fought for a particular race, an election being fought not for a particular religion…read not for the Malays, not for Islam. When he wins, Shafie Apdal has promised to use the mandate of that victory to build a nation for all Malaysians. Inclusive. Shafie Apdal’s promise to “build a nation, not a particular race, not a particular religion” resonates with ALL Malaysians. Race, religion has been the weapon of choice of corrupt politicians to sate their greed and you can win or lose an election because of your stand – for or against corruption. Shafie Apdal says no more of this anomaly. Right is might and cash will no longer be King!

The future promises much for all of us. Stay Home. There will be no future for Malaysia if Malaysians leave when the nation is in need of its finest. And to lose its finest now will be tragic for the future of our nation and next generation. I can only speak for myself. At 72 my heart is set on returning to my Tanah Air for even at this age I can still write. At this age, I still will do what I can to help leaders like Shafie Apdal build a nation sans any racial or religious overtones. For now, I must write from Melbourne. The previous BN regime has deemed that I am to be arrested upon entry for what I have written about their corrupt ways in the past. When Shafie Apdal takes us out of this conundrum I will seek permission to come back to Malaysia without any bloody arrest warrant hanging over my head. And once that is done….I will see you guys in Bangsar, my Kampong, at Mahboob on the first Saturday after I am home for a Nasi Briyani.

Shafie Apdal’s rhetoric has caught the public imagination. His words have spread like wildfire dari Perlis sampailah ka Sabah. The Malaysian public is with him. They are for him. And they will be there for him. Stay home in Malaysia. Your nation needs you.

Jom…Malaysia Berjaya dengan Warisan!



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