Malaysiakini: YOURSAY | Dr M vs Syed Saddiq – zoomers are the future…


YOURSAY | Dr M vs Syed Saddiq – zoomers are the future

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YOURSAY | ‘The world belongs to the young, not the old who can’t change.’

Syed Saddiq to Dr M: I serve Malaysians, not just Malays

IndigoTrout2522: Former Bersatu Youth chief Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman’s response to Dr Mahathir Mohamad is appropriate and will be well received by the rakyat.

Too many in the older generations regard that only they have the wisdom and right to helm the country. They consistently use race and religion to divide the nation whereas the younger generation wants to unite all regardless of race, religion, creed, political affiliations or colour of skin.

It is time for Mahathir and his generation to recognise this and move on. The torch is now passed on to a new generation of leaders.

Syed Saddiq will find others from the younger generation in various political parties and movements who hold similar values and idealism, and who are multiracial, anti-corruption and community-minded. Do not hesitate to rally them to your youth movement.

It is important to have idealism but it is only through power that you can achieve real change in society. Power is not necessarily corrupt if leaders use it for the betterment and benefit of the rakyat.

Heron: Well said and way to go, young man. There are many Malaysians out there like you who have the dynamism and capability to bring about leadership and new strategies to lead the nation out of the disappointing and miserable political miasma of some three decades.

The opportunity cost has been rather daunting as is obvious nowadays. Young leaders like you are needed to alter the existing and unfortunately entrenched mindset. A mindset which focuses on winning the hearts and minds of a specific community by inferring inferiority within that community and animosity towards others.

This primary approach in communal politics has both suppressed the vitality of multiracial and multicultural vibrancy of our lucky country and also gave rise to exclusive groups of the newly rich.

If only our top leadership of the past three decades had committed itself to promoting and protecting the overall interests of the country and people instead of focusing on parochial and selfish interests and in fermenting communal disquiet for such purposes.

Like the young educating the old in computer literacy, the old must be made to relinquish their failed ways and means.

Ferdtan: Well said, Syed Saddiq. The world belongs to the young, not the old.

Not all old people think like Mahathir. It is obvious that he has his self-serving political agenda – to play on race to win. There are many senior Malaysians supporting you, Syed Saddiq (provided that you don’t deviate from your planned inclusive agenda).

Change, change and change, it has reached the stage of “to do or die”.

Whether Syed Saddiq succeeds or not will depend on his ability to organise his way forward. What is most important at this juncture – of increased race and religious bigotry with Umno holding hands with PAS to exploit the division among Malaysians for political gain – is the message that Syed Saddiq promotes.

Let that message ring out. This is the first step by a Malay leader who dares to call for inclusiveness.

Whether you trust his politics or not, PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim is the closest to what Syed Saddiq intends to do. Anwar once said: “Anak Melayu anak saya, anak Cina anak saya, anak India, Iban, Kadazan, anak saya.” (The Malay children are my children, so are the children of the Chinese, Indians, Ibans and Kadazans.)

If Syed Saddiq can succeed better where Anwar can’t, then “syabas” (congratulations) to him and the youth.

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