Sodomy 3.0? Police dismiss conflict of interest claims in cases related to Anwar, political aide..





A MAN who recently made a statutory declaration (SD) alleging sodomy by an opposition MP today expressed concerns for his safety.

Speaking to The Malaysian Insight, the man said that his personal information was being shared online by certain quarters.

He said he had also received abuse on the internet.

“I am in deep trouble. I am scared for my life. My personal information is being shared online. My phone number, my address is all in the open now. Netizens have accused me of so many things.“I feel sorry for my family. I am sick of all these accusations saying that I made money from this issue. I did not get anything,” he said.

He said he was influenced by an NGO leader into making the accusations. He confirmed that he had filed a police report against Pertubuhan Minda dan Sosial Prihatin president Ramesh Rao for “manipulation” and Malaysia Today blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin for publishing his SD.

“I felt Ramesh was insincere therefore I decided to reveal his involvement,” he said.

Ramesh had earlier told The Malaysian Insight that he did not coerce the man into making the sodomy claims.

“He (the complainant) came to me to complain about this. The incident happened seven years ago. He drafted an SD and we brought him to a top cop and we corrected the SD,” Ramesh said.

Ramesh said the man had also approached another group of people demanding hush money.

“He was the one who approached me. He wanted to do a medical report. I also found out he approached other people demanding money,” he said.

The man denied approaching Ramesh. It was the other way round, he said.

“I did not know him. He approached me instead,” he said.

He said that he had been to Bukit Aman about the matter three times this week alone.

“I have lodged a police report against Ramesh. I will let the police handle this matter,” he said.

In his SD dated June 29, 2020, the man said he was sodomised by the politician four times in 2013 and was paid RM300 for it each time.

He said that on their fourth rendezvous, the MP had asked to be introduced to his friends.

“I introduced my friend and we met at the Concorde Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. After we met in the hotel room, I left and my friend stayed. I waited for an hour at the lobby before he came down.

“My friend said he was roughed up and that he also received RM300 from the politician,” the complainant said in his SD.

He said he had a record of all his conversations with the politician in his mobile phone.

Police two days ago questioned the man about the claims made in the SD and they also recorded the statement from the Commissioner of Oaths before whom the SD was signed. THE MALAYSIAN INSIGHT



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