Sarawak Report Talkback: A ‘New Deal’ From Old Crooks?


A ‘New Deal’ From Old Crooks?

The head of the Sabah chapters of BN and Umno Bung Moktar Radin today reasserted his authority over the coalition by declaring that he “runs the game” in Sabah.

“Sabah’s people run the game. I run the game (in Sabah),” said Bung when interviewed by CNA in Parliament today.

Yesterday, national BN head Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said Bung will lead the coalition’s election campaign in Sabah and that the latter will also choose the coalition’s chief minister nominee.

This led to protests by some Sabah Umno grassroots, including party supreme council member Abdul Rahman Dahlan who called Zahid’s move “suicidal” because Bung was facing a criminal trial.

Bung was coy when asked if he was BN’s nominee for chief minister…… [and] Bung was coy about BN’s strategy for the upcoming election but promised that Sabah would be offered “a new deal”.

“Many issues actually. Cannot say it now. It is part of my strategy. You just wait and see.

“We will launch our manifesto and our new deal for Sabah,” he said.Source: A ‘New Deal’ From Old Crooks?

Our comment

Having bought over enough political ‘frogs’ to destabilise the Sabah state government PN has found they triggered an election instead.

This was not the game plan, so no wonder they are ‘coy’. After all their appointed election supremo (Bonkers Bung Moktar) has to spend half his time in court on corruption charges, whilst Musa Aman who led the attempted coup had his own multi-million dollar charges dropped only on the less than convincing excuse that evidence had become ‘outdated’ and ‘no longer obtainable’.

This is untrue, since Sarawak Report has all the documents the prosecutors could ever need and so do the Swiss investigators who have been prosecuting UBS bank for laundering his assets.

UMNO/BN/PN’s biggest hope is that they previously chopped 13 new constituencies out of their strongest areas with the plain objective of cheating a doubling of their vote.

They now need to convince these former trusty voters that this bunch of old crooks, voted out after years of looting and abuse of power will (after attempting a backdoor coup and bribing MPs) come back with a “New Deal” to offer to the people.

Details to be provided after the election?

There are various proverbs: ‘A Leopard Doesn’t Change Its Spots” is one. Another is ‘You Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks” and yet another is ‘Once A Thief Always A Thief’.

Those voters stand warned!



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