Malaysiakini YOURSAY | A ‘simple lunch’ that cost RM350 per head…


YOURSAY | ‘The dishes look ‘ordinary’ but the price is ‘extraordinary’…’

FT minister downplays MPs’ RM6k lunch, says dishes look ‘ordinary’

MS: Federal Territories Minister Annuar Musa is absolutely correct. 

This is the same simple lunch enjoyed by the Malay masses in the kampungs and the urban PPR (Program Perumahan Rakyat) ghettos.

That is the only reason the representatives of the rakyat are lunching like this – to ’empathise’ with those they represent and to give the world an insight into their ‘daily struggles’.

And speaking of struggles, how do you expect the unflinching warriors we all respect to continue their ‘for bangsa dan agama’ (race and religion) mantra without even a sampling of the required daily allowance of Vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, finished off with a platter of freshly cut local fruit?

So let’s all be fair now. Criticise excess, yes. But not this act of ‘simple living’.

Vijay47: As I have feared for a long time, Covid-19 has other serious effects that the public may not be aware of. What is even stranger is that the disease is more likely to affect people of a particular political persuasion.

Thus, we have some specimens claiming that appointment to head government-linked companies (GLCs) is based on ability and merit, another arguing that he did not order, he just requested, and yesterday’s pearl where a lawman reached the amazing conclusion that “will consider” in English actually means “have agreed”.

And before you can recover from either Covid or sheer idiocy, today we encounter another person who defends a RM6,525 meal for 18 politicians by explaining that the dishes “look ordinary”.

When did we protest about how the dishes looked, whether they came with a sprig of orchid or a dollop of caviar at the side, with ikan bilis sambal around the edges?

We were outraged with the cost. Cost, you know, ‘harga’ – money, wang, kasse, chien, paise.

Health director-general Noor Hisham Abdullah, please put out an APB (all-points bulletin), that the new SOP (standard operating procedure) now includes staying away from Umno leaders.

Clearwater: The dishes look ‘ordinary’ but the price is ‘extraordinary’ – at RM6,525 or RM362.50 per head for the 18 persons in the photo.

How many of us ever splurged that much on ourselves for lunch and call it ordinary without a twinge of shame?

Open Mind: It is pointless for the federal territories minister to say whether the dishes look ordinary or otherwise. The bill states the food cost RM6,525.

The attendees did not dispute that. The question is – who pays for the lunch? And is this a normal daily lunch get-together?

Odysseus: There are two points raised by Annuar’s comment on the food that looks ordinary.

First, someone has stupidly ‘overpaid’ for the ‘ordinary’ food. Second, if having prawns and ikan patin are ordinary for him, then it shows he is out of touch with the rakyat on the ground.

Furthermore, the lunch was sponsored by GLCs, which is supposed to make money for the rakyat and not spend lavishly on selected VIPs.

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