Were the Beirut blasts more than just an accident?


Israel TV: Hezbollah apparently wanted Beirut’s ammonium nitrate for Israel war

TV cites assessment Nasrallah may have intended to use stockpile that caused port blast in ‘Third Lebanon War’, notes cases in Germany, UK where Hezbollah caught with same material

By TOI staff 8 August 2020, 1:09 am 1

Hezbollah apparently planned to use the ammonium nitrate stockpile that caused a massive bast at Beirut’s port this week against Israel in a “Third Lebanon War,” according to an unsourced assessment publicized on Israel’s Channel 13 Friday night.

The report was broadcast hours after Hezbollah’s leader, Hassan Nasrallah, gave a speech “categorically” denying that his group had stored any weapons or explosives at Beirut’s port, following the massive explosion there Tuesday that has claimed over 157 lives and wounded thousands. “I would like to absolutely, categorically rule out anything belonging to us at the port. No weapons, no missiles, or bombs or rifles or even a bullet or ammonium nitrate,” Nasrallah said. “No cache, no nothing. Not now, not ever.”

Israel has not formally alleged that Hezbollah was connected to the Tuesday blast.

Israel firmly denied initial speculation that it had anything to do with the explosion, has sent condolences, and offered medical aid. Senior Hezbollah officials speaking on condition of anonymity to Lebanese media have been equally insistent that neither Hezbollah nor Israel were involved.




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1 Response to Were the Beirut blasts more than just an accident?

  1. E Lye says:

    I think this is a trial run or proof of concept. If you engineer deliveries that fail to be delivered or bear incorrect addresses or addresee{employee is fired} or have contraband included like pangolin scales and get confiscated, the pile slowly grows until one day a powerbank or Samsung Galaxy Note 7 decides to get frisky. Drug dealers can take out the Anti-Narcotics building trojan horse style if this is mistaken for crystal meth or is seeded with crystal meth. The bomb dogs do not do quantitave analysis and they don’t analyze every bag found.I wonder how many unclaimed containers we have sitting idly at all our ports and warehouses?

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