Video: Robert Farley, “By 2030, These 5 Armies Will Be Truly Unstoppable.”


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November 15, 2019

By 2030, These 5 Armies Will Be Truly Unstoppable (Who Made the List?)

The global best of the best.

by Robert Farley

Key point: The ground forces of 2030 will resemble those of today, but with some crucial differences.

What will the balance of ground combat power look like in 2030, presumably after the Wars on Terror and the Wars of Russian Reconsolidation (more to come on this idea below) shake out?

Predictions are hard, especially about the future, but a few relatively simple questions can help illuminate our analysis. In particular, three questions motivate this study:

• Does the army have access to national resources, including an innovative technological base?

• Does the army have sufficient support from political authorities, without compromising the organization’s independence?

• Does the army have access to experiential learning; does it have the opportunity to learn and innovate in real-world conditions?

Given these questions, most ground combat forces of 2030 will very much resemble the most lethal forces of today, with perhaps a couple of important changes.

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