Mahdzir Khalid is the 20% Man!



Witness says ex-education minister demanded RM250 mil from solar project

V Anbalagan -August 3, 2020 6:23 PM

KUALA LUMPUR: A witness told the High Court in Rosmah Mansor’s corruption trial that
former education minister Mahdzir Khalid demanded 20% of the RM1.25 billion solar project for Sarawak schools as his contribution in securing the contract for a company.

However, Rayyan Radzwill Abdullah said this amount was reduced to RM60 million or RM1 million per month over five years from 2016.

“This money (RM60 million) was to be paid through Mahdzir’s proxy identified as Md Fuad Yassin,” he said when cross-examined by counsel Akberdin Abdul Kader.

However, he said, the RM60 million was never paid by the contractor, Jepak Holdings Sdn Bhd, to the proxy.

Mahdzir, who had appeared as a prosecution witness, had denied earlier he had demanded or received any bribe from Jepak.

Rayyan, the 16th prosecution witness, said Mahdzir demanded the RM250 million (20% of the project cost) that was to be paid to Fuad.

However, he said the amount was finally reduced to RM60 million after a discussion

“Mahdzir entered into a written ‘contract’ with Jepak to get the RM60 million or RM1 million a month for five years,” he said.

The witness, however, said that to his knowledge, his business partner, Saidi Abang Samsuddin, only spent about RM50,000 on delegates from the Padang Terap Umno division who attended the party’s general assembly.

Mahadzir is the division chief and MP for the constituency.

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