Construction firm sues PN govt for bypassing Parliament with rules that favour debtors…


Let’s see if this is the first of many legal challenges…



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1 Response to Construction firm sues PN govt for bypassing Parliament with rules that favour debtors…

  1. E Lye says:

    If you sue the wrong party, your case gets thrown out. I bet this gets thrown out. Only the lawyers make money out of this case.

    The truth is that with the introduction of fiat money and the disconnection of the gold standard, most countries borrow from a private bank whose fanciful name misleads people into thinking that it is a “National” bank. Names like the Federal Reserve, Money Authority of Singapore and Bank Negara Malaysia. Simple eye-opener. When Malaysia achieved independence, where did we get the money to pay September’s salary? No banker friend can answer my question: “Who owns Bank Negara Malaysia?” Think of it this way. Your Along sends someone to accompany you, the debtor, to make sure you can continue to pay. They can tell you to drop your Astro or get a cheaper package. So when BNM introduced the moratorium, it is similar. They are protecting their interests. If everybody goes bankrupt, the domino effect will hurt it. These banks are ABOVE the law. That is why Zeti was not afraid of Najib. That is why her signature is on your bank notes. That is why BNM is unapologetic over the rotten quality of the RM1 bill which is continually patched up with cellophane tape and rejected by traders and POS Malaysia{has been privatised but still retains Malaysia in the name}. Our banks are quiet as a mouse because BNM is the bank of last resort. The PN government does not set the Base Lending Rate. The Finance minister does not set the Base Lending Rate. It is BNM all along. If banks are in a pinch and their fellow banks cannot help, it is BNM they fall back on. It is like a super PIDM. I wonder what BNM charges then. This is why no bank or government – – – even the mighty Chinese{or US, take your pick} government ever challenge “their” central banks{and never will unless the gold standard comes back … not in our lifetimes}. The Great American depression was caused by their central banks. “Mistakes” like these and others{find out for yourself or you will never get educated} never get punished. I wonder what is filed with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia by BNM. Has BNM ever been audited? AGM minutes? Taxes? “No one is above the law” is a myth. Parliament has no say over those rules. Those debtors are the first domino. Dare you fact check this for central banks? They have total immunity. Do another one: Central banks run the Military Industral Complex who run the{ir} governments. US presidents who don’t obey or try to upset the entrenched system get assassinated. Are there any debt free countries left? Bhutan? Vatican city? Probably those who still have gold and silver of their own. Certainly not Bitcoin. So what is the collateral for those loans? Government bonds? And what backs those government bonds? it is you. Your children and your children’s children in perpetuity. The rich{owners behind BNM et al} get richer and the poor get poorer. A dollar bill used to say “This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private, and is redeemable in lawful money at the United States Treasury or at any Federal Reserve Bank.” Read carefully. What is “lawful money”? The currency you carry is not actually money. They are actually notes of debt. I.O.BNM. And robbers try to steal those. Ha, ha, ha. It is one of life’s cruel jokes. They don’t teach this in the universities. We have this{now two} homeless, dirty, unwashed, shoeless, mentally-ill man at our market. The police/along/bandaraya/snatch thieves/MCO enforcers/LHDN/immigration/gangsters/NGOs/churches{except Mother Teresa}/central banks won’t go near them let alone touch them. And yet they are freer than you or I.

    Go on. Make my day. Red pill{fact check BNM} or blue pill? You know it will be the blue pill. Everybody … everybody … always reaches out for the blue pill.

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