Siti Kasim writes to the Minister of Education…


Dear Maszlee,

I know you want to be a good Muslim and scoring points and all but you must not confused your position. Are you a Minister of Education or an Ustaz? If you feel you are the latter, please go ahead.

Please resign from being a Minister of Education.

Are you unhappy the letter came out and your plans are again thwarted by people who think you’re doing a great disservice to our children?

Please resign.

Schools are for EDUCATION and NOT for PREACHING purposes! Your media statement itself NOT realizing the sensitivity of using ‘religion’ in SCHOOLS!🤦‍♂

Not only that, you tried to cover or damage control by stating it’s only for the Muslims children. Don’t you think our Muslim children are already burdened with enough religious brainwashing? Please read your MEMO again. Nama pun DAKWAH… No mentioned of Muslim only. Do you think all of us are idiots?

Please resign.

At the same time you continue to divide and label the students, Muslim and non-Muslim, instead of providing more activities that act as an enabler to nurture and enhance UNITY amongst students, regardless of races and religions to propagate harmonious ways of living together as one entity of solidarity for peace and humanity. Teaching students to learn to BEING HUMAN.


Siti Kasim






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