After quitting politics, Rafizi Ramli will still be busy. Very busy.






Rafizi Quit Politics For His Startup That Tackles Unemployment With AI. Here’s How It Works.

Rayden Koh
2019-12-12 18:02:23

Rafizi Ramli has recently announced his retirement from politics.

Now a free man from both his legal and political battles, he wrote on his LinkedIn that he would be returning to corporate planning.

For those of you who only know Rafizi as PKR’s vice president, he is also known as CEO of both INVOKE, a local data firm and adnexio, an AI-driven job portal.

Since he said that he would be focusing his attention on adnexio specifically, I decided to see for myself what the platform was all about.

The ‘NEX’ Big Thing In Job Recruitment

Rafizi wrote in his blog that he spent a lot of time with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) during the GE14 elections.

He found that SMEs faced difficulties in hiring the people they needed, while job candidates lacked information about the job market and needed help to make themselves more marketable.

So, since September 2018, he alongside a group of data scientists and software engineers have been working to address these problems.

The result was adnexio, a job portal where candidates are interviewed by artificial intelligence (AI) named NEX.

NEX was created to solve the problems of unemployment and human capital development in Malaysia.

She (yes, ‘she’, as the AI was given a female voice) conducts interviews with thousands of candidates in order to identify qualities that employers look for.

She does this by evaluating a candidate’s education, job experience, skills, and even personality.

Rafizi Quit Politics For His Startup That Tackles Unemployment With AI. Here’s How It Works.


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