These kids who sang the Negaraku in Chinese will be among the top scorers in the UPSR, PT3, UPSR and STPM, and win scholarships from all over the world: It’s stupid to claim they don’t know BM!


KUALA LUMPUR: Police will investigate an allegation that students at a school in Seremban sang the national anthem, Negara Ku, in Mandarin, Bukit Aman CID director Huzir Mohamed said.

“The video is an old one and we will open an investigation,’’ he told Bernama when contacted.

Today, the education ministry, in a statement, said that the ministry would not compromise with anyone who flouted the rules involving the Federal Constitution, whether deliberately or otherwise.

The one-minute-23-second video, which has since gone viral, featured students singing Negara Ku in Mandarin.

It was allegedly recorded on Sept 26, 2018 at a school in Seremban.



The Education Ministry is investigating a video, which has gone viral on social media, showing primary school pupils singing the national anthem Negaraku in Mandarin.

In a statement this evening, the ministry warned that it would not compromise with those who violated the Federal Constitution.

“The ministry is aware of the video showing the pupils singing Negaraku, which has been changed into Mandarin and languages other than the national language, which has gone viral on social media.

“A thorough investigation is being carried out in relation to this issue, which has happened in several schools,” it added.

Expressing regret over the incident, Bersatu Youth said a check revealed that apart from Mandarin, the national anthem was also being sung in the Arabic language.

The wing’s education bureau has filed a police report over this.

Describing it as a treasonous act towards patriotism and nationalism, Bersatu Youth exco Mohd Ashraf Mustaqim said: “It is clear that the singing of Negaraku either in Mandarin or Arabic is wrong and transgresses the position of Negaraku as the official national anthem through its own language, which is Bahasa Melayu.”

Meanwhile, Pergerakan Wira Putra Malaysia described the video as an attempt to indoctrinate students.

“Wira Putra condemns the teacher and school for this insolent act. Is changing the lyrics to Mandarin a prerequisite in the curicculum?

“To the point that students must learn the national anthem without using the official national language?” asked its pro-tem chief Nasrul Ali Hasan Abdul Latif.

Demanding that the Sedition Act be used against the teacher responsible, he also used the incident to launch a salvo on vernacular schools.

He alleged that the incident gave the impression that vernacular schools are where the seeds of racism and animosity are sown.

Meanwhile, Malaysiakini learnt that the video recording originated from a Chinese primary school in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

It is also understood that the district education department had summoned the headmaster over the matter.

Malaysiakini has contacted the school authorities for comment.

A check revealed that the National Anthem Act 1968 does not clearly mention language but includes musical notes and lyrics in Bahasa Melayu.

Whereas, the National Language Act 1963 stipulates that Bahasa Melayu must be used for official purposes.








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