Corruption in PAS? Yes. Why should we be surprised after “Hadi and the RM90 million”?

16 May 2019

It took the son-in-law of the PAS president to reveal the “ongoings” in PAS.

Zaharudin Muhammad must be either very brave or very powerful because the party president has revealed that he gave no “blessing” to the disclosure.

Is he trying to confine the “dedak” problem to certain individuals within the party, and to show that it was the delinquency of some individual members and not the party?

Zaharudin claimed he has the blessing from party president Abdul Hadi Awang but the latter has since denied giving one.

I think Hadi is trying to enjoy the best of both worlds – distancing himself and the party from the “dedak” accusation and at the same time trying to confine this problem to certain individuals within the party.

There is no better person than his son-in-law to disclose the “dedak cartel”. There is no better reason for Hadi to deny giving Zaharudin his blessing.

The whole episode made the party president very “detached” and very neutral. He is showing that he was not involved and at the same time he is not betraying those who did.

A gag order is now imposed on the party. No one could openly touch on this topic anymore.

Is this what the party wants the people to believe now – there was money changing hands, but it was not the party or the top echelon of the party that was involved.

It was certain individuals in the party, those in the cartel, who were involved.

I wish things could be resolved by simple manoeuvring.

Well, if the party is worth its salt, perhaps a more thorough investigation is now in order.

Who are those individuals in the cartel? What are their positions and relationship with the rest of the party’s top echelon? How was the purported money received used – was it for the benefit of individuals or the party?

We have not seen the end yet.

TK Chua is an FMT reader.


14 May 2019






PETALING JAYA: PAS has imposed a gag order on its members to stop discussing or debating issues related to party matters across all media platform.

PAS secretary-general Datuk Takiyuddin Hassan said the gag order took effect immediately.

“PAS forbids discussions and debates in print and electronic media, as well as on social media and all forms of external broadcast that are not through the party channel.

“Those who defy the order will be facing the disciplinary committee,” he said.

PAS’ order came in the wake of fresh allegations of existence of “dedak (money politics) cartel” in the party brought up by PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang’s son-in-law, Zaharudin Muhammad.

“Any views, opinion, suggestion and even criticism should be forwarded through party channels at various levels.

“This is part of the party discipline, where freedom of speech is assured while at the same time, we control and protect the confidentiality within the organisation,” Takiyuddin said in a statement.

PAS reminded its members that it would be deemed a disciplinary offence if their actions undermined the interest of the Islamist party.

“It is an offence if members do not abide and obey party orders based on the party’s constitution, rules and regulations,” he said.




PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang has denied that he had given his blessing to his son-in-law, Zaharuddin Muhammad, to publicly expose a “dedak cartel” comprising senior party leaders.

Hadi said Zaharudin had acted without his knowledge when the former PAS shura council member wrote a Facebook post on a cabal of leaders in the Islamist party accepting “dedak” (literally animal feed, but in a political context, it means money).

“That is not true. I did not give my blessing. No blessing,” he said after break fast event with the media at a hotel in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, tonight.

Zaharuddin in the post had raised the issue of an audio recording involving Bachok MP Nik Abduh Nik Abdul Aziz talking about Umno’s funding of PAS, and his hitting out at a group he called the “dedak cartel”.

Zahaurddin had hinted that he was ready to reveal the evidence in his possession to counter Nik Abduh’s denial on the matter.

Nik Abduh, the son of respected late PAS spiritual leader Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, had said previously that his remarks in the audio recording was sanctioned by Hadi.

In the Facebook post, Zaharuddin also said at least five PAS leaders were in the cartel, but only mentioned cryptic abbreviations.

Speculation on social media implicated Terengganu Menteri Besar Dr Ahmad Samsuri Mokhtar and PAS Youth chief Abdul Khalil Abdul Hadi, who is also Hadi’s son.

But Zaharuddin denied that he meant the two men.

“Not who I meant. How could the Terengganu MB be involved? How could my brother-in-law be involved?” Zaharuddin, said, adding that Amanah had fueled speculation on the two men.  

Takiyuddin tonight said Zaharuddin would be summoned by the PAS’ disciplinary panel to explain his revelations.

“We have received complaints about breaches in party discipline.

“The PAS disciplinary committee will decide (on Zaharuddin).”

Hadi compared the allegations of a “dedak cartel” to a rerun of an old film.

“It’s (the dedak cartel) is an old film that has been screened. It has been resolved,” Hadi said, adding that the matter “involved discipline”.

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission is investigating allegations that PAS leader received money from Umno.



KUALA LUMPUR: PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang today denied giving his blessing to his son-in-law to expose the existence of a “dedak cartel” who had allegedly taken money from Umno.

Hadi said the claim by Zaharudin Muhammad was not true.

“The issue of me giving my blessing is not true and does not arise at all,” he told reporters after a meeting with the central party leadership.

Hadi said the top leadership had received a report on Zaharudin’s alleged breach of party discipline and he would be referred to PAS’ disciplinary committee.

On whether such an expose was good for PAS, Hadi said the “dedak cartel” issue was an old issue being played up again.

He said the case had already been resolved in court.

Zaharudin had revealed yesterday that Hadi had given him the go-ahead to expose the existence of the “dedak cartel”.

Zaharudin, who has since been ordered by the Islamist party to explain his allegation, also said that critics had tried to persuade Hadi to get him to withdraw his claims, which he had made on Facebook.

“They gave half-baked information claiming that I engaged in some friendly fire on Facebook. But in the end, I explained my reasons and Tok Guru (Hadi) gave his blessing and I have not retracted my claims,” he wrote on Facebook yesterday.

Zaharudin also said that a “bigger bomb” had been dropped – in the form of a “recording from Puchong” – an allusion to a 2016 audio recording about PAS receiving funds from Umno.

On another matter, Hadi said PAS had recruited more than 20,000 new members since February.

He said 7,090 joined the party from February to March, and 8,235 from March to April. Another 4,686 joined from April to May 9.

“We have also opened a new branch at Pos Lanai, Pahang, which comprises only Orang Asli members,” he said.

Hadi also announced that the PAS muktamar will take place at Indera Mahkota, Pahang from June 21 to 23.

I did not give son-in-law my blessing, Hadi says on ‘dedak cartel’ expose

So, PAS President Hadi’s son-in-law, Zaharudin Mohammad, is now admitting the one thing that Sarawak Report initially reported about this matter, which was that it was widely suspected that money was flowing from UMNO into upper echelons of PAS.

These are party officials, whom Zaharudin described yesterday in his Facebook post as a powerful ‘cartel’ of  ‘dedak eaters’ (bribe takers) as opposed to ordinary members who might take money for votes (as Hadi tried to allege was the meaning of the famous recording in his court submissions).

And yet despite this knowledge and admission by his own son-in-law, the PAS President, backed by advisors who included the people Zaharudin is now effectively accusing, decided to sue Sarawak Report on the basis of a cooked up deceit.

First Hadi claimed that everyone assumed Sarawak Report must have been referring to him personally in its article, because he was so dominant in his party – even though Zaharudin now claims it was others beneath Hadi who were taking the money.

Then Hadi backed by his party continued to sue Sarawak Report for months, despite now admitting they knew people in the party were taking UMNO’s money and that the party had fallen in line with UMNO.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Najib admitted on the hustings that Hadi would visit him secretly at night before the election to plot joint policies together. At the same time Hadi’s lawyers were issuing sworn signed statements on behalf of their client to the UK court saying that PAS was still wholeheartedly in opposition to UMNO and critical of Najib and that it was therefore a libel to claim otherwise or that money had been involved in the change of political direction of the party.

Hadi and his son in law are therefore denying they personally received money, whilst finally admitting their party and a circle of important members did.  So, in effect they are admitting perjury and the bringing of false accusations against Sarawak Report in the London court.

These people even lied about the settlement they paid to extract themselves belatedly from the case when they realised that SR was not prepared to be bowed and bullied and was prepared to stand up to them in that self-same court armed with the evidence they could not deny.

Hadi and his super-expensive UK law firm ought to hold their heads in shame over this disgraceful and deceitful abuse of British libel law.

British journalists need better protection from decietful foreign litigants like Hadi and UK law firms who readily charge huge fees to bring such dubious cases.

Hadi’s Son In Law Admits Group In PAS Took Dedak

PAS’ Zaharudin Muhammad, a figure who has been linked to the infamous recording featuring the party’s central committee member Nik Abduh Nik Aziz talking about receiving money from Umno, has lashed out against a group he dubs the “dedak cartel”.

Dedak, or animal feed, is a Malay term for bribes made famous by Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

In Zaharudin’s case, the cartel refers to those who received funds from Umno or those linked to Umno….

The audio clip in question was widely circulated early last year, and ostensibly depicts a person talking about Umno’s funding of PAS.

In the recording, an individual can be heard admitting that PAS leaders, including himself, late spiritual leader Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, and even party president Abdul Hadi Awang had received funds from Umno.

The person also says that PAS received RM2 million from Umno with the knowledge of its top leaders to defeat DAP in the 2016 Sarawak state election…..

In a series of Facebook posts which began yesterday, Zaharudin, who is the son-in-law of PAS president Hadi, .. claimed he was defending himself from accusations that he was the one who recorded Nik Abduh’s remarks and leaked it.

He said if he was the source for the recording, he would have revealed even more details, such as claims that the recording was misused to appease those who were unhappy with corrupt PAS leaders.

“[…] the recording was played to prove that the act of taking dedak was done by the top leadership – when it actually was not, and I will show proof that the act of taking dedak was not condoned by top leaders,” Zaharudin said in one post….

“What I revealed was the secrets of the dedak cartel,” he said.


Hadi Awang and the 90 Million Ringgit… @malaysiakini

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has begun an investigation into a claim that Umno paid RM90 million to PAS leaders to secure their support for the party, according to a source.

It said the MACC opened the investigation after receiving a report on the matter from the police yesterday.

The source said the MACC would call up several people for questioning as part of its investigation.

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