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Freed by ‘intervention’ of Dr Mahathir: Firdaus Abdillah Hamzah aka Pipiyapong who was arrested for criticizing TMJ. We hope that, in the PH era, “no leader is free from criticism”.

… 10 May 2019 .. We are all #Pipiyapong who has been released. Thank you @chedetofficial @Kelab_Chedet for speaking up. https://t.co/vyERsnN7ip pic.twitter.com/Qz5OXXTx3a — simonthong (@simonwhthong) May 10, 2019 .. 'Royal critic' freed in wake of PM criticising arrest https://t.co/Zvdz4XyDIr pic.twitter.com/h795JCFBai … Continue reading

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LKS challenges Tok Mat. Will Tok Mat accept the wager or is he all talk no action?

… 10 May 2019 .. h ttps://twitter.com/limkitsiang/status/1126710852646662144?s=19 https://blog.limkitsiang.com/2019/05/10/i-am-prepared-to-have-a-wager-with-tok-mat-that-mahathir-will-keep-his-word-to-pass-on-the-prime-ministers-post-to-anwar-and-will-not-dissolve-parliament-to-call-for-fresh-elections/amp/?__twitter_impression=true .. https://www.msn.com/en-my/news/national/tok-mat-says-dr-m-wont-keep-promise-to-anwar-foresees-snap-election/ar-AAB5lnc?ocid=st

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Muhammad Shafee Abdullah insulted estate workers when he intended to insult the Fourth Estate (journalists)! LMAO…

… INFAMOUS WORDS: “If they want to be the fourth or fifth estate, they shouldn’t act like estate people,” – said Muhammad Shafee Abdullah… … free Malaysia Today‏ @fmtoday 15h15 hours ago His lawyer Muhammad ShafeeAbdullah lambast the irresponsible report, saying journalists … Continue reading

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