Muhammad Shafee Abdullah insulted estate workers when he intended to insult the Fourth Estate (journalists)! LMAO…


“If they want to be the fourth or fifth estate, they shouldn’t act like estate people,”
– said Muhammad Shafee Abdullah…

His lawyer Muhammad ShafeeAbdullah lambast the irresponsible report, saying journalists should not behave like estate people if they want to be treated as the fourth estate.


Najib denies news report he took selfie during court proceedings

10 May 2019





9 May 2019


Senior lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah has incurred the wrath of PSM, which has worked tirelessly over the decades with regard to the plight of estate workers.

“It was rude, disparaging and insulting,” thundered PSM central committee member S Arutchelvan.

He told Malaysiakini this in response to former premier Najib Abdul Razak’s lawyer chiding the media covering his client’s proceedings at the Kuala Lumpur High Court this afternoon.

Upset over reports which claimed Najib was taking selfies in the dock, Shafee said: “If they want to be the fourth or fifth estate, they shouldn’t act like estate people.”

According to Arutchelvan, it is not surprising that such a statement would be uttered by a well-heeled individual.

“This is the typical mindset of such people. The estate workers are the backbone of the country’s economy, whose sweat and toil helped develop this nation,” he added.

The PSM leader said if Shafee expected journalists to behave in a professional manner, then he should do the same.

“As a so-called learned man, he must also show professionalism instead of hurling insults and unfounded remarks at certain groups just to substantiate his argument.

“What is the message he intended to convey? That estate workers are stupid and lazy?” he asked.

Arutchelvan said Shafee should apologize for making such uncalled for remarks and belittling estate workers.

“Nothing short of an apology would suffice,” he added.






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