Hadi presents a PAS – Umno pact that Malays will swoon over, or so he believes…

…Faith is more important than integrity…….….https://twitter.com/gst183/status/1143339103930294273?s=19..1. There’s syariah compliant lying….https://weehingthong.org/2019/03/03/hadi-is-in-deeper-shit-lie-after-lie-is-exposed/..2. Stealing is okay if you don’t get caught.https://weehingthong.org/2019/01/01/malay-mail-top-10-malaysians-untouchable-malaysians-to-be-charged-in-court/..3. Corruption? No real issue…https://weehingthong.org/2019/05/14/corruption-in-pas-yes-why-should-we-be-surprised-after-hadi-and-the-rm90-million/…

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