A Food Paradise in Ipoh: The Cowan Street – Leong Sin Nam Street Corner…

Cowan Street is now Jalan Raja Ekram.

Cowan Street 高溫街 Gou Wan Gaai Jalan Raja Ekram Formerly named after William Cowan, Protector of Chinese, Perak in Ipoh.[7] Now named after Raja Ekram, Raja di-Hilir of Perak.

Leong Sin Nam Street remains Leong Sin Nam Street.

Leong Sin Nam Street 梁燊南街 Loeng San Nam Gaai / 点心街 Dim Sam Gaai Jalan Leong Sin Nam Named after Leong Sin Nam, a community leader and philanthropist during earlier days in the development of Ipoh.[13]


At the Junction are 3 Food Places: Hua Nam White Coffee Kopitiam, Kafe Wah Nam and Restoran Chong Yang (previously known as Central).

Hua Nam White Coffee Kopitiam (on the left) and Kafe Wah Nam (on the right) both offer many choices of typical Ipoh Food.

1 Hua Nam is at 37 Leong Sin Nam Street.

hua nam and wah nam.jpg

2 Kafe Wah Nam is at 30-32 Cowan Street (Jalan Raja Ekram).

Opening Hours: 7.00 am – 5.00 pm.

My favourite is Wah Nam, where I have eaten from when I was a teenager. In those days (the 1060’s), a family sold fried noodles but only for take-away and only at night. We would wait in the car until our order was ready.

Today, there are many choices available including chicken rice, fried noodles, curry noodles and even a reasonably wide selections of dim-sum.

r1 hua nam


3 Restoran Chong Yang
Across the road from Kafe Wah Nam is Restoran Chong Yang, formerly known as Central. Like almost all Ipoh coffee shops and eating places, there is a variety of delicious food.

chong yang aka central

You will find the original Canning Garden Chee Cheong Fun man here. He and his elder brother had a stall in the Canning Garden field (outside the Canning Garden Baptist Church) in the 1960s. He eventually moved here while his elder brother moved to Taman Cempaka. 

chee cheong fun 3

This is a Big plate and costs RM5.00. After eating this, I couldn’t eat an of the other food. The Smaller plate costs RM4.00. I consider his chee cheong fun pricey and not special.

chee cheong fun 2

chee cheong fun 1

By the way, there are two other eating places beside Kafe Wah Nam, each with their own specialties. 

beside wah nam

There are two wonderful dim-sum places on Leong Sin Nam Street.

This is Foh San. Rumour has it that Rosmah is the owner.  It’s a rumour…

Address: 51 Leong Sin Nam Street
Opening Hours: 6.30 am – 2.30 pm.
Closed on Tuesday.

foh san.jpg

2 This is the Ming Court Hong Kong Tim Sum place. It is across the road from Foh San.

Address: 32-26 Leong Sin Nam Street
Closed on Thursday
Opening Hours: 6.00 – 11.00 am.

I am told that the food here is better than at Foh San but seating is a problem. It is small and very crowded.  I was here at least 3 years ago and enjoyed the food but did not enjoy having people standing beside me, waiting to grab my table, even before we were halfway through.

ming court.jpg


There is a man who sells wooden chopping blocks on the street. He parks his car between Chong Yang and Ming Court.

chopping blocks 1

chopping blocks 2

chopping blocks 3.jpg

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