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Baby Milk Power contamination scare in Singapore: It originated from Malaysia…

https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/contaminated-dumex-milk-powder-used-kkh-and-nuh-hospitals-contacting-relevant-parties … 21 August 2018 JUST IN: Infants admitted to KKH and NUH between Aug 1-20 may have consumed a batch of Dumex Singapore milk powder contaminated with bacteria harmful to babies. Both hospitals are contacting parents and caregivers, … Continue reading

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Naked in Malacca: Was it really so hot lately?

… … Ni kes pasal pompuan minta duit la mek….mek nk lelaki jd camni ke? pic.twitter.com/q561efjQZw — ShahRblood (@RbloodShah) August 19, 2018 …

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Much ado over a parking lot in Mid Valley: First came the video, next fear, and now a police report….

… … http://says.com/my/news/woman-filmed-trying-to-block-parking-spot-in-mid-valley-by-standing-over-it … Parking bay hogger lodges police report over safety fearshttps://t.co/hepiizO6ni pic.twitter.com/0fncNdgnN4 — The Star (@staronline) August 21, 2018 A WOMAN who was recently filmed hogging a parking bay at a shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur has lodged … Continue reading

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