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IM4U (1Malaysia for Youth), Najib’s creation, “misused” by the previous government to promote the “I love PM” initiative instead…

… IM4U 1Malaysia for Youth, usually stylised as 1M4U or IM4U, is an initiative of the Malaysian government that encourage volunteering among Malaysian youth. iM4U is also a principal operator of iM4U fm. Wikipedia CEO: Azlan Rudy Malik (2016–) Founder: … Continue reading

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Do you know these two fellows? They were seen “harassing” a woman driver…

… Who are these two guys? Was it just harassment or prelude to a crime? … Freddie M.‏ @frdrckmoyz Saw these 2 fuckers harassing a female driver; constantly cutting her lane & braking. Only when I honked & took this pic, … Continue reading

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