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Don’t throw stones yet! Petron will not be the sole provider of fuel but a provider: It will join Petronas and Shell…

… 31 August 2018 What this tweet is not telling you is Petron was the same supplier list before but was removed by @NajibRazak regime . Shell and Petronas are the other suppliers. Typical BN macai tarak class punya tweet! … Continue reading

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Geng Tebuk, a Vietnamese gang in Malaysia: Some shot dead, some arrested…

… Thẩm phán tòa án ở Jiltra, Alor Setar đã buộc tội 5 thành viên Gang Tebuk Việt Nam vì… https://t.co/35UAJ94HVD — Malaysia24h Online (@Malaysia24hOnli) September 2, 2018 … 31 August 2018 .. By NSTP – August 30, 2018 @ … Continue reading

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