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Did you know that your credit card liability is only RM250 if your credit card is stolen?

… 12 August 2018 .. Tamys 譚應祥‏ @tamys46 5h5 hours ago Hiding from the rakyat?? @BNM_official @guanenglim @LiewChinTong @malaymail @billtay25. … Liability on Unauthorised Credit Card Charges – SKRINE – Law Firm … http://www.skrine.com/liability-on-unauthorised-credit-card-charges SKRINE is one of the largest law … Continue reading

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Mahathir is going after Jho Low’s private jet, a US$35 million Bombardier Global 5000…

… Singapore seized Jho Low’s private jet in Feb 2017… .. 12 August 2018 .. This confiscated jho low Bombardier jet bought with stolen 1mdb money cost usd50mil. It was confiscated by spore gov & now is in spore a/port. … Continue reading

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