Wife and 2 stepsons: Acquitted of the murder of the Cradle Fund CEO, Nazrin Hassan (1)




Nazrin was found dead in his bedroom, which caught fire, in Mutiara Damansara on June 14, a day before Hari Raya.

His family said his handphone had exploded, causing the blaze. Cradle Fund also issued a statement saying its CEO died of injuries attributed to an exploding handphone charging next to the bed.

Police recently said they are also looking for an Indonesian maid who worked in Nazrin’s house.


28 May 2019

PUTRAJAYA: The Federal Court has allowed Samirah Muzaffar, the widow of Cradle Fund CEO Nazrin Hassan, bail of RM500,000 pending her murder trial in September.

The panel led by judge Azahar Mohamed said the High Court had erred in dismissing Samirah’s bail application.

“We allow her bail of RM500,000 with two sureties,” he said in delivering the unanimous ruling.

Other judges on the panel were Alizatul Khair Osman Khairuddin, Ramly Ali, Abang Iskandar Abang Hashim and Zawawi Salleh.

Samirah and two teenagers are accused of murdering Nazrin on June 14, 2018, at their home in Mutiara Damansara.

Samirah was placed in detention after being charged in the Magistrate’s Court on March 4.


27 March 2019

12 March 2019

Free Malaysia Today @fmtoday

Teen accused of Cradle CEO’s murder assaulted in detention, say lawyers

SHAH ALAM: The lawyers for a teenager accused of murdering Cradle Fund CEO Nazrin Hassan today claimed that the boy was sexually and physically assaulted while in detention.

Hisyam Teh, representing the 16-year-old and his 13-year-old brother, told High Court judge Ab Karim Ab Rahman that the boy had said he was abused by fellow inmates at the detention centre in Sentul, Kuala Lumpur.

“We have filed bail applications for them,” he said. “We hope in the meantime, the court can make an order for him to be sent to another detention centre in Puncak Alam, where he can be with his brother.”

He added that the boy is ready to give evidence on the alleged assaults.

Ab Karim said the lawyers should file applications if they wish to move the teenagers to another detention centre and seek bail pending their trial.

But Salim Bashir, who also represented the youths, said the court had the power to order that they be moved to another centre.

“We are dealing with children here, and they must be protected,” he said.

Deputy public prosecutor Jamil Aripin told the court that prosecutors would speak to the warden on the alleged assaults, adding that a police report should be lodged.

Speaking to reporters after the case mention, Hisyam said the boys’ father would lodge a police report on the matter.

“We are waiting for the court to give us a date to hear our application for bail. We hope it can be done by Friday,” he said.

Lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, representing Nazrin’s widow, Samirah Muzaffar, who is also accused of his murder, said they would ask the court to allow her bail.

He acknowledged provisions in the Criminal Procedure Code which forbid bail for murder offences, but said the court could impose certain conditions such as Samirah reporting herself to the police station on a regular basis.

He cited a previous case in which a High Court had allowed bail for his former client, lawyer Balwant Singh, who was also accused of murder.

Earlier, he told the High Court that Samirah was taken to a “dark room” in Kajang prison after a visit by her lawyers on Saturday.

“She was not given pencil or paper to write down notes in defence of her case,” he said. “I hope the prosecution can look into this.”

Deputy public prosecutor Zain Ibrahim said they would inform the Prison Department of the matter, adding however that Samirah is subject to prison regulations.

4 March 2019


The Star @staronline

Four charged with murder of Cradle Fund CEO (Updated)

PETALING JAYA: The widow of the late Cradle Fund CEO Nazrin Hassan (pic), two teenage boys and another woman have been charged with his murder.

Samirah Muzzafar, 44, and the two teenagers, aged 13 and 16, were jointly charged on Monday (March 4) together with another woman who is still at large with the murder of Nazrin between 11.30pm on June 13, 2018 and 4am on June 14, 2018 at a house in Mutiara Damansara.


It is learnt that the woman who is still at large is an Indonesian who was working there as a maid.

The charge under Section 302 of the Penal Code carries the mandatory death sentence upon conviction.

The boys were wearing school uniforms while Samirah wore a large blue shawl that covered her head and body.

They nodded their head to indicate that they understood the charge, which was read out by the court interpreter.

No plea was recorded.

DPP Datuk Jamil Aripin asked the court for a gag order on the media not to publish the names and other details that could expose the identities of the minors in accordance to Section 15 of the Child Act 2001.

“I ask the court not to allow photographs of the children to be transmitted in electronic media as well,” he said.

Jamil also applied for the court to transfer the case to the High Court.
Magistrate Mohamad Ikhwan Mohd Nasir issued the gag order and ordered for the case to be transferred immediately to the High Court.

Lawyers L.S. Leonard and Mahinderjit Singh appeared for the accused.

Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2019/03/04/four-charged-with-murder-of-cradle-fund-ceo/#QgecOZvPyilYPcUI.99


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Kes bunuh CEO Cradle Fund: Balu, dua anak tiri didakwa goo.gl/UgogZx


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Wife And Teenage Stepsons Of Cradle CEO To Be Officially Charged With Murder via


After eight months of investigations, Cradle Fund Group CEO Nazrin Hassan’s wife and two teenagers are expected to be charged with murder on Monday, 4 March

Selangor CID chief Senior Asst Comm Fadzil Ahmat revealed that Samirah Muzaffar and the two teenagers, aged 15 and 17, were detained at their home at about 6.45am.

“All three suspects will be charged with murder under Section 302 of the Penal Code, read together with Section 34 of the same law, at the Petaling Jaya Magistrates at 2pm today,” he said, The Star reported.

A police source told Malay Mail that the family’s maid is also involved in the case, and efforts are underway to make an arrest.

“We believe the maid is back in Indonesia,” the source said.

Nazrin’s death on June 2018 was initially reported to be due to a fire at his Mutiara Damansara house caused by a charging mobile phone.


The post-mortem report concluded the cause of death as being a complication of blast injuries attributable to an exploding handphone that was being charged next to him, Cradle said in its statement that was posted on its official Facebook page.

However, the case was reclassified as a murder in August following a forensic investigation report by the Fire and Rescue Department

The report revealed the possibility of foul play in his death, as there were traces of petrol found on Nazrin’s head, bedframe, mattress, and handphone.

Nazrin’s remains were exhumed on 8 October for a second post-mortem.

The results of the second autopsy, which were revealed in late February, confirmed that the Cradle CEO’s death was attributed to multiple head injuries.


26 February 2019


theSun @theSundaily

Cradle CEO died of multiple head injuries, not handphone battery explosion

26 Feb 2019

KUALA LUMPUR: Former Cradle Fund CEO Nazrin Hassan died of multiple head injuries that were not caused by a charging mobile phone that supposedly exploded near him, according to the findings of a second post-mortem.

A source confirmed that the cause of death was due to multiple head injuries and not injuries caused by a blast.

It was also reported that autopsy report has been sent to the Attorney General’s Chambers for further action.

Selangor Criminal Investigation Department Chief SAC Fadzil Ahmat, meanwhile, confirmed that the police received second post-moterm report.

It was reported that the second autopsy did not find injuries resulting from explosions in Nazrin’s head, which was what the first post-mortem at Hospital Kuala Lumpur had found.

The 45-year-old man died in a fire that broke out at his two-storey house in Mutiara Damansara on June 14 last year. Investigators found traces of petrol in his room.

Nazrin’s death has been classified as murder.


7 January 2019

KUCHING: Police investigations into the murder of Cradle Fund CEO Nazrin Hassan have been temporarily held up by a delay in the second post-mortem report.

Inspector-General of Police Mohamad Fuzi Harun said police were still waiting for the report in order to proceed.


“We have not received the official report from the second post-mortem.

“We want to expedite the investigation, but we have to be patient and we have to wait for the outcome of the second post-mortem conducted some time ago,” he told reporters after presenting the Pingat Jasa Pahlawan to recipients here on Monday (Jan 7).

Asked what was the cause of the delay, Mohamad Fuzi said this was not under the purview of the police.

“This is under the purview of the respective medical officers involved, you have to ask them,” he said.

Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2019/01/07/igp-delay-in-second-autopsy-report-on-cradle-fund-ceo-murder-out-of-our-hands/#IuRex6xY0bYGb29M.99

13 December 2018

KUALA LUMPUR: The length of time it will take for the report for the second post-mortem examination on Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd chief executive officer Nazrin Hassan to be completed depends on the pathologist preparing it.

Selangor Criminal Investigation Department chief Senior Assistant Commissioner Fadzil Ahmat said the report had yet to be completed.

Therefore, he said, police had yet to receive the report from the pathologist.

“We don’t know when it will be completed. But I expect that it should be handed over to us any time now,” he told the New Straits Times Press.

Nazrin died in his house in Petaling Jaya on June 14. At the time, he was reported to have died when his mobile phone, which was said to have been left charging at his bedside, had exploded.

Two months later, police reclassified the case as murder after investigations by the Fire and Rescue Department showed traces of fuel at the scene.

Police later questioned several family members, including his wife and two stepsons.

On Oct 8, the Court of Appeal allowed investigators to exhume his remains for a second post-mortem examination to be conducted at the University Malaya Medical Centre.

He was reburied at the Section 6 Kota Damansara Muslim cemetery on Oct 15.


17 November 2018

KUALA LUMPUR: Police will soon call in a close relative of murdered Cradle Fund CEO Nazrin Hassan who allegedly made a death threat against him.

The New Straits Times (NST) quoted Deputy Inspector-General of Police Noor Rashid Ibrahim as saying police would call in more people, including close relatives, to fill in gaps in the probe.

The close relative reportedly made a death threat against Nazrin via a telephone call three months before Nazrin was found dead in his house in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Nazrin lodged a police report but it was withdrawn not long before his murder, the NST report said.

Noor Rashid said police were also awaiting the results of Nazrin’s second post-mortem, which was conducted on Oct 8.


15 November 2018

CRADLE Fund CEO Nazrin Hassan received a death threat three months before he was murdered, sources said, adding that it was later traced to a relative.

The threat came in the form of an anonymous phone call which Nazrin took seriously. He had also lodged a police report.

Police later traced the call to a close relative and when Nazrin was informed, he retracted the report, a source told The Malaysian Insight.

So far, in the murder investigations, police have detained Nazrin’s wife, Samirah Muzaffar, her former husband  and their two teenage sons. Also picked up were Samirah’s sister and brother-in-law.

Police are now waiting for the results of a second post-mortem conducted at Universiti Malaya Medical Centre.

Pathologists are still analysing the findings from the second autopsy, a police source said.


12 November 2018


Investigators only found out about the maid’s existence after they arrested several of Nazrin’s family members.


In yet another twist to the tale, police are now looking for the Indonesian maid who was in the employ of Cradle Fund CEO Nazrin Hassan when he was found dead at home, sources said.

They said she might be able to shed more light on the case.

Police sources told The Malaysian Insight that investigators only found out about the maid’s existence after they arrested several of Nazrin’s family members.

“At the initial point of the investigation, we had asked the family if they had a maid. They denied it,” a police source told The Malaysian Insight.

“Only after we had arrested several of the family members and after interrogation, they admitted they had an Indonesian maid who had disappeared immediately after the murder.

“When investigators went to the house on the day of the incident, there was no maid around. If she was there, of course, we would have recorded her statement,” the source said.

The source said police had since looked for the maid, who could be in Malaysia illegally as the Immigration Department did not have details of her entry or exit.

A friend of the family told The Malaysian Insight that Nazrin had always employed a maid.

“It is a shame that the maid is missing. Otherwise, it will probably won’t take us this long to find out what had happened to him,” the friend said.


9 November 2018

15 October 2018



Remains of former Cradle fund CEO to be buried again today

KUALA LUMPUR: The remains for former Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd chief executive officer Nazrin Hassan (pix) will be re-buried at the Muslim Cemetery in Section 9, Kota Damansara, near today.

Selangor Criminal Investigation Department head SAC Fadzil Ahmat, when contacted, confirmed the matter and said the burial would be conducted at 11am.

“The re-burial will be conducted on Oct 15 at 11am at the same location,’ he said.




11 October 2018

PETALING JAYA: The reburial of Cradle Fund chief executive officer Nazrin Hassan’s remains, originally scheduled for today, has been postponed to next week.

Selangor CID chief SAC Fadzil Ahmat said this was because the post-mortem was not yet concluded.

“We have postponed the reburial for the pathologist to finish the post-mortem. So it is not tomorrow,” he said today.

On Monday, Nazrin’s remains were exhumed at the Kota Damansara Muslim Cemetery so that a second post-mortem could be performed.

The remains were transported to the Universiti Malaya Medical Centre, where the second autopsy was held.

The exhumation process was carried out by Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) staff under the supervision of officers from the National Forensic Institute.

Police had previously said a second post-mortem on Nazrin will be conducted as some family members were not satisfied with the earlier report.


9 October 2018



8 October 2018









PETALING JAYA: The process to exhume the body Cradle Fund CEO Nazrin Hassan is being carried out at Kota Damansara Muslim Cemetery in Seksyen 9 here after the Court of Appeal dismissed the application by Nazrin’s widow Samirah Muzaffar to postpone it.

The three-panel judge led by Judge Datuk Mohtarudin Baki unanimously made the decision after rejecting the appeal by Samirah, 43, and retained the Shah Alam High Court’s order to give the authority to the police to conduct the second post-mortem to identify Nazrin’s cause of death.

“An inquest application cannot be processed if the results and complete report of the investigation are not submitted to the Magistrate.

“Therefore, I retain the order under Section 329 (3) which provides full authority to the police to conduct the investigation to identify Nazrin’s real cause of death,” he said.

As of 10.40am, the entrance to the cemetery was still cordoned off by the police who arrived as early as 8.30am together with several officers and personnel from the Kuala Lumpur Hospital Forensic and Pathology Department.

Also present were religious officers from Selangor Islamic Religious Department (JAIS) and Selangor Mufti Department.


PUTRAJAYA: Samirah Muzaffar, the widow of Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd CEO Nazrin Hassan, today failed in her final bid to prevent the police from exhuming her husband’s body for a second post-mortem.

A three-member Court of Appeal bench led by Mohtarudin Baki said there was no merit in her application.

“We still stick to the High Court order,” said Mohtarudin who sat with Abdul Karim Abdul Jalil and Rhodzariah Bujang.

The bench added however that a forensic pathologist appointed by Samirah could be present during the second post-mortem as long as there was no hindrance to the police investigation.

Last Friday, Samirah filed an application to obtain leave to challenge the High Court decision allowing the police to exhume Nazrin’s body today.

She disputed the order by magistrate Nor Ariffin Hisham, claiming he had applied the wrong provision under the Criminal Procedure Code.

Selangor Criminal Investigation Department chief Fadzil Ahmat said his officers applied for an order to exhume Nazrin’s remains after the late CEO’s brother lodged a police report last week.

He said Nazrin’s family was not satisfied with the pathologist’s report from the Kuala Lumpur Hospital.

4 October 2018

High Court corrects PJ magistrate’s order to exhume Cradle Fund CEO’s body

SHAH ALAM, Oct 4 — The High Court here today corrected the order issued by the Petaling Jaya Magistrate’s Court on Monday which allowed police to exhume the body of Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd chief executive officer, Nazrin Hassan, who died in a fire in June.

Judge Datuk Ab Karim Ab Rahman used his discretion to correct the provision under Section 339(3) of the Criminal Procedure Code (KPJ) to Section 329 (3) of the same code.

“The magistrate should not have issued the order under Section 339(3) of the KPJ because the section involved the application for inquest, while the case is still at investigation stage.

“In this regard, I corrected the magistrate’s order under Section 329(3) of the same code to empower police exhume Nazrin’s grave to determine the cause of his death,” he said.
Selangor CID chief SAC Fadzil Ahmat in a statement earlier said the second post-mortem on Nazrin was conducted when some family members were not satisfied with the earlier report.

At the same proceeding, Judge Ab Karim sets additional conditions which was agreed by the prosecution for a family member (victim’s wife) and a religious representative to be present during the digging of the grave and reburying.

“The applicant (victim’s wife) as the next of kin is allowed to be present during the process of the second post-mortem as well as an independent pathologist if it was approved by the pathologist conducting the second post-mortem,” he said.


3 October 2018

PETALING JAYA: The elder brother of Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd chief executive officer Nazrin Hassan felt something was not right with the findings of the first post-mortem.

Dr Malek Hassan, who requested for Nazrin’s remains be exhumed for a second post-mortem, said the cause of death as stated was way off.

“I was told the cause of death was due to phone blast. I am a medical doctor with 30 years of experience and I felt the cause of death is not right,” he said yesterday.

Dr Malek lodge a police report requesting for a second post-mortem on Sept 24.

The request was granted by the Petaling Jaya magistrate’s court on Monday.

The second post-mortem is scheduled for Oct 8.

Several of Nazrin’s family members were present at the court on Monday.



1 October 2018


PETALING JAYA: The Magistrate’s Court has granted an application by the police to exhume the body of Cradle Fund chief executive officer Nazrin Hassan after his death was reclassified as murder.

It is understood that a second post-mortem examination will be conducted on Nazrin’s body.

The application to exhume his body was filed by the police officer investigating the case at Magistrate Nor Ariffin Hisham’s chambers.

According to sources, the exhumation process will take place on Wednesday.

Earlier, several of Nazrin’s family members arrived at the Petaling Jaya Court Complex at about 9.40am. They were seen exiting the building 40 minutes later.




24 September 2018



PETALING JAYA: Two more people have been arrested in connection with the murder of Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd chief executive officer Nazrin Hassan.

Selangor CID chief Senior Asst Comm Fadzil Ahmat said the married couple was detained at Kiara View, Jalan Dato Suleiman in Taman Tun Dr Ismail at about 10.20pm on Sunday (Sept 23).


“The man, aged 41, and his 39-year-old wife were detained to assist investigations.

“They have been remanded until Thursday (Sept 27),” he told The Star.

He added the woman was related to the CEO’s widow.

Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2018/09/24/two-more-arrested-in-cradle-ceo-murder-probe/#bVuIUTJ4v1iCLVUB.99

12 September 2018

PETALING JAYA: Police raided a house belonging to a relative of Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd chief executive officer Nazrin Hassan’s widow, Samirah Muzaffar, as part of investigations into his death.

Sources confirmed that police visited the house in Taman Tun Dr Ismail around 8am on Monday (Sept 10).

It is learnt that Samirah and her children had been staying at the house since Nazrin’s death on June 14.

Police collected items including a smartphone, a CCTV recorder and other personal objects to help with the ongoing investigation, said the source.

Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2018/09/12/cops-raid-house-of-murdered-cradle-fund-ceos-widow/#7PEo8e4ehFbXqMYj.99

11 September 2018




23h23 hours ago

Cradle CEO’s wife remanded for another three days to aid in murder probe

PETALING JAYA, Sept 10 — Police today obtained an extended three-day remand order to further investigate Samirah Muzaffar, the wife of murdered Cradle Fund CEO Nazrin Hassan.

Samirah’s lawyer Hisyam Teh told reporters at the Magistrates’ court here that the police had requested another week to investigate Samirah over her husband’s murder probe, having previously held her for seven days.

Teh said the request was however shot down by Magistrate Nurulhuda Zakariya, who permitted only three days.

Samirah is scheduled to be released from police custody this Thursday.


10 September 2018


The current situation:
1 Samirah Muzaffar, 43, wife of Nazrin, was remanded for seven days following her arrest last Monday. Remand extended for 3 days.
2 Her first husband, who was also arrested on Monday, was released on Friday.
3 Nazrin’s stepsons, aged 14 and 17, were picked up from the home of their grandfather, political scientist Chandra Muzaffar, in Taman Tun Dr Ismail.


PETALING JAYA: About 30 family members and friends of Cradle Fund CEO Nazrin Hassan’s stepsons have gathered at the Petaling Jaya court complex here to protest the arrest of the two boys in connection with his death.

Activist Hartini Zainuddin from NGO Voice of the Children said the manner in which the boys were handcuffed and dressed in prison attire was against the United Nations’ code for the treatment of minors.

“There’s no need to humiliate them,” she said. “I am here because I heard there were violations.

“Unicef made recommendations 12 years ago in its report on juvenile justice. The recommendations stated that there should be no handcuffs and no prison clothes,” she added, pointing out that the boys were still children.

Police confirmed yesterday that Nazrin’s stepsons, aged 14 and 17, were picked up from the home of their grandfather, political scientist Chandra Muzaffar, in Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

They were the latest to be detained following Nazrin’s death in June.

They are expected to be brought to the Magistrate’s Court here later for a seven-day remand order.

Police will also apply to extend the remand order on their mother, Samirah Muzaffar, today.

Samirah, 43, was remanded for seven days following her arrest last Monday.

Her first husband, who was also arrested on Monday, was released on Friday.

9 September 2018

Earlier today, 9 September, the two teenage stepsons of Nazrin Hassan, the late Group CEO of Cradle Fund, have been remanded for a week over his murder. This comes after Selangor police chief Mazlan Mansor had denied reports about their arrests on Thursday.

  • According to a report in NST Online, both the brothers, aged 17 and 14, were taken to the Petaling Jaya Magistrates’ Court today to apply for a remand order.

    Selangor police Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Chief, Senior Assistant Commissioner (SAC) Fadzil Ahmat, confirmed the remand order, saying the Court has granted them a seven-day custody of the boys from today till 15 September.


    On Wednesday, the two boys were reportedly picked up by police for questioning in their stepfather’s murder investigation and later released. However, Selangor police chief Mazlan Mansor had denied the arrests, calling the media reports false.

    According to a statement Mazlan gave, there were only two suspects – Nazrin’s widow and her ex-husband – who were picked up to facilitate murder investigations.

    “I am not saying anything but only that two have been arrested so far,” he said.


6 September 2018


Police have denied that the teenage stepsons of Cradle chief executive officer Nazrin Hassan were detained to facilitate investigations into his murder.

“The (news) report is inaccurate. The number of those arrested remains at two,” Selangor police chief Mazlan Mansor told NST.

He was responding to Malay Mail Online and The Malaysian Insight which reported that the teenagers were detained in relation to a puncture wound found on the deceased’s neck, which is believed to be from an arrow.

Quoting sources, the Malay Mail Online reported that the teenagers were members of their school’s archery club.

“The boys were picked up as part of investigations as it is learnt they both play archery and there were other leads upon interrogation with their parents that led to their arrest,” said a source.



SHAH ALAM, Sept 6 ― State police said today they have not arrested two stepsons of late Cradle Fund chief executive Nazrin Hassan, who is believed murdered.

Selangor police chief Datuk Mazlan Mansor told a press conference that investigators have so far arrested two people in connection with the murder investigation: Nazrin’s wife Samirah Muzzaffar and her ex-husband.

“On (the) Cradle Fund (CEO’s case) I want to confirm here that there are no new arrests, as reported,” Mazlan said when disputing news reports to the effect yesterday.

He also declined to comment when asked to state where the teenage boys were, saying the case was still under active investigation.

Malay Mail reported, citing a confidential source yesterday, that the two secondary school students were taken in from their grandfather’s house last night.

Several other media outlets reported similarly citing their own sources.

The source has insisted to Malay Mail that the boys were taken yesterday, but added they were released shortly after.



4 September 2018


Malaysian CEO killed in room fire: Wife and her ex-husband arrested for murder

PETALING JAYA – Police have arrested deceased Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd chief executive officer Nazrin Hassan’s wife, Samirah Muzaffar, and her ex-husband for murder.

Selangor CID chief Senior Asst Comm Fadzil Ahmat said police arrested the two individuals in the wee hours of Tuesday to help with their investigations.

“We picked up a 43-year-old man at Sepang at around 1am.”

About an hour later we arrested the 43-year-old woman at Taman Tun Dr Ismail,” he told The Star.

ACP Fadzil added that police have obtained a seven-day remand from the Petaling Jaya magistrate’s court for the two individuals.


14 August 2018

The following is her statement in full:

It has been a trying period of close to two months for me and the children. In respecting the ongoing investigations, I have refrained from issuing any statement or talking to the media but my family and I are deeply distressed by recent media reports on the tragic demise of my beloved husband, Nazrin Hassan, on June 14. These reports, it is pertinent to point out, contain official quotes and statements from the authorities involved in the investigation, namely the Fire and Rescue Department and the Malaysian police.

It is unfortunate that these reports are not consistent with the findings of the report on the postmortem examination on my deceased husband issued by the Department of Forensic Medicine, Kuala Lumpur Hospital (HKL), on Aug 2. The report which is in my possession states that my husband “sustained a blunt penetrating injury at the left parietal region. This wound was associated with a severe degree of head injury”.

It also states that “multiple smaller blunt penetrating injuries of various sizes were found on his face, neck, chest, left shoulder and back of left hand bearing the pattern of shrapnel injuries”. The postmortem report then concludes that the cause of death is “complication of blast and blunt penetrating injuries”. The autopsy conducted by a senior pathologist in HKL explicitly detailed the cause of the demise of my late husband.

The postmortem report makes no mention of “traces of petrol on his head” or on any other part of my late husband. I would like to also reiterate here that contrary to media reports, my late husband was not on any form of medication. The laboratory analysis in the postmortem report further confirms that no common drugs, volatile substances and/or alcohol were found in my late husband.

The family and I have been more than cooperative with the authorities as we would like to see closure of the entire tragic episode. Besides, we would like some information on certain missing items and personal belongings of my late husband as a result of the incident.

I have lodged police reports pertaining to the investigations and missing items since June. I have been writing to the Fire and Rescue Department requesting updates but the family and I have been kept mostly in the dark. I have been told by the Fire and Rescue Department that the report by the department cannot be given to me because Nazrin’s death is a high profile case.

I have again written to the fire department and appealed for a copy of the report. I am not aware of any provision in the law that denies the family of the victim, especially the next of kin, access to documents because of the status of the case. However, there have been no less than four statements made to the media by the fire department in relation to the tragedy.

In its sparse communication with me, the fire department has in fact made claims which are patently untrue, namely that it had taken control of the premises, specifically the room where the death occurred, from June 14 to 19. After 5pm on June 14 itself, the family was informed that it could access the room as well as clean the said room. And yet, the fire department produced a letter on June 19 which was backdated to the June 14. Acts of this sort which transgress established procedures erode our confidence in the authorities.

As most would know, my late husband, Nazrin Hassan, led his life with integrity, honesty and professionalism, and I seek that the investigations in relation to his death also be conducted with the highest standards of ethics, transparency and accountability.


CEO’s murder: Fire Department submits final report

August 7, 2018


However, the department declines to give details on its findings into the death of Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd CEO Nazrin Hassan.

KUALA LUMPUR: The Fire and Rescue Department has handed over two investigation reports on the death of Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd CEO Nazrin Hassan to police.

Selangor Fire Investigation Division assistant director Hafisham Mohd Noor said the department had sent the initial forensic report followed by the final report to police for investigation.

“However, I cannot disclose what are the elements found at the incident scene as it may affect police investigations,” he said when contacted by Bernama here today.

On June 14, Nazrin was found dead after being trapped in a fire on the first floor of his house, with burns on 30% of his body.

However, police yesterday confirmed Nazrin’s death had been reclassified as a murder case following the fire department’s report as well as the autopsy.

These were based on the laboratory results and help from the K9 (dog) unit.

Selangor CID chief Fadzil Ahmat said no arrests had been made so far and police were still investigating.

“Individuals who can assist in the investigations will be called in to give their statements,” he said when contacted today.


6 August 2018


Death of Cradle chief Nazrin Hassan reclassified as murder

Cradle is a firm under the Ministry of Finance, which oversees the development of tech entrepreneurs and the Malaysian start-up ecosystem.

It was the agency that provided seed funding to firms such as ride-hailing provider Grab (previously MyTeksi) and fintech start-up iMoney.




Police probing death of Cradle CEO as murder

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 6 — Police are now investigating the death of Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd CEO Nazrin Hassan as murder, following lab results last week that suggested foul play.

A police source revealed that the lab results from the Selangor Fire and Rescue Department showed that there were four traces of petrol found in Nazrin’s room that caught fire.


“Police have now opened an investigation paper under Section 302 of the Penal Code for murder after the Fire and Rescue department alerted them to their findings.

“The lab results showed traces of petrol on his head, bedframe and mattress, as well as his handphone,” the source told Malay Mail.

Meanwhile, Selangor CID chief Senior Asst Comm Fadzil Ahmat confirmed the reclassification of Nazrin’s case to murder.

He said the case was reclassified from sudden death to murder on Friday, but refused to divulge further.





PETALING JAYA: The death of 45-year-old Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd (Cradle) group chief executive officer Nazrin Hassan has been reclassified as murder.

When contacted on Monday (Aug 6), Selangor CID chief Senior Asst Comm Fadzil Ahmat confirmed this to The Star.

“The case has been reclassified under Section 302 of the Penal Code on Aug 3.

“This follows a report by the Fire and Rescue department, and the results of the post-mortem,” he said when contacted on Monday (Aug 6).

Nazrin Hassan died of what was initially believed to be smoke inhalation after a fire in the top floor of his house in Mutiara Damansara here on June 14.

It was reported that his handphone had exploded while charging.


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3 Responses to Wife and 2 stepsons: Acquitted of the murder of the Cradle Fund CEO, Nazrin Hassan (1)

  1. E Lye says:

    Suddenly new evidence? What kind of sloppy police investigations do we have? Time to outsource.

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