Ex FT Umno chief Razlan Rafii: An UGLY Malaysian?

Balakong Assemblyman Eddie Ng, 40, was killed in an accident along the Grand Saga highway. The father of three died at the scene due to serious injuries.


20 July 2018




6m6 minutes ago

Khairy Jamaluddin Retweeted Razlan

Party president must condemn statements like this. Learn from what happened. The public rejected the party because of individuals in the party that say and do the wrong things. Must show leadership. No point if only lesser leaders chastise.

Khairy Jamaluddin added,


RIP! One less person who slanders – Umno man on DAP rep’s death

(Updated )

Former Federal Territories Umno chief Razlan Rafii’s Twitter posting on the death of DAP assemblyperson Eddie Ng has drawn flak from netizens.

“A person who likes to slander and possesses a ‘vile heart’ (hati busuk) towards Malaysians is dead. One less person who slanders! Malaysia is peaceful! RIP,” he said.

Razlan was responding to International Trade and Industry Deputy Minister Ong Kiang Ming’s tweet on the Balakong representative’s death in an accident this morning.

A Twitter user with the handle saiful_izzan replied that Prophet Muhammad himself had stood up to show respect when the remains of a non-Muslim had passed him.

“When his companion told the prophet ‘That is (the remains of) a Jew’, the prophet replied, ‘Is he not human?’ Don’t embarrass the race and religion on a Friday.”

Another user urged Razlan to delete the tweet.

“Our religion does not teach us to vent our anger against someone who is deceased. Set a good example,” he told the Umno man.

Meanwhile, the daughter of late Umno MP Abdul Manan Ismail also chided Razlan and recalled how people said hurtful things about her father following his death in February this year.

“You have a vile mouth Razlan? Can you relax?” she tweeted.

“What is the difference between you and those who condemned my late father? Do you know how I felt?

“My heart shattered when people said those things about my father. Have you given thought to the feelings of the deceased’s family?” she added.

She also shared a posting in which a user, commenting on her father’s death, said, “Another dies supporting an evil ruler who stole billions of the people’s money. To heaven or hell, I wonder?”




3h3 hours ago

Replying to

This is not a character of a Muslim. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) teaches us to respect jenazah (body of a dead person) regardless of faith. You are a disgrace to Islam although u are a muslim.

5h5 hours ago

Replying to

One day, you will die .. and lots of bad things will be told abt you . insyallah .. Ur family will have d pleasure to read all about it.. Not you .. Amin

I did not mean to insult, says Razlan on RIP tweet

Zulaikha Zulkifli  |  Published:

After netizens poured scorn over his remarks on the death of Balakang assemblyperson Eddie Ng Tien Chee, former Federal Territories Umno chief Razlan Rafii said he never meant to insult.

“Actually, I delivered my (condolences) wish just like other people would. I had no intention to insult him. I also hope he rests in peace.

“I did not mean to insult him after his death. But what about what he said while he was still alive with his accusations against (former prime minister) Najib Abdul Razak and other Umno members of being thieves and all, even though there is no truth in those words?

“Then I wished for him to rest in peace,” Razlan said when contacted by Malaysiakini today.

When asked whether he would delete the tweet, he again insisted he did not mean to insult the deceased and compared this incident to former Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi’s remarks on the death of Haron Din.

In 2016, when former PAS spiritual adviser Haron passed away, Ooi had tweeted, “Adios Haron Din. Let there be peace”.

“We have to remember, DAP has never respected others. (For example), Ooi insulted Haron when he passed away.

“He said he didn’t insult but from his remarks, people knew what his opinion was.

“(At that time) DAP leaders did not criticise Ooi. I did not say ‘adios’ like Ooi. I said RIP and wished for him to rest in peace even though we know he did all sorts of things to Umno members and accused us of being thieves, but I said RIP,” Razlan said.

2m2 minutes ago

Replying to

This is shame . Change your attitude and show some respect with more better words. Then, the others will give some to you.


Devastated by the sudden passing of ADUN Balakong. Very responsible assemblyman, always present in the State Assembly, knew Balakong issues at his fingertips & the pillar of DAP meetings & events. We have really lost one of our very BEST. Goodbye Eddie. Rest now


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