Who is the Amanah leader alleged to be the ‘star’ of a sex video? Is it Mat Sabu?

4 May 2018


Mat Sabu, Amanah to act against mystery man with ‘sex video’

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GE14 | Mohamad Sabu will be taking legal action against the “mystery man” who, yesterday, released materials and claimed to possess video proof implicating the Amanah president in a sex scandal.

The party, too, announced it will be taking action against the man, Rizal Bakar, who claimed to be from Kuala Kedah Amanah division, as well as two others who had accompanied him during his press conference yesterday, for impersonating Amanah members.



Man behind ‘Mat Sabu sex chat’ claim not a member, says Amanah

Amanah says it has checked its members list and there is no record of a Rizal Bakri.

KUALA LUMPUR: Amanah says it does not have a member by the name of Rizal Bakri, a man who yesterday suggested that Amanah president Mohamad Sabu, better known as Mat Sabu, was having an affair.

Three Amanah members from Kedah yesterday accused Mat Sabu of being involved in an extramarital affair, giving the veteran politician 36 hours to respond over contents of a saucy WhatsApp conversation and two audio clips.
In a press conference at Amanah’s headquarters here today, party deputy secretary-general Ahmad Kerdee Masagus said the party had checked its members list for a Rizal Bakri and found no such name.

“We also called our branch in Kuala Kedah just to be sure and they also denied having a member named Rizal Bakri,” he said.

Ahmad Kerdee also said they had found several discrepancies in what Rizal was recorded as saying, at the press conference, on a video by Agenda Daily.

“At 16.36 minutes, he says he is a member of ‘PAN’. Amanah members never use the term ‘PAN’, we refer to the party either by its full name or Amanah.

“At 18.31 minutes, he says he’s from the Kuala Kedah division. We do not have a Kuala Kedah division, we have a Kuala Kedah branch.”

Ahmad Kerdee, who is a lawyer, noted that Rizal had said yesterday he would have another press conference in 36 hours.

“By our calculations, that means the next press conference will be tomorrow at 3am,” he added.

He urged Rizal to give his real name at the next press conference as well as the names of the other two men.

“Maybe he has a Mohammad in his name. Please provide proof of your real name.”



3 May 2018




Mystery man threatens to release Amanah leader’s ‘sex video’

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GE14 | A man claiming to an Amanah member today accused one of the party’s leaders of indiscretion but failed to furnish any proof to back-up his claim.

Rizal Bakar, who claims to be from Kuala Kedah Amanah division, called for a press conference in a hotel in Kuala Lumpur today promising to reveal the “latest sex video scandal” involving a party leader.

At the event, he produced three A3 sized cardboard screenshots of a WhatsApp conversation, purportedly between a man and a woman.

Some of the messages included images of a woman with her face covered. He also played two recordings of telephone conversations between a man and a woman.

He alleged that both the WhatsApp messages and the audio clips showed the party leader and the woman were involved in an illicit relationship.

He also explained that the A3 cardboard sheets were left on the windshield of his car in an envelope, and that he did not know who had left it there.

Rizal then challenged the party leader to respond to his allegations within 36 hours or else he would reveal “a video” as evidence.

“I urge him to come forth with an explanation, to say whether what I have revealed is true.

“I ask that he provides an answer within 36 hours…or else we will meet here again in 36 hours and I will show a video,” he told the press conference.

Malaysiakini has contacted the party leader in question and is withholding his name pending his full comment.



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