The Miss Singapore 2017 Finalists: Singapore men are shocked (not syok-ed)…

Insulting other people’s sisters, daughters and grand daughters…

15 July 2017


To all those people who are bashing the Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant contestants:

No. Those girls are not ‘ugly’. Some of them simply just needed proper grooming and makeup which the organization of the beauty pageant should provide and teach them like how Miss Bikini Asia organizer – Tan Quek Justina Sb has taught me. Some of them are already pretty also.

The photo on the left is me everyday at home. The photo on my right is when i was competing in an international pageant.

So quit criticising them and look at yourself in the mirror bare-faced first.

14 July 2017

13 July 2017


‘Ugly Singaporean’ emerges as beauty queens criticised online

July 13, 2017

Aside from mocking Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant contestants’ looks, some take to social media to question rationale for allowing Singapore PRs to contest as well.

PETALING JAYA: The ugly attitude of Singaporeans has come to the fore following the release of an unofficial photo of the finalists participating in a beauty pageant, Straits Times reported.

There was also much criticism from some Singaporeans as to why the pageant was held, more so as it was open to Singapore permanent residents as well.

A contestant from Singapore, questioned such criticisms.

“I do not understand why our countries of birth are a point of contention.

“As long as they are Singaporeans or residents, they are allowed to join the competition. So I don’t see why they can’t represent Singapore,” finalist Nur Amelina, 21, told the Singapore-based daily.
There are also three girls who are foreigners but have already received their Singaporean citizenship.

Meanwhile China-born finalist Honey Tian, 25, said she has been in Singapore since she was eight. She said it should not matter where contestants were originally from.

“A lot of us (PRs) have been here for a really long time and we love this country. We are proud to represent Singapore,” she was quoted as saying.


Some Singaporeans do make witty remarks…


4m4 minutes ago

Syahmi Retweeted generalist

Not tryna be rude, but at this rate, I think I can enter miss Singapore and win.


15h15 hours ago

AybeeMarbles Retweeted Jef Tan Yi Yang

Look at the bright side. You can now tell your girlfriend that she looks better than Miss Singapore and you won’t be lying😂

AybeeMarbles added,

34m34 minutes ago

I think Kumar is prettier than some of the Miss Singapore contestants


Let’s welcome our Miss Singapore finalists!


12 July 2017



3h3 hours ago




Not sure if the Miss Singapore 2017 finalists group photo is troll or for real But damn All of them are seriously seriously terrible


42m42 minutes ago

There’s a medical term for sudden blindness. It’s called “Miss Singapore”


Some of the official candidates for MISS SINGAPORE PAGEANT INTERNATIONAL 2017 organized by the Singapore Women’s Association (SWA). All candidates will undergo rigorous training courtesy of GOULDIAN. The winners will represent Singapore in Miss International in Japan, Miss Supranational in Poland, Miss Asia Pacific International in the Philippines and Miss Tourism Queen of the Year in China.

#Gouldian #MissSingaporePageantInternational#Singapore



3h3 hours ago

Photo of Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2017 finalists draws flak online

zs2The top four finalists of the Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant. (Photo: Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant Facebook page)

Beauty pageant contestants in Singapore can’t catch a break.

First there was Ris Low, who won the Miss Singapore World title and made waves online for her poor English and credit card fraud. Then there was the barrage of troll comments after pictures of the 2013 Miss Universe Singapore contestants were released.

Now, some netizens are once again bashing contestants after photographer Joseph Juban posted a picture of the finalists on his Instagram.

The photo was then shared onto sites such as All Singapore Stuff and STOMP, and certain corners of the Internet had a field day.

Most comments questioned the calibre of the contestants, and some less kind ones criticised individual girls in the picture.

Other photos posted by the photographer and the pageant’s official Facebook page are slightly more flattering, so it could simply be a bad picture.


42m42 minutes ago

I feel really bad abt all the hate the Miss Singapore finalists are getting. I can’t imagine how they must feel.


3h3 hours ago

gosh. why did the judges even choose some of the ladies to be part of Miss Singapore 2017 Finalist 😂


4h4 hours ago

Singapore men woke up to shock and horror after publicity images of the 2017 Miss Singapore were circulated…



By Wan Dan Liao, Straight Times

SINGAPORE – Singapore men woke up to shock and horror after publicity images of the 2017 Miss Singapore were circulated online. As compared to past editions which featured the likes of the classy Eunice Oslen and the Girl-Next-Door Jamie Teo, the best of Singaporean beauty was abysmal.

Reporter Wan Dan Liao went on the streets to find out what Singaporean men think. You will be shocked.

Meeting Lao Tee Koh aged 70 at a neighbourhood kopitiam, Tee Koh said: “Wa lan eh, this has got to be the worst edition ever. Just go the Geylang and you can find girls who look more sexy and curvy. If this is the best Singapore can offer, our standard really cannot make it. I rather go become a monk.”

Hoping to get a different perspective from a younger man, Xiao Tee Koh aged 32 painted a hopeless picture. Mr. Xiao shared: “Even my friends at work dress better and look better than these monkeys. I think I will turn gay if the standards don’t improve. Even lesbians at Pink Dot look so much better than these jokes.


Disclaimer: This piece was written by satirist Wan Dan Liao for the Straights Times. You must absolutely believe what you read.


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