Siti Kasim gets threats of rape, acid attack and beheading…

Siti Kasim is a member of the incoming Bar Council. She was one of 12 lawyers who were directly elected.

Lawyer Siti Kasim has taken the Federal Territories Islamic Religious Department (Jawi) to court to compel the department to name the religious officers involved in a raid at a transgender event.

The Arrest of Siti Kasim by Jawi: Consequences…

27 July 2017

Bertalu2 ayah dpt tepon dri ptg td.Ayah kna tahan ke? Palebutoh ayah jwab.Ap gila ke nk rogol pkok kaktus gemok mcm ni? Geli betul


“Memanglah saya marah dengan kenyataan dia yang (sebelum ini) sering menyerang dan menghina Jakim, Jawi dan sebagainya, tapi saya belum tergamak nak cemarkan maruah dan martabat diri saya dengan merogol dia.

“Apa ingat saya tak ada ‘taste’ (selera) kah?

“Bukan sahaja saya, malah orang asli sendiri belum tentu ada selera nak rogol perempuan macam tu,” katanya ketika mengulas mengenai khabar angin kononnya dia merupakan individu yang ditangkap pihak polis berhubung ancaman tersebut.

26 July 2017


This is the guy who gave out the call to behead me. Read some of the responses. Can’t upload all. Will upload more when able.



KUALA LUMPUR, July 26 — The police have arrested a man who allegedly instigated other Muslims to behead civil rights lawyer Siti Kassim.

Siti had made the announcement on her Facebook page this afternoon and included screenshots of the man she claimed to have made the threat.

“This is the guy who gave out the call to behead me,” she posted.
The man had allegedly posted two online posts on Siti, one on July 3 and another on July 19.

On July 3, the man had posted an article from a news portal about Siti’s comments on the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) community. Siti has since said she was misquoted in the article.

In a second post, the man attached another article about Siti, in which she reportedly said “Not to follow Arabic Islam, but follow the real Islam”.

The man had then remarked in the comment section of the July 19 particular post: “The dog is barking at the hill but it will not be long before the hill collapsed on the dog”.

This post had then received negative responses, including calls for Siti to be beheaded, raped and have her face splashed with acid.

25 July 2017


Samuel John Retweeted AnniessaSweetmolly

When a woman mocks another woman about rape threats, guess there are to be a lot of soul searching to be done. Ok. Bye.


AnniessaSweetmolly Retweeted MassaTV

Jantan malang mana lah agak nyer tu yg berhajat nak merogol Siti Kassim… Kesian!

AnniessaSweetmolly added,

23 July 2013


Thank you Yati for accompanying me to lodge this police report against this fella who is calling out to people to kill me. I am not revealing who this fella yet as I am going to wait and see if the police are going to be as fast and swift in taking action like they usually do against personalities with well known names with much less threatening words.

I have faith that the police will do the necessary as very serious threats have been made against my life and the responses were very worrying.

Thank you to the person who highlighted this to me without which I would not know that there are people planning and openly calling out to kill and/or injure me.

These people are no different from ISIS mentality. They cannot accept that defending one’s right from being persecuted is a right and that one has the right to use one’s brain.

I will not take any kind of threats lightly.




















Lawyer Siti Kasim lodges police report after Netizens threaten to behead her

KUALA LUMPUR: Bar Council member Siti Zabedah Kasim today lodged a police report against a man who had allegedly called for other Muslims to behead her.

The first threat was posted online on July 3, attached to an article quoting her stand on the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community as reported by an online portal, which she claimed had misquoted her.

On July 19, the same man wrote another post, attaching another article from the same online portal, stating that Siti Kasim had allegedly said, “Not to follow Arabic Islam, but follow the real Islam”.

Along with the article, the man wrote, “The dog is barking at the hill but it will not be long before the hill collapsed on the dog”.

The post had received many responses from the man’s followers.

Zabedah, better known as Siti Kasim said among the responses that could be seen on the website included calls to behead, rape, and splash acid on her face.

“There were Netizens who replied, saying that “they want to” (take up the challenge), and they proceeded with exchanging Whatsapp number, while others said that they should not be discussing the matter on the website as anyone could read it,” she said when contacted.

Siti Kassim said it was one of the most serious threats that she has received so far, which prompted her to lodge a police report as she feared for her safety.

The report was lodged at Sentul police station this morning.

4 April 2017

1h1 hour ago

Siti Kasim: Slander against women punishable under Quran

PETALING JAYA: Prominent lawyer-activist Siti Kasim says Perak mufti Harussani Zakaria has committed what is tantamount to slander against her and as such could be punished to 80 strokes of the cane, according to the Quran.

In a prompt reply to comments made by the Perak mufti at a press conference in Ipoh yesterday, Siti Kasim said Harussani should not speak without checking the facts.

“I did not commit any apostasy. He must listen to my original interview. Not get confused by the cut and paste fitnah (slander) version by, a fundamentalist website that is out to attack whomever the Islamofascists term as liberals.

“It is a very big fitnah to accuse women wrongly, punishable by 80 kali sebat (whipping 80 times) according to the Quran,” she said in a posting on her Facebook page earlier today, accompanying it with a Quranic verse on the need to produce four witnesses.

Yesterday, Bernama reported Harussani as saying that Siti Kasim should not have touched on “tauhid” (oneness of God) as it was not her field of expertise.

“The action is tantamount to committing apostasy,” he added.

To the allegation, Siti Kasim questioned the Perak mufti on who were his “four witnesses”, adding “Syariah does not accept video evidence”, referring to a line that was reportedly said by PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang previously.

Harussani had also elaborated on his advice to Siti Kasim saying that “apostates are out of Islam and when they die, they cannot even be buried in a Muslim cemetery.”

“My advice is not to meddle in religious matters which we are ignorant of. So, please learn.”

To this Siti Kasim questioned if Harussani equated himself with God.

“Is he God? Understanding your faith is a must. Allah insisted his Ummah to use their Aqal. So my advice to him is to listen to his own advice.

“Do not speak on matters we don’t know about as this can be detrimental to ourselves,” she said.

3 April 2017



10m10 minutes ago

Siti Kasim threatens legal action against ‘bullies’

Lawyer Siti Kasim has threatened to take legal action against those who “bully and defame” her about her purported remarks on the existence of God.

This comes after Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki confirmed that the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) will summon her to record a statement following her alleged remarks.

Siti, in a Facebook post last night however, said she found it “strange” that she received information on being called by Jakim from news online when she herself has not heard anything about it.

“They want to call me based on what?? Due to an idiot blogger who created a story for whatever his reasons and twisted it to make it look as if I have created a new God?

“Only mentally challenged people will actually believe rubbish like this. Go and check out the real full interview before bothering me.

“I will have no hesitation to take the full force of law against anyone or anybody who try to bully or defame me,” said Siti in the Facebook post.


2h2 hours ago

No reason for Jakim to question me, says Siti Kasim

Lawyer calls for authorities to read the full report of her interview with a Chinese daily before questioning her, saying she will take legal action on the issue.

PETALING JAYA: Prominent lawyer-cum-activist Siti Kasim took to Facebook to question the need for Jakim to call her in to give a statement.

She said it was also strange that she was not informed directly by Jakim but only knew about it when she read the news online.

Yesterday, Bernama reported Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki as saying that Jakim will summon Siti Kasim “to record a statement following her remarks on the existence of god which are deemed deviationist”.

He had said the Islamic religious department can take action if the lawyer had committed an offence.

“It’s strange that I get information to be called by Jakim from the news online when I have not heard anything myself.

“They want to call me based on what?? Due to an idiot blogger who created a story for whatever his reasons and twisted it to make it look as if I have created a new God?” she wrote on her FB page last night, in response to the news report.

2 April 2017

9h9 hours ago

Jakim to question Siti Kasim over alleged deviant Islamic remarks

KUALA LUMPUR, April 2 — Lawyer Siti Kasim will be summoned to clarify her reported remarks relating to God’s existence in an interview with a Chinese news outlet that purportedly deviates from the Islamic faith, a deputy minister in the Prime Minister’s Department said today.

Datuk Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki said the Islamic Development Department of Malaysia (Jakim) will contact and arrange an interview date with the vocal lawyer and human rights activist, national news agency Bernama reported.

“We’re not trying to degrade her but is it true what she said? We want to hear from her lips first but when summoned, don’t fail to turn up,” he was quoted telling reporters in Pasir Puteh, Kelantan after officiating an event there.

Asyraf was also reported adding that Jakim is not empowered to take legal action against Siti, but that the state Islamic Department can take action based the relevant enactments relating to crime, faith and the dissemination of matters that can damage Islam.

The deputy minister in charge of Islamic affairs was reported to be responding to Siti’s online interview with an unnamed Chinese news outlet a few years ago.

– See more at:

22 March 2017

Siti Kasim gets death threats, branded ‘destroyer’ of Muslim faith after online interview



KUALA LUMPUR, March 22 — Lawyer Siti Kasim has lodged a police report against Facebook users who threatened to decapitate her over her alleged remarks on God.

The human rights lawyer said the death threats came after a fundamentalist Malay-language portal,, published an article titled “Melalui getaran, kita menghasilkan Tuhan — Siti Kasim” (Through vibrations, we create God — Siti Kasim) that she said had “manipulated” her interview with Chinese-language portal

“Many comments calling for my death. This guy messaged me and warned me,” Siti told Malay Mail Online today, referring to a Facebook user who said that she “deserved to be killed”.

She sent Malay Mail Online screenshots of other Facebook users who said things like, “If it were up to me, I would have chopped off this CT Kasim’s head already…traitor to the religion and destroyer of the faith of Muslims in these times”.

Siti said she lodged a police report here last Saturday.

“I don’t run to lodge police report unless it is absolutely necessary,” she posted on her Facebook page earlier today.


Apparently, so many made up stories on me creating new God lah… and photos being spread around about me by people who claimed to be defenders of Islam who enjoyed reading the comments by others, bashing and threatening to kill me..

This photoshopped picture is an example. I have never even met this fella. I don’t even know his name… lol… but what these Islamofascists don’t realise, this will actually give much credit to what his name being pictured with me. It shows he is for plurality and supports ALL MALAYSIANS without seeing race and religion.

These Islamofascists losers cannot see beyond their small boxes in which they are being imprisoned by their dogmas and hatred.

If these losers think they can shut me up by spreading lies and twisted stories about me then they are going to be disappointed.



18 March 2017

Bar AGM: Alcohol ban motion defeated, lawyer drops bid to censure Siti Kasim

By Ida Lim


KUALA LUMPUR, March 18 ― Lawyers today voted down a proposal to stop serving alcohol at Malaysian Bar events, while another pushing for condemnation of lawyer Siti Kasim’s conduct was also withdrawn.

Malay Mail Online understands that over 580 lawyers present at the Malaysian Bar’s 71st Annual General Meeting (AGM) today rejected lawyer Mohd Amir Sharil Bahari Md Noor’s motion for the professional body to discontinue the serving of alcohol at its events.

Sources told Malay Mail Online that 16 lawyers abstained from voting, while fewer than 10 members of the professional body for all lawyers in Peninsular Malaysia voted in favour of stopping the serving of alcohol at its events.

Malay Mail Online also learnt that the lawyer also known as Amir Bahari had withdrawn his motion against Siti over the uploading of a video on Facebook.

In his election campaign last month for the Kuala Lumpur Bar committee chairman post, Amir Bahari had promised to “Islamise” and make the KL Bar Shariah-compliant by discontinuing the serving of alcohol at its events.

He previously told Malay Mail Online that the serving of alcohol did not “reflect the culture of plural society”, asserting that the practice made Muslim lawyers uncomfortable to attend such events and deterred them from being more involved in the KL Bar.

Lawyer Syahredzan Johan later pointed out that alcohol is not served at most of the Malaysian Bar’s events and not included in ticket prices paid by lawyers, clarifying that the alcohol was either sponsored or paid for by lawyers who partake.

Syahredzan said the portrayal that alcohol was abundantly available at such events were “inaccurate and distorts reality”

– See more at:

Amir Bahari contested for the KL Bar chairman’s post two weeks ago. He lost.

Feb 22
New Amir Bahari election team seeking to ‘Islamise’ KL Bar Aishah Aslah replaces Izwan Ishak who withdrew due to clash with principles



Goh Siu Lin won the election, becoming the first woman lawyer to head the organixation.

13 March 2017


Malaysian Bar AGM to debate on Siti Kasim’s conduct

March 13, 2017

Such unprecedented action in the history of the Malaysian Bar must be strongly condemned by lawyers, says lawyer Amir Bahari.


PETALING JAYA: Lawyer Mohd Amir Sharil Bahari Md Noor has filed a motion to censure fellow lawyer Siti Kasim for uploading a video of the Kuala Lumpur Bar annual general meeting (AGM) proceedings last month.

The motion will be debated at the Malaysian Bar AGM on Saturday.

The lawyer, better known as Amir Bahari, said he wants the incoming Bar Council to refer Siti Kasim to the disciplinary board for professional misconduct should the motion be approved by a majority of members.

In his motion filed last Friday, he also wants the Bar Council to take other steps against Siti Kasim for bringing the legal profession into disrepute.

Siti Kasim will feature as member in the incoming Bar Council. She was one of 12 lawyers who were directly elected.

In his motion, Amir Bahari, who specialises in shariah law, said lawyers were members of the noble legal profession and expected to behave well at all times.

“Siti Kasim has behaved in a repugnant and obnoxious manner which has brought the legal profession into disrepute,” he said in the motion.

Siti Kasim posted on Facebook a video of a speech made by a lawyer at the KL Bar AGM and unilaterally maintains that she received consent from the maker of the speech to broadcast the video.

Amir Bahari said Siti knew the posting would go viral and would have the intended and designed adverse impact on other fellow lawyers.

He said such unprecedented action in the history of the Malaysian Bar must be strongly condemned by lawyers.

Amir Bahari said Siti Kasim’s action was also in breach of Section 76 (2) of the Legal Profession Act for making public proceedings of the KL Bar AGM.

“She has also breached the Legal Profession (Publicity Rules) 2001 for publicising herself in a manner regarded as bad taste, sensational, intrusive, offensive or in any other way not befitting the dignity of the legal profession,” he said.

If they can heckle her, why can’t Siti Kasim ‘give them the bird’?


















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