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Those cowardly, dastardly BN Cybertroopers are targeting Zairil Khir and Dyana Sofia. This will not be the last time…

… Dyana Sofya and Zairil Khir: Targetted! But what is the truth? … 23 April 2017 .. Azizi Safar is a BN-UMNO man. Malaysian Outlook Is Christopher Zairil ashamed to be a Chinese? By Athi Shankar Apr 22, 2017 Political commentator … Continue reading

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Our shopping malls are safe from terrorists. Worry only about escalators and travelators and ceilings…

… Video: The Reversing Escalator at Setia Mall! Tiba2 Escalator reverse ke belakang (21 December 2012) The Escalator, sometimes a flesh eater… … 26 July 2018 By the time they fix escalator KLCC:– ECRL dah siap– Anwar/Azmin dah jadi PM– Syed Saddiq … Continue reading

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