Security in Sabah: Video claims to show the ease of entry. Just pay a ‘bribe’ of RM50-100.

Media Indonesia dakwa ratusan PATI mendarat di Tawau setiap hari

21 September 2016

News crew shows how easy it is to cross illegally into Sabah

September 21, 2016

It is alleged in the video produced by an Indonesian team that RM50 to RM100 is enough for security forces to let one through.


KOTA KINABALU: It is easy to cross from Indonesia to Sabah without valid documents. At least that is what an Indonesian programme claims.

Two reporters of TransMedia’s Kontroversi programme, masquerading as Indonesians looking for work in Sabah, crossed the border illegally from Nunukan island to Tawau with relative ease.

A 10-minute news video of their crossing is now being shared on Facebook, WhatsApp and local blog sites, according to a report in Malay Mail Online.

The report said the ease with which foreigners could enter Sabah had raised alarm over the purported ineffectiveness of Sabah’s security forces.

Many Malaysians, after sharing the video, have expressed unhappiness, especially since so much money has been poured into the Eastern Sabah Security Command. They feel embarrassed.

The video alleges that hundreds of Indonesians from South Sulawesi and Nusa Tenggara Timur cross the border through the same passage daily via Pari Pari port in Nunukan.

All they need to do is pay off security officials between RM50 and RM100, according to the report.


Sabah police zoom in on personnel implicated in viral bribery video

By OLIVIA MIWIL – 21 September 2016 @ 2:36 PM

AWAU: Police have identified its personnel who allegedly received bribes to allow Indonesians to sneak into the country via sea routes.
District police chief Assistant Commissioner Fadil Marsus, at a press conference today, was responding to an 11-minute video circulated on social media on lax maritime security in the district.
“We are still conducting detailed investigations and will take action against personnel who had breached the integrity of the profession.
“An investigation paper has also been opened to probe those who appeared in the footage, as well as allegations on locations and usage of boats to ferry Indonesians getting into Tawau,” he added.

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