Rosmah is flying on a private jet plane….

Najib & Rosmah: Alleged holidays and shopping sprees…

16 June 2016

New government jet in Kazakhstan, claims Rafizi

Following the expose that Prime Minister’s wife Rosmah Mansor flew to Istanbul on a chartered private jet, her aide claimed this is because the government jet ACJ320 9M-NAB is under maintenance.

This prompted PKR secretary-general Rafizi Ramli, who made the matter public, to embark on a mission to track 9M-NAB down.

Based on an informant’s disclosure, the Pandan lawmaker alleged that the trail led him to a Central Asian nation.

“I was informed that until last week, June 12, the new government-owned jet ACJ320 9M-NAB is in Kazakhstan as displayed in the database of the plane’s position,” he told a press conference in Kuala Kangsar this afternoon.

Kazakhstan is where Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s son-in-law Daniyar Kessikbayev hails from.

Meanwhile, Rafizi said even if the ACJ320 9M-NAB is under maintenance, the prime minister’s wife could have used another jet, ACJ319 9M-NAA, as the government has two operational jets at present – ACJ319 9M-NAA and BBJ737-700 M53-01.

13 June 2016

Mojo Jojo: All right, Annuar. Please name the official duties of the ‘first lady of Malaysia’ and what is she eligible under the constitution and the law. You can’t? That’s because there is none.

Also, don’t use your holy month as an excuse of barring others from discussing wrongdoings by public officials. Oh, wait, did I say public official? I meant private citizen. My bad.

Annuar’s flight of fancy to defend Rosmah’s jet-set ways

YOURSAY | ‘Using gov’t funds is not a right, but a responsibility that comes with accountability.’

Annuar Musa: As PM’s wife, Rosmah’s right to hire jet

Kingfisher: Umno information chief Annuar Musa seems to have taken a flight of fancy on his own by defending the premier’s wife’s use of public funds, a matter some may consider exorbitant and outlandish.

This is a nation where her husband is still distributing small token sums of money to millions of needy Malaysians as BR1M. Even the mere thought of uncaring extravagance with public funds, while millions are on such government handouts, is revolting to ordinary people.

Many Malaysians would want those with access to public funds for personal use, to be prudent and caring for the general welfare of all.

Anonymous_1424794168: When you use the government’s money, it is not a right, but a responsibility that comes with accountability.

Anonymous_3e79: She is just the wife and not an official of the government. Malaysia has never required the services of the wife of the premier. It’s a self-elevated position and an abuse of public funds.

FellowMalaysian: Annuar asked us not to expect the wife of the premier to travel on a normal flight schedule. Many of AirAsia’s passengers travelling to Penang from KL often see Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng sharing the same flights and seats with them.

If he feels perfectly at ease travelling in commercial budget airlines, why must Rosmah be treated like a royal at the expense of public funds? Since last year, the government has initiated cost-cutting measures because of budget constraints and this has resulted in the government slashing funds allotted to major public universities and school education funds.

The 2015 poor-student education fund in particular was mercilessly reduced from RM200 million to RM10 million. Perhaps part of this saving of RM190 million, went into footing the chartered plane’s cost of RM86.4 million? If so, how ironical she was on the way to accept a children’s welfare award.

Anonymous_1412829994: Remember the case of the late Singapore former prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew’s wife, who was Official Lady accompanying her husband to London on official functions?

When she was very sick and needed to quickly return to Singapore and to make very sure that the flight was fully equipped with medical assistance onboard, an SIA plane was chartered solely to fly her back. The Lee family paid the full cost.

Anonymous_139030398: President Jokowi of Indonesia travelled on AirAsia with his own money to his son’s convocation.

Anonymous_1401773638: When you have a feudal mentality and treat leaders that are elected as royalty, then everything is a right. In the US, the president has to pay for his own meals and that of his family, including his guests.

How Siow. Rosmah was not elected and we do not pay for her to receive some little known award of no importance to us.

Anonymous #13291217: Ask the New Zealand, Australian or the Dutch prime ministers if they travel on private jets. They take commercial flights even for official visits.

Falcon: I can at least also confirm travelling with UK’s premier David Cameron and the Negeri Sembilan royal family on commercial flights as well. In fact Cameron was on economy as well.

No fuss, no extravagant bourgeois trappings. So in this time and age, where political leaders and their households are advised to identify with the people, Annuar’s statement shows a total disconnect with reality.

But again, this is Malaysia where our politicians say one thing before the international community, and do their worst at home.

Xed: The pope used public transport when he was a cardinal in Argentina. As pope, he lives in a small apartment in the Vatican City, not in the official palace. He also cooks his own meals.

The late APJ Abdul Kalam too led a very simple life and had few assets when he was president of India and until his death (no Hindu zealot demanded that the position be only for a Hindu).

The MP for Sungai Siput, Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj, too, should be commended for his frugal life and his disclosure of his meagre assets.

He could have chosen a different path, one of privilege and wealth as a high-flying doctor. But who do we see dominating Malaysian public life and taking advantage of the taxpayers’ money?

And there is a fool of an Umno MP who thinks that when money is extracted from the taxpayer (by law) it becomes the government’s money and so taxpayers cannot complain about the way it is used.

But can taxpayers refuse to hand over their money to the government?

Bornean: For all I care, Rosmah can rent the shuttle to the moon as long as she uses her own money.

Shamu99: Can we get a consensus from the cabinet she can use the plane in this manner. Annuar, you are in Umno, not in the cabinet.

Kangkung: Spending RM86 million of the rakyat’s money on a flight to Turkey to accept an award is Rosmah’s right, while our brightest students are deprived of their right to study at the best overseas universities, after being promised bursaries by the Umno government, doesn’t even bother the information chief of Umno.

Watan: It is the people’s right to speculate how the people’s money is spent, if it seems fishy; though stupidity could also say government’s money is not people’s money.

Negarawan: “Don’t expect the wife of the prime minister to travel on a normal flight schedule, I don’t think there is a leader in the world who does this”. Umno information chief Annuar Musa cannot defend the indefensible.

His statement is completely unacceptable and is an extremely poor excuse for the wasteful and extravagant spending by the wife of a premier. What matter of urgency and importance is there for her to spend more than RM86 million just to receive an award?

Rosmah is not even an elected representative or a government official. If she has any sense of humility and accountability to the rakyat, she could have requested the Malaysian ambassador to Turkey to accept the award on her behalf.

RM86 million is a significant portion of the RM700 million budget allocated to Permata. Is this how Najib justifies the severely inflated budget?

RM86 million could have benefited the country and rakyat where it is most needed – to ease the escalating cost of living for the poor and basic infrastructure.

Guyintheglass: The minister may want to state which statute is he referring to when making his statement.

Katusha Hiya: Why complain and gripe about it when it was the government’s money, and not the rakyat’s, as one stupid MP has said.

Responsible Malaysian: According to one MP, once the taxpayers’ money has gone to the government, it’s no longer the rakyat’s money but the government’s money. The government can spend as it likes. Hence, if you want your money you paid to still belong to you, you need to elect a government who utilises the money for the rakyat’s benefit.

It is like when you invest in a company who takes care of your money for future returns. You will sack the management for using your invested money as though it belonged to them.

Ib: I disagree with Annuar. First the premier’s wife is not an elected official nor appointed, as there is no position called premier’s wife and has no right to spend taxpayers’ money especially when not accompanying the premier.

Secondly, she claims to be helping children. But the money spent on private jets could be used to help so many children, who are too poor to go to school here in Malaysia.

Lastly if you want to spend taxpayers’ money it must be done transparently and every single citizen has the right to question extravagant spending. Bottom line, I question where the ‘heart’ is when you help people. Spend the money on the people, not on luxury trips.

12 June 2016 /

Peaceful Malaysia? Retweeted Abang Bro

Rosmah hired a private jet for millions…

Peaceful Malaysia? added,

Hey, , you said world leaders don’t have time to fly Economy class. What is Jokowi doing here?

Dr M: I’ll answer in court, then I’ll ask if it’s true Rosmah boarded private jet

K KANGSAR POLLS Former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad today declared that he will answer questions that were previously posed by the police in court.

Mahathir, who is in Kuala Kangsar in support of Parti Amanah Negara’s (Amanah) candidate in the by-election, lamented how people today do not know if they would be arrested or not for lodging police reports.

Previously, he said, police would investigate whether a particular report had basis or otherwise, but the same cannot be said today.

Mahathir said he was ‘lucky’, too, in that he had been called for interrogation thrice.

“They asked me many things, but perhaps because I’m stupid, I didn’t answer,” said Mahathir in his trademark cheeky humour at an event organised by Pakatan Harapan here today.

Once in court, Mahathir said he, through his lawyer, had the right to ask Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor on the authenticity of a picture depicting the latter boarding a private jet.

“I want to ask whether the picture is authentic, with 12 people carrying big bags.

“If we want to ride planes we have Malaysia Airlines (MAS) and we can go anywhere, but she has to rent a jet which costs RM80 million and then they say they have no money,” he said.

As PM’s wife, Rosmah’s right to hire jet – Annuar Musa


No one should question the right of Rosmah Mansor’s hiring of a private jet as it is her right and duty as the prime minister’s wife, said an Umno leader.

“Don’t (expect) the wife of the prime minister to travel on a normal flight schedule, I don’t think there is a leader in the world who does this.

“So, let’s not deny the right of a prime minister’s wife or prime minister by saying or trying to give the impression that (the flight) had been hired for private use,” Umno information chief Annuar Musa told Malaysiakini.

11 June 2016

Perhaps private jet trip paid with gov’t money, not rakyat’s

YOURSAY | ‘Many of us are on tight schedule, but we never use private jets!’

Aide defends Rosmah’s use of private jet, says she was on tight schedule

According to the flight schedules, the aircraft departed from UAE for Subang on May 23 and it took off from Subang with Rosmah Mansor on board on May 25 at 5.13am, and it should arrive in UAE at around 8am.

The plane then made a five-hour stopover in UAE before departing for Istanbul. She then departed Istanbul for UAE on May 25 at 7.56pm with a short stopover, and arrived in Subang around noon on May 27.

Now if you see the scheduling, would it be better for Rosmah to fly commercial direct to Istanbul rather to be picked up by the private jet since the jet was in UAE in the first place.

Secondly, why the need for a stopover in UAE since the plane can fly direct to Istanbul?

Anonymous_3f49: “Rosmah Mansor had to use a private jet for her trip to Istanbul due to her tight schedule, said her aide Rizal Mansor.”

Was she on government business? This is yet another feeble excuse for the profligate use of public funds.

Anonymous_1388029052: Rosmah’s attendance at the two functions was not important to the nation.

She should have used her own money to buy an economy class flight to Istanbul. Why should taxpayer like me pay for her trip?

Beep!: It would be much cheaper to send the nearest ambassador’s wife to pick up the prize on her behalf. We face budget cuts everywhere, but not for FLOM (First Lady of Malaysia).

Commentable: At times, whenever it is convenient to do so, those who are so-called aiding and abetting the government will claim that Rosmah is merely a housewife but at other times, she is more than a VVIP with a schedule tighter than the QEII (Queen Elizabeth II).

So then, there must be a point where one has to weigh the merits of which function to attend, if all of these were to fall within the same time.

That’s what aides are for – to advise on these kind of matters and to find excuses, and where necessary, to slot in a representative to attend one of the functions on her behalf.

I’m sure even HRH the Raja Permaisuri Agong is magnanimous enough to excuse her for not able to attend a Girls’ Guide thingy.

Of course, it’s a different thing if she has to foot the cost herself for the private jet instead of from the public kitty. If not, it is abuse of public funds that is unforgivable, no matter what kind of function she was attending.

Anonymous_1430213195: The private jet was paid with government money, not the rakyat’s.

ConstitutionIsSupreme: First thing first, Rizal, how much is the fuel and plane rental and maintenance apportioned cost? Second, is Rosmah entitled to use the jet?

Third, if Rosmah is entitled, is it justified to spend the rakyat’s money to ferry her to Istanbul and back? What will be the benefits to Malaysians by her attending these two functions? Can she not skip one of them?

Will it not be better to use the money to build low-cost fabricated house for the Kelantan flood victims who are still staying at tents after 12 months?

Old Timer: It seems neither Rosmah nor her aide, Rizal, can come up with a solution to solve the situation of having to attend two functions in succession.

Surely they can prioritise which is the more important function, and leave the less important function to another person to attend?

Are our government servants who are highly paid with taxpayers’ money so brainless? Why is she allowed to use government aircraft when she was not an elected representative anyway?

Kuasa Rakyat: Just let us know the amount spend and we will be the judge whether it was excessive. Otherwise it was excessive.

Fairplayer: Many of us are on tight schedule, but we never use private jets!


13 passengers, 7 crew, Rosmah’s aide tells Rafizi to do luggage math

Published 10 Jun 2016, 5:38 pm

An aide to Rosmah Mansor has dismissed the latest allegation concerning the luggage on board a private jet which flew the prime minister’s wife to Istanbul.

According to Rizal Mansor, this was another miscalculation by PKR secretary-general Rafizi Ramli, who questioned the excessive number of bags and their contents this morning.

“The prime minister’s wife is not the only passenger on the flight. The plane also carried 13 other passengers and seven crew members. Are you saying they all do not have any luggage?

“This is a long-range flight. So it means they would have to change clothes.

“Which is why the bags were hand-carried. They also carried their own food on board,” he said in a Facebook post.

“That is why he is now talking about the number of bags for the entourage of the prime minister’s wife to Istanbul,” Rizal said.

He said Rafizi’s allegation that the plane had ample cargo space for baggage storage stemmed from the PKR parliamentarian’s misunderstanding or lack of knowledge about aircraft specifications.

First of all, he explained, the particular plane’s cargo space was not as large as others of the same model or make.

“YB (Rafizi) can check the term ACT – ‘additional centre tank’ with his friends in the airline industry. The plane’s cargo compartment has been modified to accommodate a larger fuel tank to increase its flight range,” he said.

Rizal also said that the cargo space had been used to transport equipment and costumes for Permata’s performance troupe, which had accompanied Rosmah on her trip on an invitation.

“For your information YB, the cargo compartment for executive aircraft is also not the same as those of commercial flights.

“In the case of this flight, the cargo compartment was used to carry the costumes and props for the Permata Seni performance group, which was invited to perform over there (Istanbul),” he said.

9 June 2016

Spending public funds for a private jet?

Stephen Ng


COMMENT When former prime minister’s wife Endon Mahmood was fighting against cancer, she travelled to the United Kingdom for her chemotherapy treatment. As far as I remember, she took a public flight.

I am told that whenever she stayed in a particular hotel, she had a spot in the breakfast lounge where she would have her meal. She did not expect VIP treatment, but the waiters and waitresses at the restaurant automatically respected her and reserved the place for her.

Such was Endon, a woman of great honour and well-loved by Malaysians at large. She knew how to be chaste and remain humble.

So did the wives of other prime ministers, including former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s wife, Dr Siti Hasmah Mohamad Ali, who have contributed to the nation for many decades in so many areas that I think she deserves the Tunship that she was conferred.

Dr Siti Hasmah was the first Malay lady doctor in the country, an achievement that we should all be proud of.

Yet, none of these wives of the country’s former prime ministers is known to have hired private jets for their oversea trips, whatever the occasion.

At least, there was no such allegation hurled against them, even during Dr Mahathir’s era in the manner that Rafizi Ramli could pinpoint of Rosmah Mansor. Rosmah is the only wife of a Malaysian prime minister who has been known to jet-set around in private jets.

With the country currently going through a bad economic patch, such extravagance by someone who is not even recognised as a government leader should have been avoided.

Hearing the explanation given by her aide Rizal Mansor, I doubt if there is any good reason for her to go on a private jet.

She would have to choose between attending the Girl Guides event and the 3G Children Welfare Award at the Global Good Governance Award 2016 in Istanbul.

If even prime ministers and ministers have been known to miss certain events, there is no reason for Rosmah to spend public funds for a private jet.

What Rafizi has discovered has been confirmed by Rizal himself. Unless Rizal is telling us that Rosmah had paid for the private jet, in my opinion, Rosmah has no business in hiring the Airbus A-319 private jet owned by Emirates Airlines for her private trip to Istanbul.

Aide: Rosmah helped thousands of children but what has done?

The aide to prime minister’s wife Rosmah Mansor has fired salvoes at PKR secretary-gneral Rafizi Ramli for revealing her boss’ use of a private jet.

Rizal Mansor said the revelation was intended to create a negative perception against Rosmah amid the Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar by-elections.

“He should be using the campaign period to tell the rakyat what his party has contributed to the rakyat and not raise questions that are unrelated to the by-elections.

“At least, Rosmah inspired a programme that has benefited thousands of children and this programme even received international recognition.

“What kind of programme has YB (Rafizi) done?” he said in a statement to Malaysiakini.

Aide defends Rosmah’s use of private jet, says she was on tight schedule


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