P.I. Bala’s widow, “Najib and Rosmah, I’m sorry.”

Private Investigator P. Balasubramaniam’s widow sues carpet dealer Deepak Jaikishan for RM2 million

16 March 2016

Lawyer mulls payment and exit from PI Bala widow’s case

Lawyer Americk Sidhu said he has no choice but to reserve the right to bill private investigator P Balasubramaniam’s widow, A Santamil Selvi, for his legal services.

This is in the wake of Selvi’s press conference on Saturday, where she allegedly accused Americk, Kapar MP G Manivannan, and Subang MP Sivarasa Rasiah of promising to provide her with living expenses on condition of agreeing to an interview with Australian journalists.

She allegedly said she was to exaggerate the facts involved in the murder of the Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu, and had said that these are lies not to be trusted.

Speaking to Malaysiakini when contacted today, Americk said he and his team had been working on Selvi’s cases on a pro bono basis, only to be disparaged in public.

As such, he said he is unable to continue with her case now pending at the Federal Court, unless she clarifies the matter by retracting her statements and making a public apology to him.

“If she has compromised my position as her counsel, then I have every right to give her my legal bills, which (Pertubuhan Minda Sosial dan Prihatin (PMSP) leader Ramesh Rao) can go and pay since he is such an altruist.

“I have never asked for legal bills before, but in this difficult situation that she has put me in, then what do I do? I am reserving my right to bill her,” he said, sounding exasperated.


13 March 2016

Sarawak Report

EXCLUSIVE EVIDENCE – How BN Bribed Bala Widow RM50k To ‘Apologise’ To Najib And Rosmah

13 Mar 2016

…Sarawak Report has obtained copies of text messages, which show how Rao indeed offered a RM50,000 cash bribe, plus school fees, to Selvi Bala, in return for her appearance at the press conference, which had been designed to exonerate the PM and his wife, whom she has implicated in a damning court action over the cover-up of the Altantuya murder case.

Days before the press conference, according to texts sent by her mobile phone, Selvi informed a close associate that she had been approached by ‘BN’, who were offering the money:

“Sir, BN is offering me! What am I suppose to do?” Selvi texted on 10th March, “They offering my children education fees! And temporarily RM50K!  They didn’t ask anything in return”

However, when questioned further, the widow and mother of three admitted that she was indeed being required to perform a favour for the money – she needed to appear at a press conference and was expected to complain about lack of support for her children’s education.

“One of Bala friend from BN! But they asked me to give a PC but not involving either parties!…. The PC is about me telling that noone is helping me for my children education and other expenses” [sic]

Tempted, but conflicted. Selvi makes clear she wants the money but not to change her position on the case.Tempted, but conflicted. Selvi makes clear she wants the money but not to change her position on the case.

As the above dialogue makes clear, Selvi had been approached by Rao and that he was offering her money in return for performing at a press conference, which he evidently planned to use for his purposes in supporting his political patron, Najib.

This was something he adamantly denied, however, when questioned by Lynton Crossby of ABC Australia’s Four Corners programme, who also attended the press conference after Selvi had apparently pulled out of an interview which she had originally promised to give him.



13 March 2016 | MYT 10:33 PM

Sivarasa refutes PI Bala’s wife’s accusations

PETALING JAYA: PKR’s Sivarasa Rasiah has refuted a slew of allegations made by A. Santamil Selvi, the wife of the late private investigator P. Balasubramaniam, after she spoke at a controversial press conference organised by Ramesh Rao.

According to Santamil’s written statement, which was partly read out on Saturday, Sivarasa – along with Kapar MP G. Manivannan and lawyer Americk Sidhu – had asked her over the phone to get involved in an interview with Australian media in return for financial assistance.

She also alleged that PKR had not given her any assistance since her husband passed away in March 2013.

“I do not wish to enter into the reasons why (Santamil) Selvi would suddenly wish to make such accusations, which are altogether untrue.

“It would be quite obvious to anyone watching the press conference that the press statement was written by someone else for her to read,” said Sivarasa in a statement on Sunday night.

According to Sivarasa, he and a few others paid all of Bala’s hospital bills and also expenses for his funeral.

Santamil was also “fully aware” of receiving financial assistance on a regular basis from 2013 until March this year.

“We are not aware of any time that Selvi went to the headquarters of Parti Keadilan Rakyat to discuss the issue of financial assistance,” said Sivarasa, adding that the Selangor Government also gave the family financial assistance.

At Sivarasa’s request, Manivannan had also met Santamil in Nov 2015 to discuss her children’s further education at private colleges as substantial funds would be involved.

“No promises were made. No requests for interviews with foreign press were made in exchange,” said Sivarasa.



seriously – something is not right – calling press conference – telling PI Bala’s wife – apologizing to Rosmah -…

Malaysia summed up. P.I Bala’s wife apologises to Rosmah & storms out of press conf followed by lawyer Ramesh Rao

In reply to

Where did Rao, an undischarged bankrupt and Lie-ster, both discredited by Sarawak Report, get money to entice PI Bala’s wife?

This is too good not to watch. With no disrespect, PI Bala’s wife couldn’t even let herself say that her…

Lesson on how NOT to conduct a PC – P.I Bala’s wife apologises to Rosmah & storms out of press conference followed

So not pay her enough?Big joke,u clown RR!Credible idiot? PI Bala’s widow‘s drama via

So sekarang ni you actually see PI Bala’s widow was promised something to fitnah Rosmah? Looks like Saifuddin’s game plan. Kaki fitnah king

This so bloody messy its moot on a Mad Maju Malaysia | Anger and drama as PI Bala’s widow apologises via

12 March 2016

Was she confused? Was she bribed?

Blogger: To me, she seems such a simple person, trapped between her need for someone to finance her children’s education on the one hand, and the people (read: politicians of both sides) who use her for their own political mileage.

Asked whether she was retracting her legal suit against the Prime Minister and his wife, Santamil hesitated to answer.

“I am just here to get funding for my children’s education, those who promised me the money and a lot of other things, they did not keep their word so I am here today to ask this NGO for money.

“PKR promised me financial aid but when I went to them I was asked to see if Barisan Nasional can give me a better offer, I am left with no choice so I am here.

“I struggled for three years since my husband passed away in 2013 and now I agree that he had died due to a heart problem and not murdered,” she said.


MangroveMomma Retweeted KK

RM20k per month? That is a lot!

is it true that PKR reneged on their promise to financially assist Bala’s widow, as she claims? this is not a trivial matter.

Doubt PKR has the funding capability to fund her 20k a mth for life. She bolted from d PC when d foreign journalist asked her Q’s

See how he takes advantage of the situation…

what was the offer & promises made by PKR ppl as alleged by PI Bala‘s wife? I think should investigate.

See how he spins it…

Saturday, 12 March 2016-Chaos done by some uninvited International Reporters (ABC NEWS) when wife of late PI Bala…

Saturday, 12 March 2016-Chaos done by some uninvited International Reporters (ABC NEWS) when wife of late PI Bala tries to apologize to Rosmah!

“I have suffered for past 3 years. Lastly one of my friend gave Ramesh’s contact number to get some financial support for my children’s education. PMSP leader Ramesh Rao willing to help for my children’s further studies, as he helping many via NGO, while people in PKR HQ neglected and bullied me whenever asked for help” said Santamil Selvi.

“Our main concern here today is to insist that PKR fail to help Late PI Bala wife after so much of heavenly promises. Why PKR has to bully a single mother of three kids?”, said Ramesh to members of media.

“I’m regretfully, sincerely without anyone’s force take this opportunity to apologize Datin Seri and members of family for whatever accusation done by ME earlier. All were came, out of frustration, anger (after lost husband) and hearsays. I’m done!”, said late PI Bala’s wife to press before leave the conference hall with anger.

Tweets of note:

Hahaha it backfired double barrel… for Row 1. PIBala‘s wife admitted she is doing it for $$$, did not…

In reply to

Rais Hussin Retweeted shahanaaz habib

PIBala‘s wife‘s Malay is superb. Money and/or failure to access $$$ seems to be the central theme. All the best.

Press statement of PI Bala s wife given out before pc started and before she stormed off.

PI Bala‘s wife says PKR did not assist her financially when she needed help so has come to this side.

PI Bala s wife said she had asked to see PKR president Datin Seri Wan Azizah s countless times but couldn’t even get an appointment.

Now ex colleague of PI Bala says he will pay for the education and says Pi Bala‘s wife asked to apologise on her own

Retweeted Republic of Sarawak (): MONEY can make people eat shit “Anger and drama as PI Bala’s

PI Bala’s widow apologises to Najib, Rosmah, & the plot thickens… She gets Caught with her…

More intrigue in : PI Bala’s widow apologises to Rosmah, storms out of media event

That PI Bala’s widow did a perfect stunt. Rushed outside the room right after apologising, creating an illusion that she was under pressure.

I dun get it. PI Bala’s widow apologise to Him and then later said her late hubby’s SD was true? What’s the apology for??



Anger and drama as PI Bala’s widow apologises

She withdraws accusation that Rosmah ‘killed’ her husband, slams PKR for false promises.


PETALING JAYA: There was confusion and drama when AS Selvi, the widow of PI Bala, tried to apologise to Prime Minister Najib Razak and his family, then stormed out under questioning from an international journalist.

She had appeared at the press conference, held at the office of Pertubuhan Minda dan Sosial Prihatin, and accompanied by the organisation’s president, Ramesh Rao, and deputy president Zakuanhafiz Ahmad Ansari.

She said she was apologising to the prime minister and his family on her husband’s behalf and said she wanted to seek help for her children’s education.

Things heated up after a reporter for international press asked why there were Special Branch officers outside and why it was necessary for Selvi to apologise to the Prime Minister in order to request financial aid for her children.

The journalist asked Selvi whether she was retracting her late husband’s statement that Najib had an affair with the late Altantuya Shaariibuu and was somehow involved in her death.

Selvi said no, and that she was only apologising to Najib’s wife Rosmah Mansor for accusing her of having killed her husband.

However, the journalist pointed out that it was stated in her press statement that she was apologising to the Prime Minister and his family on her husband’s behalf.

He asked whether she was being bribed to make the apology.

Selvi denied that she was bribed and shouted “I just want money for my children’s education” before storming off, accompanied by Ramesh Rao.


55m55 minutes ago

By Koh Jun Lin

Private investigator P Balasubramaniam’s widow, A Santamil Selvi, has apologised to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and his family for implying that they had anything to do with her husband’s death.
“When my husband passed away, I felt very frustrated. Tension. When people accused (Najib’s wife) Rosmah (Mansor) of killing him, I went along with it.
“Now I realised that, maybe, it was a heart attack. I had misspoken, so I apologise,” she told reporters at a press conference today.
Her husband – also known as PI Bala – had passed away on March 1, 2013 due to a heart attack.
Selvi said that she approached Pertubuhan Minda Sosial dan Prihatin (PMSP) leader Ramesh Rao – who had arranged today’s press conference – for help for the sake of her children’s education, after an earlier offer of aid from PKR never materialised.

However, things got heated up when a reporter pressured her on why she is seemingly reversing her earlier position – and whether monetary rewards had anything to do with it.
“Bala was telling the truth. Bala’s SD was the truth […] I apologise to Rosmah because I said that she killed my husband, so I apologise. Only for that. Bala’s SD is true.
“I came here today because of my children’s education, not regarding that SD,” she shouted, before storming out of the press conference in anger.
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