From SJKC Pai Chee to all SJKC’s: UMNO Youth demands ‘racial discrimination’ study…

SJKC Pai Chee, Mersing: Malay teacher claims assault by parent. Police say it is not a racial issue.

Ridhuan Tee’s Blueprint for ending the Chinese Language and Culture.

1. Place more Malay teachers in vernacular Chinese schools instead of transferring them out. Make non-Chinese the principals.

2. Do away with Remove classes, the transitional class for primary schoolers in vernacular schools who failed the national language.

3. Send students who fail BM to a language camp for two years.

4. Don’t build any more vernacular schools to cater to the Chinese demands

5. Shut down vernacular schools with fewer than 100 students.

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25 January 2016

Free Malaysia Today

Do not demonise all Chinese schools based on one incident

January 25, 2016

Zairil Khir Johari of DAP tells Ridhuan Tee more Malay parents are sending their children to Chinese schools because they get a better education there.

PETALING JAYA: The recent case of a Malay teacher being “attacked” by the parent of a student in Mersing, Johor, should not be made fodder to attack all Chinese schools in the country.

In saying so, DAP lawmaker Zairil Khir Johari dubbed the incident as an “isolated case”, and likened it to the treatment given to non-Muslim students in certain schools during the fasting month.

“Ridhuan Tee should not blow this issue out of proportion and make it a racial one, to the extent of questioning the purpose of vernacular education.”

“He (Tee) should know that non-Chinese students make up an average 28 per cent of enrolment in Chinese schools in Kelantan.

“Some schools even have 40 to 60 per cent Malay students,” he said.

Zairil claimed Malay parents opted to send their children to Chinese schools because of the declining quality of education in national schools.

Put vernacular education ‘back in its place’, says Tee



“Remove classes should be abolished. Those who fail Bahasa Malaysia should be sent to language rehabilitation camps for two years,” he said.

Malay Mail Online

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 25 — The government should stop kow-towing to the ethnic Chinese and adopt a tougher stand where education is concerned, including abolishing their vernacular schools, controversial Muslim convert Ridhuan Tee Abdullah said today.

The lecturer at Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (UnisZA) claimed the community to be “racist” and “ultra kiasu” and had not shown gratitude for all the government’s tolerance of their demands, pointing to reports of a Chinese principal who had allegedly made racial remarks against a Malay teacher at a vernacular primary school in Mersing, Johor as evidence to support his argument.

“When national schools can accept a non-Malay headmaster, why can’t Chinese schools accept a non-Chinese headmaster? Who is more racist?” he asked in his column published today by Malay daily Sinar Harian.

“Do you realise, Malays had tolerated a lot towards vernacular schools that only exist in Malaysia? Is it not enough yet? Learn to be grateful,” the Chinese-Muslim said, addressing ethnic Chinese.

While the authorities have dismissed the incident as a racial act, Tee claimed otherwise and said the incident should serve as an “eye opener” to the government to be firm when dealing with the demands of the Chinese community.

“When it happens to us, they say let’s not racialise this thing. When it happens to them, they accuse us of being racist. As if we are the only ones who are racist,” he said.

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Datuk Akbar Ali Retweeted Berita Harian

Tackle the bull by the horn or sweep under the carpet?

Kaji punca masalah perkauman di SJKC

2h2 hours ago
puncanya, kaum Cina yg rasis sukar menerima baik kaum2 yg lain bg tujuan integrasi. SJKC adalah punca segala rasis!

2h2 hours ago
kenapa dan Cina yg bersikap rasis mahu kekalkan sekolah Cina? Kerana mereka tidak selesa bergaul dgn kaum2 lain

Umno Youth wants ‘racial discrimination’ study on Chinese schools

By FAZLEENA AZIZ – 17 January 2016 @ 7:54 PM

PUTRAJAYA: Umno Youth’s Education Bureau has called on the Education Ministry to carry out a study on possible racial discrimination within the country’s Chinese schools.

The demand came after a Malay teacher from SJK (C) Pai Chee in Mersing had claimed that the school’s principal had tried to get rid of her and two other Malay teachers.

The bureau’s chairman Mohd Rafiq Naizamohideen claimed that the incident was just one of a series of similar episodes in Chinese schools, and that it was time to address the matter seriously.

“The ministry should conduct a study to find out the root of this racial discrimination within the SJKC. and whether we need to continue having such schools,” he said.

Rafiq said the ministry should reevaluate the role of Chinese schools. “SJKC also receives allocations from the government. If there is a problem with racism, then the ministry needs to relook and strengthen national schools instead,” he said after the launch and presentation of the Bumiputera Transformation School Aid (Best 2016), yesterday.

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12h12 hours ago Puchong, Selangor

Dan ingat lagi kes guru SJKC suruh murid melayu jadi lembu 2 tahun lps? Banyak lagi kes. Sampai bila nak biarkan?

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14h14 hours ago Puchong, Selangor

Ingat kes SJKC Kota Tinggi? Lagi kes di Johor. Rasisme di SJKC bukan kes terpencil.Ianya satu trend yg membimbangkan

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2 Responses to From SJKC Pai Chee to all SJKC’s: UMNO Youth demands ‘racial discrimination’ study…

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  2. sayg says:

    Well the it all begin when someone has started it. There has been cases where by a HM frm SM Alam Megah said Cina Balik Cina India balik India too. Why never highlighted that?

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