The MyKad or IC…

Your Malaysian Passport

Lost your passport? You can get a replacement for no fine the first time.

15 January 2019


LLA Series: Don’t Lose Your IC! | LoyarBurok



Lost your Malaysian IC?

From 15 October 2015

Applicants who applied to replace their IC for the first time will be charged RM100. For second replacement, the fees will be RM300 while the third and subsequent replacement will be RM1,000.


The fees to replace IC are RM100, RM200 and RM300 for first, second, and third and subsequent times, respectively.


Persons with disabilities, the poor, senior citizens aged 60 years and above, natural disaster victims, crime cases such as theft, robbery and snatch theft, and also Malaysian citizens below 18 years old.

You will be given a temporary identity document before the IC replacement is issued.

1,356,135 IC were reported missing from 2010 to Sep 2015 due to negligence.


Saturday October 10, 2015 MYT 7:12:59 PM

Rules tightened for replacement ICs

Home Ministry deputy secretary-general (security policy) Datuk Seri Adenan Ab Rahman said over 1.3 million ICs were reported lost since 2010, thus the need for the replacement process to be tightened.

He said those applying for replacements for the first time can still go to National Registration Department (NRD) counters.

“But any subsequent losses will  require a police report before an application can be made at the NRD.

“Applications to replace a third and any subsequent losses will be investigated before a replacement is issued,” he said in a statement.

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