Fake Malaysiakini news images.

Fake Malaysiakini news images circulated

What’s going on? Earlier, it was a fake Malaysian Insider news image featuring  Dr Mahathir.

The Malaysian Insider: The screenshot of Dr Mahathir and the accompanying report are FAKE

THE BEST that UMNo Cybertroopers can do , ? Fake M’kini news images circulated

IS this fake? Why 2 diff figures?

Embedded image permalink

IS this true?

Embedded image permalink

We are watching ur news closely now. We know how you spin!!!

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7:18PM Aug 19, 2015


Fake M’kini news images circulated

Fake Malaysiakini news images circulated

Embedded image permalink

Malaysiakini has identified the circulation of false images depicting news items purportedly from the news portal.

The first image titled “Daim: Saya akan pastikan ringgit merosot ke paras RM 4.50 berbanding USD” was circulated since yesterday while the second “Saya perlukan syarikat (DEIG) untuk urus RM6.3 bilion duit rakyat Selangor” made the rounds today.

Both the images are not news items published in Malaysiakini.

We would like to advise readers and the public to check the authenticity of such reports at the Malaysiakini website.

For reference or further clarification, please contact Malaysiakini editors via editor@malaysiakini.com.


membuka ruang untk keyboard warriors tanpa identiti @ fake profile menghasut dan meracuni minda pembaca

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