The Hoax returns: Facebook post about lost and drugged child at Legoland


It’s safe to go to Legoland Malaysia.

Legoland Malaysia, Nusajaya, Johor.


29 June 2015

Facebook post about lost child drugged a hoax, says ‘s Legoland

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By Lim Yi Han

A horrifying story of a child being drugged and having his appearance altered in an attempted kidnapping at a Legoland is making its rounds again on social media again.

A screen shot of a Facebook post by a Singaporean user Daniel Boey, claims that a six-year-old boy went missing in the theme park after the boy’s mother took her eyes off him for just a few seconds while queuing up for food.

The boy was found a few hours later wearing different clothes and shoes, was without his hair, and in a drowsy state.

While the post did not specify which Legoland it was, Legoland Malaysia said it has received a number of calls from concerned visitors recently about this post.

Legoland said when the post first surfaced in 2012, it filed a report with Malaysian police and reported the matter to Facebook.

Inspector Wong Chee Hoong, officer in charge of Anjung Police Station in Johor, said: “The Facebook post is bogus and there have been no kidnapping cases or such reports in Legoland Malaysia Resort.”

Attempts to reach Boey to verify his story were unsuccessful.

This was reported in January 2014.

Default Rumours of Singaporean children getting kidnapped at Legoland

Rumours of Singaporean children getting kidnapped at Legoland are circulating online

Asiaone news

Facebook post on attempted kidnapping untrue: Legoland Malaysia


Tuesday, Jan 14, 2014

SINGAPORE – Legoland Malaysia has refuted online rumours about an attempted kidnapping case on its premises.

A post had been circulating on Facebook since last week alleging that a 6-year-old child was almost kidnapped at the Malaysian attraction, located in Johor Bahru.

The post has been shared more than 10,000 times till date, reported Shin Min Daily News on Monday.

According to the post, a woman’s 6-year-old son went missing after she took his eyes off him for a moment, while queuing up for food at the resort.

She alerted the staff and they closed the exits in the area. After a search across the premises, her son was found.

But what astonished the mother was that her son had been shaved bald, given a change of clothes, and possibly drugged to keep him sedated.

The Facebook post read: “What was horrifying is that her son has been shaved botak, changed his clothes and shoes, and was placed in a stroller being pushed out of the place.”

“The kid was found to be in a drowsy state, believed to be given something to smell to knock him out.”

In an email response to AsiaOne, Legoland Malaysia said it has not received any reports of any attempted abductions on its premises.

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