FAKE Milo! Yes, it’s true! Only in Malaysia…

We’ve heard of fake Ringgit notes and fake Panadol but now, there is fake Milo!


Nestlé Malaysia: Purchase from reputable retailers

PETALING JAYA: Nestlé Malaysia has urged consumers to only purchase Milo products from reputable and major retailers in the country following the seizure of fake Milo packets during a recent raid.

In an e-mail to The Star, Nestlé said it is mobilising its sales team to identify the counterfeit product and the company will continue to cooperate fully with the authorities and render assistance wherever possible.

“Nestlé takes this issue very seriously as counterfeiting of products is an illegal activity that deliberately misleads the public.

“Nestlé does not have information on how the counterfeit Milo was produced; therefore we are unable to comment on this.

“We understand that there is an official investigation underway and we trust the authorities will issue further information once this is complete,” said the statement on Tuesday.


Bought a packet of Milo at Tesco Extra this morning. Yes, it’s GENUINE. Look at the perforated edge…

milo 002

Fake Milo production in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia https://youtu.be/eEkUkbkJS-8Singaporeans get genuine Milo, made in Singapore…

sold here manufactured in Singapore, comes with “Made in Singapore” labels, says

SINGAPORE – Consumers can rest easy about the Milo sold in Singapore as it is manufactured here, Nestle has clarified. The products come with a “Made in Singapore” label, it said in response to queries on the Milo Singapore Facebook page. – See more at: http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/more-singapore-stories/story/milo-sold-here-manufactured-singapore-says-nestle-201503#sthash.IkNa9bcd.dpuf

Milo Malaysia educates customers how to spot fake products

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Milo Malaysia educates customers how to spot fake products –

KUALA LUMPUR: Milo Malaysia has uploaded an image to help its customers differentiate between the original and fake product.

The image uploaded on its official Facebook page was also shared on Nestle’s Facebook page. “The original Milo packaging is machine packed and cut. As such the edges on the top of the original pack will not have a perfect perforation,” it said.

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Share & RT. Know the difference between Fake & Real MILO packaging.


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