In Singapore: The Stupid, Funny and Ugly. “Whatever we got, they also got?”

27 June 2018

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No country is free from Ah Beng politicians… Singapore also got la 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂



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Singapore MP says water deal fair as Malaysia sells what ‘falls from the sky’

A SINGAPOREAN member of Parliament has dismissed Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s accusation that Malaysia is paying too much for treated water from Singapore, saying the raw water supplied by Putrajaya costs nothing as it “falls from the sky”.

In a Facebook post today, Lee Yi Shyan said “Malaysia does nothing” but still makes money out of the existing water agreement between the two countries.

Under the agreement, Malaysia sells Singapore 250 million gallons of raw water daily at three sen per 1,000 gallons and buys back treated water at 50 sen per 1,000 gallons.

Lee said it cost Singapore RM2.40 per 1000 gallons to treat the water, which meant the republic was actually giving Malaysia a subsidy of “RM1.90 per 1,000 gallons”.

He said as Malaysia sold treated water back to its citizens at  M3.60 per 1000 gallons, it “does nothing and makes RM3.10 per 1000 gallons”.

16 April 2018

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Singaporeans memeing very hard [via Awesome Singapore]


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Caltex investigating incident involving pump attendant, driver at Tampines petrol station


Google Street View of the Caltex petrol station along Tampines Avenue 8. 

SINGAPORE: Chevron Singapore, the company that markets the Caltex brand here, said on Sunday (Apr 15) it was investigating an incident at one of its petrol stations in Tampines, after an account of it went viral on Facebook.

The post, which was credited to a Ms Kelly Yeo, detailed how a customer had refused to pay S$135 for his petrol at the Caltex station in Tampines Avenue 8, because he said he had only requested S$10 worth.

The attendant who conducted the petrol refill was summoned.

“He explained that he had heard that it was a full tank refill but the customer immediately rebutted it,” said Ms Yeo in the account, which was shared more than 3,000 times.

“What happened next astonished me. Instead of creating a scene by engaging in an argument with the customer, the elderly pump attendant calmly informed the cashier to let the customer pay S$10 and he would personally absorb the rest of the cost.
“As a result, the customer walked away smugly paying a mere S$10 payment for a full tank of petrol for his BMW Series 5 vehicle,” she added.


Dear Caltex,

I earlier witnessed an incident at Caltex Tampines Ave 8 @2pm on 14 April and it filled me with such indignation that it prompted me to write this to you, hoping that you could help alleviate the financial obligation of your employee and implement appropriate measures to handle the incident as follows.

While processing payment at the Cashier counter, the customer (picture uploaded herewith) and driver of BMW vehicle SLTXXXXG, claimed that your pump attendant had mistakenly refilled a full tank of petrol costing about $135 for his vehicle instead of the $10 petrol that he had instructed at Pump 7. He refused to pay the full amount and insisted to pay only $10 for the full tank.

The pump attendant probably in his early 60s, was subsequently summoned to the Cashier counter to verify. He explained that he had heard that it was a full tank refill but the customer immediately rebutted it. What happened next astonished me. Instead of creating a scene by engaging in an argument with the customer, the elderly pump attendant calmly informed the Cashier to let the customer pay $10 and he would personally absorb the rest of the cost. As a result, the customer walked away smugly paying a mere $10 payment for a full tank of petrol for his BMW Series 5 vehicle.

Whilst I was impressed with the collected composure and professional customer service that both your Cashier and pump attendant had displayed throughout the incident, I am deeply disturbed that the customer had capitalized on the opportunity to make the elderly pump attendant pay for the supposedly oversight. The customer could have responded gentlemanly and be gracious to forgive by paying for the petrol since his vehicle would need to consume it anyway. Alternatively, he could have paid for a partial amount instead of making the elderly pump attendant bear the full $125. Unfortunately, this was not so.

I have done some online research and noticed that the remuneration of a pump attendant averages about $1600/mth in Singapore. $125 means a significant 8% of his meagre salary. Would Caltex consider waiving this amount or allowing the pump attendant to pay at cost?

Also, assuming it was entirely the pump attendant’s oversight, under such circumstances, perhaps the Cashier could have proposed to the customer to pay for a partial amount instead of allowing the elderly pump attendant bear full monetary responsibility?

Alternatively, for proof of evidence, perhaps Caltex can install CCTVs equipped with audio recording of drivers’ instructions to the pump attendants at each pump? What are Caltex’s existing guidelines and policies to handle such situation? I am concerned that if no effective standard operating systems are defined, such practices of having pump attendants to bear the price discrepancies can lead to abuse. Imagine if one uses this approach on each petrol station in Singapore every few days, it is tantamount to one walking away striking lottery frequently and the accumulated value will be very substantial!

If you need more information, please feel free to PM me. You may also get a full account of the story and verify it by asking the Cashier involved and the pump attendant (a dark skinned Chinese uncle whose name is 2 characters and has a Ba or Ka in his name.


14 January 2018


Man, 38, causes scene at Changi Village hawker centre; arrested for hurting two patrons with nail clipper

SINGAPORE – A 38-year-old man was arrested after he caused a ruckus for several hours at the Changi Village hawker centre on Saturday evening (Jan 13).

The man had also reportedly used the sharp edge of a nail clipper to injure two patrons, leaving droplets of blood splattered on the floor at the popular dinner spot.

The police said they were alerted to the case of voluntarily causing hurt by a dangerous weapon at around 7.40pm.

The attacker, who was believed to be drunk at the time, was arrested in relation to the case.

The police said that a 30-year-old man was conscious when taken to the Changi General Hospital.

The Straits Times understands that the other man had superficial injuries.

The pair were believed to be buying a meal with their family members at the hawker centre, when they became unhappy with the man’s unruly behaviour.
Witnesses told Chinese-language newspaper Shin Min Daily News the man was seen walking unsteadily and harassing other patrons, including shouting loudly at them.

Later, as they were about to leave, they had reportedly told him to stop causing trouble at the hawker centre, but a fight soon erupted among the three.

The attacker then took out a nail clipper, which he had with him, and lunged at the pair.

2 April 2016

So young a boy, already #ugly

‘Jurong West terrors’ caught on camera damaging Stomper’s car — by flinging rocks at it

Stomper Marcus was shocked to find his car scratched and damaged, with sand and rocks all over the bonnet, this morning (Apr 2).

The vehicle, which had been parked at Block 409, Jurong West Street 42, had its signal light on the left side ripped off too.

Footage recorded on his in-car camera show two young boys running around and flinging rocks at his car.

Thuds of the rocks repeating hitting Marcus’ car can also be heard in the video.

Referring to the incident as “The Jurong West Terror”, Marcus said:

“This morning, I went to my car which was parked at Block 409 (facing the canal), Jurong West Street 42, and had a shock.

“My car had rocks and sand all over the bonnet. The side door windows and front windscreen had scratches. Even my left hand signal light got ripped off.

“Luckily, I have an onboard camera installed. The car beside mine was affected too.”

26 March 2016

Man brazenly takes a dump in plain sight at Serangoon North Ave 4

Click on link for the video:

3 January 2016

The brute gets one year in jail.

Man, 31, punched and kicked 15-year-old teen who was apologising for chalet dispute

Posted on 3 January 2016


The Straits Times
Jan 1, 2016

Harvinder Singh Dhillon Balbir Singh, now 31, was jailed for a year on Wednesday after pleading guilty to one charge of causing grievous hurt and one of criminal trespass. He also admitted to two counts of causing hurt, which were taken into consideration in sentencing.

A district court heard that on Aug 30, 2014, Harvinder was at a chalet at Goldkist Beach Resort in East Coast Parkway, while the boy was at another chalet celebrating his cousin’s 21st birthday with family and friends. The boy and his cousin cannot be named to protect the minor’s identity.

At about 3am the next day, a guest at the boy’s party got into a dispute with three of Harvinder’s friends outside the boy’s chalet.

The 27-year-old guest was punched by two of Harvinder’s friends – Mahesh Vejayan, 30, and Muhammad Azmi Abdullah, 26 – and returned a punch.

The boy and his elder sister, now 23, went over to apologise to Harvinder and his friends, and to mediate. But while the boy was talking, Harvinder rushed at him with several unknown men. Harvinder punched the boy on the nose, causing him to fall. Some of the unknown men kicked him several times as he lay on the floor.

The boy and his sister returned to their chalet and shut the door, but did not lock it. The group of men followed them and barged in.

They found the boy sitting on the floor. Harvinder kicked him in the face. Some of the men also kicked the boy.

Harvinder also tried to hit the boy with a broomstick, but a 25-year-old female friend shielded him, so he hit her instead in the ribs.

29 December 2015


Security guard bitten on arm in scuffle at clan meeting
Embedded image permalink

It began with a walkout and ended with a scuffle where a female security guard was bitten on the arm.

The quarrel was over voting rights at the Hainan Tan Clan Association’s annual general meeting yesterday.

Witnesses said the woman who allegedly bit the security guard had used her body to block the entrance to the Clan’s hall in an attempt to stop members from casting their votes for the clan’s executive committee.

When security officers asked her to leave, she allegedly turned aggressive and put up a fight.

The middle-aged woman then bit the security officer who tried to escort her out of the hall, witnesses said.

The incident happened at the clan’s headquarters in Seah Street.


The security officer told Shin Min: “She bit my left arm and refused to let go. All I could do was bear the pain and try to make her leave.

“She released my arm only when we left the hall. The wound was swollen and red.”

– See more at:


10 December 2015

Alan Ang didn’t want to pay the $1.50 for parking, so he slapped Ms Gan Lu, the woman parking attendant, and pushed her to the ground.

The court fined him $5,000 for hurting the woman and for not having a valid licence for dealing in used goods.

Man fined for slapping parking attendant over $1.50

Embedded image permalink


Unhappy that he was asked to pay $1.50 for parking for half an hour, he slapped the woman parking attendant.

He also pushed her to the ground, leaving her with abrasions to her hands and right knee.

Yesterday, mobile phone shop owner Alan Ang, 35, was fined $5,000 for voluntarily causing hurt to Ms Gan Lu and also for dealing with second-hand mobile phones at his shop without a valid licence.

Last December, police officers found second-hand mobile phones being bought and sold without a valid licence at Ang’s Commonwealth Drive shop. Ang told the authorities that he did not monitor how the shop was run and left it to his employees.

For voluntarily causing hurt, he could have been jailed up to two years and/or fined up to $5,000.

For dealing with second-hand goods without a valid licence, he could have been jailed up to a year and/or fined up to $10,000.

– See more at:

8 December 2015


If if happens to you, call the police. I’m sure the ‘Malaysian durian seller’ has no work permit…

$150 for 5 durians? Beware of Malaysian door-to-door durian sellers

Embedded image permalink

Lately, there has been talk on scammers going from door-to-door at HDB blocks to sell ‘top-grade’ durians at exorbitant prices.

Stomper Haziq was one of those residents who had such an encounter.

Yesterday (Dec 7), the Stomper was in his HDB home at Choa Chu Kang district, near Choa Chu Kang stadium.

A man claiming to be a durian seller from Malaysia appeared at his doorstep. He started to promote his ‘delicious and top grade durians’.

When the Stomper finally  agreed to take a look at the durians, the man went to somewhere else to cut up the durians, and returned with five for the Stomper to taste.

It was then when the seller revealed that the durians are priced at $150 for five.

Shocked, the Stomper immediately refused the deal and rejected the seller’s offer.

However, according to the Stomper, the seller kept on persuading and begging him to buy the durians.

It was said that the seller even tried to get the Stomper’s dad involved in the persuasion.

Eventually, the seller offered three durians at the price of $88.

Not wanting any more trouble, the Stomper reluctantly agreed.

3 December 2015

SMRT suspends bus captain caught making rude gesture

The public transport operator has apologised and said it is investigating the incident.

Embedded image permalink

SINGAPORE: Public transport operator SMRT has suspended one of its bus captains after he was photographed making a rude gesture.

The photo, which showed the bus driver raising his right hand to make an offensive gesture, was posted on social media by Facebook user Alan Yap on Wednesday (Dec 2). It has since been shared more than 4,000 times.

On Thursday, SMRT apologised over the incident and said the bus captain has been taken off duty while investigations are ongoing.

“SMRT takes a very serious view about such bad behaviour. This incident is certainly not representative of all the bus captains who proudly serve with SMRT,” the transport operator said.

Can anybody help me to let him famous🤓
SMRT 2016 Bus Captain🚦🚌🚌🚌

Alan Yap's photo.

29 November 2015


Man helps boy pee into plastic bag — in full view of diners at crowded VivoCity foodcourt

Embedded image permalink

A video circulating online shows a man helping a boy pee into a plastic bag at a crowded foodcourt in VivoCity.

The video, uploaded by Cool Singapore Bureau, first shows the boy peeing into a clear plastic bag.

After he was done, the man then pulled up the boy’s pants while holding on to the bag filled with the yellowish pee.

An elderly man can also be seen stroking the boy on his back.

The boy then returned to his seat thereafter.

28 November 2015


How disgusting! Man takes a dump in the open — next to coffeshop toilet near Tiong Bahru MRT station

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A passer-by was disgusted to see a man taking a dump out in the open near Tiong Bahru MRT station recently.

The passer-by uploaded a photo of the incident on Cool Singapore Bureau.

“There is a coffeshop toilet beside where he is,” added the passer-by.

5 November 2015

I think that the police will soon ask him to report at the police station nearby.

ComfortDelGro driving student barred from lessons after punching incident

ComfortDelGro driving student barred from lessons after punching incident

Embedded image permalink
November 5, 2015

SINGAPORE — A student has been barred from driving lessons at ComfortDelGro, after he was caught on video purportedly hitting an instructor, said the centre today (Nov 5).

In response to media queries, ComfortDelGro’s Group Corporate Communications Officer Tammy Tan said the incident happened on Monday (Nov 2).

“A learner punched one of our driving instructors in what was an unprovoked attack. Our driving instructor suffered a cut on his lip and was conveyed to the hospital,” she said, adding that he is currently on medical leave.

Ms Tan also said that a police report has been made. CHANNEL NEWSASIA

Guy punches instructor at Driving centre — while others hold him back

No reason is given for the incident.

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3 November 2015

INDIAN FROM INDIA? When in Singapore, please don’t act as if you were back in your homeland…

Woman films and stands up to man after he harasses and allegedly chokes female victim at Orchard Towers

Posted on 3 November 2015

Woman films and stands up to man after he harasses and allegedly chokes female victim at Orchard Towers


According to Zyra Lim, who posted the video, the incident took place when she was queuing at the taxi stand.

The Facebook post dated Nov 1, said:

“Before I took this video, the guy wearing the green shirt choked the girl sitting in front of him.

“As we queued at the taxi stand, the other passengers and I tried to stop these guys from bullying the girl.

“I threatened to send the video to the authorities.

“These guys would have been more abusive if I did not take the video.

“I am not trying to interfere but please do not abuse anyone physically, especially in a public place.”

21 October 2015

It was certainly a case of “Let a sleeping man sleep”.

Two elderly women attacked after bench spat

Two elderly women punched, shoved – just for waking up man sleeping on Hougang park bench

Embedded image permalink

The conflict started over the use of a bench at a neighbourhood park.

But it quickly escalated into a vulgarity-laden quarrel, in which one elderly woman was punched and another shoved to the ground, causing her head to be injured, reported Chinese daily Lianhe Wanbao yesterday.

Madam Lim Jin Lian, 83, and her friend, Madam Tan Ya Mei, 73, were attacked by a man in his 40s on Monday morning.

The women were part of an exercise group that meets every morning at a pavilion near Block 617, Hougang Avenue 8.

The attacker, who was described as muscular and tattooed, was sleeping on a bench near the group’s exercise spot.

The fight started when Madam Lim tried to wake him up.

She told Lianhe Wanbao: “He started spouting vulgarities at me, so I asked if anyone had a mobile phone so that I could call the police.

“Before I knew it, I was punched in the face and felt dizzy.

“And by the time I regained my senses, my friend was on the floor, with blood all over her head.”

Madam Tan was shoved when the attacker wanted to hit Madam Lim again and she tried to intervene.

Madam Tan told Wanbao: “I wanted to pull Madam Lim away from the attacker and I didn’t think that the man would actually push me.”

– See more at:

16 October 2015


Woman lets kid pee on the floor at ION Orchard food court — then covers puddle with tissue

Embedded image permalink

Stomper Ng saw a woman who removed her child’s pants and then let him pee on the floor in the food court at ION Orchard on Oct 13.

The woman then simply put a tissue over the puddle afterwards.

THEY CALL THIS BULLYING. They haven’t seen real bullying yet until they come to Malaysian schools…

UPDATE: Adjunct teacher had been present during bully incident at Shuqun Secondary

Embedded image permalink

Students in Shuqun Secondary bullying video now undergoing counselling

Embedded image permalink
Published: 8:05 PM, September 21, 2015
Updated: 12:02 AM, September 22, 2015

SINGAPORE — The students involved in a bullying case at Shuqun Secondary School — which took place in the presence of an adjunct teacher — are currently undergoing counselling, following investigations into the incident by the school.

The less-than-a-minute-long video clip, which was shared widely on social media today (Sept 21), showed a male student hitting the head and face of a smaller-sized classmate seated at his desk, as background music played on.

The bigger student then took a book and hit the same boy repeatedly on the head with it, and did the same thing to another male student seated nearby. Both boys did not retaliate. Amid all this, another student was seen jumping on the teacher’s table.

In response to media queries, Shuqun Secondary principal Chia Hai Siang said of the incident, which happened on Friday (Sept 18): “The school has investigated, and is counselling the students involved … What might first begin as playfulness could potentially end up hurting others. The student involved has been counselled and he deeply regrets his actions.”

He added that the subject teacher was on childcare leave, and the school has spoken to the adjunct teacher who was present during the incident. He did not explain why the teacher did not intervene. Mr Chia said the school will continue to work with the students involved to ensure appropriate behaviour in future, and their parents have been informed of the actions taken by the school.


Able-bodied foreigners are flying in to sell tissue paper in public areas, upsetting elderly or disabled Singaporeans who are earning a living this way.

In the first six months of the year, the NEA rounded up 145 illegal hawkers selling tissue paper, mobile phone accessories, clothes and other goods. About half were foreigners, an NEA spokesman told The Sunday Times.

Upset over foreign tissue paper sellers

Embedded image permalink
Theresa Tan
Sunday, Sep 13, 2015

Able-bodied foreigners are flying in to sell tissue paper in public areas, upsetting elderly or disabled Singaporeans who are earning a living this way.

Women in their 50s and 60s from China, Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar have been seen selling packets of tissue paper at hawker centres, coffee shops and other places. They come as tourists, stay as long as their visas allow, and sell three packets of tissue for $1 – the same as the local sellers.

Hawkers and local tissue paper sellers said they first noticed the foreigners about a year ago.

Mr Ahmad Rafi, 65, who lost both legs to diabetes and uses a wheelchair, has been selling tissue paper at the Geylang Serai and Haig Road food centres. He said he sees at least four or five Vietnamese selling tissue paper daily at both places and his sales are badly affected.

Tissue paper seller Goh Say Lian, 65, who is blind in one eye and is a dialysis patient, said he sees a few Chinese nationals selling tissue paper in the Jurong East and Clementi areas. “They are able-bodied and can walk, yet they come here to sell tissue paper and snatch business from us,” he said.

It is illegal to sell tissue paper, food and other products on the streets without a licence from the National Environment Agency (NEA).

According to its website, 11 of the 362 licensed street hawkers say they sell tissue paper. The licence allows them to sell only at fixed locations.

– See more at:

Young man violently assaults uncle at Ang Mo Kio — in the middle of moving traffic

Posted on 25 August 2015

Young man violently assaults uncle at Ang Mo Kio — in the middle of moving traffic

Embedded image permalink

The video first shows the men arguing outside an orange-coloured car.

The young man then shoved the old man multiple times before the duo continued to shout at each other.

The traffic lights turned green during the scuffle and vehicles started moving forward.

Instead of leaving the scene, the younger man started violently shoving the old man. Parts of video also show the old man getting hit on his head.

The old man went back to confront the young driver after the first wave of punches and shoves, and was assaulted once again.


Woman blasted online for taking up Reserved Seat — while auntie stands and girl sits on floor

Embedded image permalink

30 July 2015

A woman has been slammed after this photo of her sitting on a Reserved Seat on the MRT spread like wildfire online.

The picture shows her using her phone while sitting on a Reserved Seat, seemingly oblivious to the older woman standing next to her and the little girl sitting on the floor nearby.

It is unclear when and where exactly the incident took place.

Singapore: A nation of  many thieves?

Singapore seems to rank higher than Malaysia in almost everything.

It’s the same with stealing from hotels. They rank higher than Malaysia.

S’porean travellers are second most likely nationality to steal items from hotel rooms: Study

Embedded image permalink

From towels to cutlery: S’poreans have been ranked among the most likely to steal from hotels

Embedded image permalink
Published: 9:57 PM, June 3, 2015

SINGAPORE — Travellers from Singapore have “sticky fingers”, according to a survey by travel bookings website on guests pilfering items from hotel rooms.

The survey asked some 4,700 participants from 28 countries what they have taken from hotel rooms and never returned, with the exclusion of toiletries, because “everyone takes those”, said

71 per cent of Singaporean respondents said they have taken items from their rooms, putting Singapore in second place on a list of nationalities most likely to steal from hotels. In first place was Argentina, with 73 per cent.

Two ugly Singaporeans.

Wait for 30 seconds for video to come on:

Neighbor dispute in Seng Kang HDB escalates into all out street fighting between 2 men. Looks like the uncle in white has the upper hand though.

Men throw punches and kicks as neighbourly dispute at Sengkang turns into all-out brawl

Embedded image permalink


SIMEI GREEN ROW: Second sister in viral video, Tang Bei, charged with hurting condo manager

Embedded image permalink

SINGAPORE: Permanent Resident Tang Bei, 47, was charged in court on Thursday (May 28) for voluntarily causing hurt to Mr Colvin Quek Choon Kiat on Apr 28.

A second charge of using criminal force against Quek is being taken into consideration.

In a video posted on YouTube, Tang Bei and her sister Tang Lei, both China nationals, were seen spitting and splashing green tea on Mr Quek before hitting him over an access card issue at the management office of Simei Green condominium.

The prosecution, led by ASP Daryl Poon, accused Tang Bei of hitting Quek on his face and arms with her hands, causing bruises and abrasions over Quek’s right forehead.

Her sister, Tang Lei, was previously charged on May 15 with similar charges of voluntarily causing hurt and using criminal force against a person. The case has been adjourned for a pre-trial conference on Jun 3.


Woman, 47, charged with assaulting Simei Green condominium manager

A woman was charged in court on Friday (May 15) with assaulting a condominium manager, spitting at him and splashing liquid from a can at him.

Tang Lei, 47, also allegedly hit Mr Colvin Quek Choon Kiat’s face and arms, causing bruises and abrasions, reported The Straits Times.

The incident took place at the Simei Green condominium management office at about 11.40am on April 28.

Tang, a Chinese national, was with her sister when it happened. Her sister has not been charged.

– See more at:

THE SAME TWO UGLY CHINAWOMEN! Part 3: How it started.

Wait 30 seconds for the video to load:

Women who spat at man in heated argument: Part 3 shows how it all started

Finally, the explanation on what caused the unhappy incident. Seems like the 2 PRC women were trying to demand for extra access cards to Simei Green Condo without their owner’s permission!

THE SAME TWO UGLY CHINAWOMEN! Part 2: It got uglier.

Wait 30 seconds for the video to load:

Women who spat at man in heated argument: New video shows them yelling at cop and more:

05 May 2015

Police were sent to the scene of a heated argument involving two women and another man, only for the dispute to become even more chaotic.

Earlier, the women had hurled vulgarities, hit and spat at the man. The incident was captured on video and posted on All Singapore Stuff‘s Facebook page.

Now, a second video has emerged and reveals what happened after police arrived at the scene.


Wait 30 seconds for the video to come on:

2 PRC women were caught spitting, verbally abusing, and physically assaulting a Singaporean man, then act as if the Singaporean was the one who started the fight! Even a security guard who intervened could not handle these two violent women! #PRCs #Again #WhyLiddat

Update: Netizens expose the identities of these PRC thugs


No cat and dogs mating allowed?

Bishan S11


Men exchange blows and heated words in Yishun — after one accuses the other of stealing phone

1 May 2015

Two men were seen arguing as well as punching and kicking each other at Yishun Ring Road on Thursday (Apr 28).

Stomper Geng, who filmed a video of the incident, said the dispute started on a bus when the younger man accused the older guy of stealing his phone.


Husband of roach-loving hoarder in Eunos Crescent flat: ‘I don’t like living like this’

Marine Parade Town Council and HDB said on Tuesday that they would work with the residents to “ensure that the flat is properly maintained”.

Family had failed repeatedly to clear pest-infested flat

Mr Lim Chin Ting, 74, with a bag of cockroach remains and rubbish from his Eunos Crescent flat. His wife, Madam Soh Siew Zhen, has a compulsive hoarding habit, leading to a cluttered flat overrun by cockroaches and flies. — ST PHOTO: KEVIN LIM
Published on May 1, 2015 5:58 AM

THE family of an elderly couple living in a cockroach-infested flat said they have tried repeatedly to solve the problem, but to no avail.

Drink-stall assistant Lim Chin Ting, 74, and his wife, Madam Soh Siew Zhen, 66, have lived in their three-room Housing Board unit in Eunos Crescent since 1977.

Over the years, Madam Soh’s compulsive hoarding habit has led to a cluttered flat overrun by cockroaches and flies.

The pests have even spilt over to their next-door neighbour’s flat.

“We’ve basically given up,” said the couple’s youngest child, who wanted to be known only as Mr Lim.

“We tried very hard to clear the stuff. But whenever there was empty space, things just stacked up,” said the 31-year-old IT business owner, who moved out of the flat 15 years ago.

His two older siblings also live elsewhere.

The younger Mr Lim added: “She will listen if you speak calmly to her. But once we start moving her things, she will get very worked up.

“We cannot stop her.”

– See more at:

Hey Big Smoker, smoke your cigarette in H***…

Man blatantly smokes in non-smoking area of coffeeshop –but that’s not the worst part

29 April 2015

Stomper Rayson saw a man smoking in the non-smoking area of a coffeeshop at Block 892C Woodlands Drive yesterday (Apr 28) at around 8pm.

What made the man’s actions especially wrong was the fact that he had already been warned by the coffeeshop’s manager.

Not only did the man not stop smoking, he even told the manager to report him to the National Environment Agency (NEA).


Inconsiderate neighbour at blk 19 eunos crescent #06-2937.. Look at what my family have to put up with!!!! Bloody cockcroaches!!!

Eunos Crescent cockroach incident: Man in flat lives in filth due to hoarder wife

Every night, he sleeps on a sofa surrounded by mountains of newspapers, bags of leftover food and piles of plastic bottles.

Cockroaches dart all over the floor at his feet and other insects fly around his face.

Mr Lim Chin Ting, 74, has to do this because his wife, Madam Soh Siew Jing, 66, has been a hoarder for the past 20 years.

It has affected their relationship to the extent they have hardly spoken to each other in those 20 years.

He said on Tuesday: “Talking to her means getting scolded, so I don’t bother her and she doesn’t bother me.”

– See more at:

This family in Eunos Crescent finally had enough of the roaches from their neighbour’s flat.

Apr 27, 2015

Click on any link for the video:

“UNRULY BEHAVIOUR”: investigating video of personnel trashing dormitory

27 Apr 2015

SINGAPORE: The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) on Monday (Apr 27) said it is investigating a video clip, making the rounds on social media, which appears to show its men behaving badly.

“There is a short video clip being circulated online this evening which depicted unruly behaviour by a few SCDF personnel in a dormitory,” SCDF said in a statement posted on Facebook.

The expletive-laden video uploaded by a Facebook user Han Din shows men in SCDF uniform standing in a wrecked dormitory. “It’s the last day man. Look at the dorm. It’s a ruckus!” a man off camera declares.

At one point, one man blows smoke at the camera, and shortly after, another picks up an ironing board and flings it at a pile of furniture in the corner, to laughter from the person filming.

Children’s home teacher, social service assistant charged with child abuse

SINGAPORE: Two staff members of the Pertapis Children’s Home were charged on Thursday morning (April 23) for mistreating children at the home.

The court heard that Muhammad Abdul Gani, 26, had ill-treated eight victims aged four to eleven – who cannot be named due to gag orders – between 2012 and January last year.

On 10 occasions, Muhammad, a Singaporean, had endangered the children’s safety by grabbing the lower part of their heads and pushing his hand into their mouths, among other acts. In one instance, he kicked a chair that a girl was standing on, causing her to fall off.

He was working as a welfare officer and religious teacher at the time of the alleged offences.

His co-accused Dadiz Joanne Joy Coloma, a 29-year-old Filipino, was charged for one count of ill-treating a child at the home. The court heard that some time in December 2013, Coloma, who was employed as a social service assistant, sat on the back of an 11-year-old girl for three minutes as the girl was lying face down on the floor.

Both Muhammad and Coloma are still employed at the home and assigned to roles not involving children. The district judge ordered that they should not be in contact with the victims in the meantime, while court proceedings are ongoing.

Cabby urinates into plastic bag near taxi stand — and what he does next is worse

11 April 2015

The visuals sent in by the Stomper shows the cabby urinating in the plastic bag outside his taxi near a taxi stand.

He nonchalantly threw the bag into a bush after that instead of disposing it at a bin or toilet.

After the cabby got back into the vehicle, he then tossed a piece of tissue paper into the same bush.

From China to Singapore to America…

Scholarship holder charged with poisoning classmates

zfOuyang Xiangyu, 27, is currently out on bail. She is expected to plead not guilty due to insanity.

The former Temasek Junior College student, who was originally from China, was expected to complete her PhD studies by 2018 and return to Singapore to complete her five-year bond…

SINGAPORE: A scholarship holder, who was doing cancer research at one of America’s top universities, has been accused of trying to poison her laboratory mates using a toxic chemical.

Singaporean Ouyang Xiangyu, 27, now faces a trial in California after being charged with four counts of poisoning the drinking water of classmates at her graduate studies lab in Stanford University last year.

Currently out on US$50,000 (RM184,730) bail but not allowed to leave the country, she is expected to plead not guilty due to insanity.

A*Star scholar kicked out of Stanford Uni & charged with poisoning friends’ water.

An A*Star scholar has been arrested and charged in California after she allegedly poisoned herself and her classmates.

Miss Xiangyu Ouyang, 26, a graduate student at Stanford’s School of Medicine, had put paraformaldehyde (PFA) in her drinking water as well as into her classmates’ water bottles.

PFA, a commonly used substance in biology, is lethal if ingested in sizeable amounts.

She has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity and is no longer a student at Stanford.

The second-year Singaporean student was described as a quiet girl with no friends and had once asked a classmate what it was like to have a boyfriend.

She had graduated from Imperial College London with a degree in biochemistry,

It was revealed in court papers that she had been suffering from severe insomnia, dizziness, depression and a disconnection from reality.

Her parents are believed to be researchers.

– See more at:

Straits Times

A*Star researcher ‘nice and quiet but appeared to be under stress’

Published on Apr 2, 2015 7:58AM

Ouyang Xiangyu was described by her Stanford University colleagues as a nice, quiet and shy girl. She was not very confident when it came to her work and appeared to be under some stress, they also told police.

But they never suspected the 27-year-old bespectacled Singaporean was allegedly behind a series of mysterious occurrences at the Nusse Lab, from sabotage to the presence of paraformaldehyde (PFA) in her lab mates’ water.

In September, when graduate student Xing Liujing drank from her water bottle, she felt an immediate burning sensation in her throat and mouth. She also noticed that the water in her bottle smelt like PFA, a chemical the lab researchers were familiar with.

From then on, Ms Xing began smelling the water in her bottle each time before drinking. She would later tell police that she detected the smell about four times a week over two to three months.

Another researcher, Ms Zhao Ludan, also had similar experiences – with the first happening in October. In early November, she forgot to smell her water. Taking a big swig, she felt a burning sensation in her throat, her eyes became irritated, and she began to salivate uncontrollably.

She threw away her bottle and was heard shouting: “I think someone is trying to kill me!”

When this latest incident came to the campus’ attention, Ouyang was already the prime suspect in the sabotage case.

The university decided to act and had her placed under involuntary psychiatric hold. During this time, she allegedly called the university’s dean to admit that she did some bad things and begged not to be kicked out.

On Nov 16, Ouyang was released from hospital into the care of her mother, who had flown there from Singapore. They went to pack her belongings from her campus residence, having been told to stay away from the campus by the university. Two police officers were waiting for her.

She agreed to speak to them about the incidents, and hardly needed prompting, according to officer Mike Kim, one of those who interviewed her.

She told police: “I am truly sorry for what had happened, but I really did not mean to harm people. It was me crying out for help and I didn’t know.”

– See more at:

Both NUH and Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH) say the number of abusive patients are rising.

Patient with Hepatitis B throws infected needle at doctor

Tuesday, Mar 24, 2015
The New Paper
By Judith Tan and Elena Chong

The woman infected with hepatitis B lost her temper at the doctor.

What she did next underscores the rising incidences of abuse which patients heap on doctors and nurses here.

She pulled out the needle that had been inserted into her arm and threw it at the doctor.

“It was fortunate that the needle did not pierce the doctor, as this could have resulted in her contracting hepatitis B,” said Dr Jason Phua of the respiratory and critical care medicine division at the National University Hospital (NUH).

– See more at:

SOMETIMES, WHEN YOU’RE RIGHT, YOU STILL GET IN TROUBLE. That’s what a doctor found out. She wrote that the patient was prone to tantrums. She was proven right: he came to show her what a tantrum was. He splashed hot milk over her!

Man fined for throwing hot milk at doctor after she wrote that he was prone to tantrums

A homeless man who splashed a jug of hot milk at a doctor after she wrote that he was prone to tantrums was fined the maximum $1,500 yesterday.

When Parvathy Babu Surendra Babu refused to delete the comment, 63-year-old Abdul Aziz Selamat told her that he would “show what a tantrum was”, before grabbing the jug from a nearby pantry at Thye Hwa Kwan Hospital.

The 31-year-old doctor suffered from redness on her face and chest after the attack.

Dr Parvathy stated in her summary form that Aziz threw tantrums almost daily and often created trouble for hospital staff.

The court heard that Aziz had been afraid that the adverse comments would affect his applications for a Housing Board flat and financial assistance.

– See more at:


I wouldn’t blame the firm. It’s the people it hires.

Sent an angry email about the delivery services and I got this as a reply. From customer service, no less:


I want to politely remind you a couple of things. Firstly, Ecoparcel provides economy class shipping services, and that is why you pay so little for it. Secondly, we cannot provide a specific time when the courier will come because we let them manage their own shifts, and, once again, you pay very little for their services. Thirdly, we cannot guarantee that the courier will call you because they might not have time. Lastly, you can be sure that a courier will never wait for you to drive from your work to your home just to get a parcel from you. Thus, if you cannot stay at home for the day of the pick up, do not choose our services, and most certainly try to refrain from sending angry messages to us. Have a good day!”

I am going to have a field day with this person.

Now, the reply in easier-to-read format (with paragraphs):

“I want to politely remind you a couple of things.

Firstly, Ecoparcel provides economy class shipping services, and that is why you pay so little for it.

Secondly, we cannot provide a specific time when the courier will come because we let them manage their own shifts, and, once again, you pay very little for their services.

Thirdly, we cannot guarantee that the courier will call you because they might not have time.

Lastly, you can be sure that a courier will never wait for you to drive from your work to your home just to get a parcel from you.

Thus, if you cannot stay at home for the day of the pick up, do not choose our services, and most certainly try to refrain from sending angry messages to us. Have a good day!”


Aiyoh, why like this? Aunty gets intimate with uncle on bus and puts her hand inside his pants

12 February 2015

Stomper Sky was shocked to see a couple in their fifties behaving intimately on the bus.

The Stomper said that she was on her way home when she saw the couple acting inappropriately on the bus.

The woman even put her hand down the back of the man’s pants.

According to the Stomper, the couple was also hugging and kissing on the bus.


To my local Indian friends who feel offended about my posting on the SMRT bus 857, I extend my sincere apologies.

I was actually surprised to see the entire bus full of one nationality. This was the first time that I encountered this situation.

I intended my post to be a humor but it was badly taken by some quarters. Sorry, if it was in bad taste. I do not mean any disrespect to that nationality.

My apology is extended to “local Indian friends who feel offended”. It is not extended to IB dogs, racists, rude people and foreigners (who think they now own Singapore).

Tan Kin Lian apologises for Facebook posting — saying that it’s meant to be humourous

Embedded image permalink

is in the spotlight again over an allegedly racist Facebook post.

Embedded image permalink

Tan Kin Lian is a Singaporean businessman and social activist, and former Chief Executive Officer of NTUC Income.


He posted the above photo. Got called out for it. Removes post. Now posts rant about it.

Embedded image permalink


Tan Kin Lian’s Alleged Racist Caption On Facebook Leaves S’poreans Relieved


This screenshot has been circulating the Internet since last night. This caption was written by ex-presidential elect Tan Kin Lian on his Facebook page, and was immediately shared by concerned Singaporeans angered by the innappropriate comment.

Facebook user Edward Choy commented with: “So casual, the racism”, while another Facebook user Anita Fam commented that the picture was “Just as scary as the 101 folks who liked his post”.

Others breathed a sigh of relief that the ex-presidential elect didn’t get voted in, fearing that Singapore would be led by someone who made comments like that in such a frivolous manner.

The Facebook post has since been removed from his Facebook page. However, since his Twitter page is linked directly to his Facebook feed, the evidence still remains there.

He has updated his Facebook page with a post about the “Internet Brigade dogs”, possibly in response to the backlash created by angry commenters.

This is GROSS!

Auntie hides behind slide and lifts up her dress to pee right in the middle of playground

A woman was spotted peeing at a children’s playground in Hougang at around 4pm yesterday (Jan 7).

From the video, it is apparent that the woman was hiding behind a slide to pee, suggesting that she was aware that what she was doing was wrong.

She lifts up her skirt and pulls it back down as soon as she was done relieving herself.

The PARENTS, not the boy..

Hey, BoyBoy, where are your parents?

Boy celebrates the new year with a splash — by swimming in the nude in MBS fountain

Boy seen Swimming and Dancing Naked in the Marina Bay Sands Fountain

To celebrate the new year, one person decided to go skinny dipping in the Marina Bay Sands Fountain amidst the crowded new year count down crowd.

Just after midnight, the person was seen swimming and dancing naked in the fountain surrounded by thousands of new year celebrators shortly after the count down.

Many of the passers-by laughed while the boy was swimming before two police officers also later got into the fountain in order to catch him.

At first, the boy did not go to the officers and they had to chase him a little bit around the fountain.

The officers were able to surround him and bring him out of the fountain.


China News: young naked and jumped into the Golden fountain swim!
The incident at about 10 o’clock in the evening on Wednesday, took place in Singapore, Marina Bay sands, fountains. Netizens uploaded to Facebook’s video display, naked in front of the boy enjoy paddling, led watch, later rounded up by law enforcement personnel away.

The Ugly Singaporeans: TNP reporters who mock flood victims.

M’sian floods: Signs that life’s returning to normal – soiled bras going for RM$1 (S$0.40)

As flood waters continue to subside after the worst floods to hit Malaysia in 30 years, there are signs that life in Kota Baru, Kelantan, one of the most ravaged areas, is returning to normal.

When The New Paper team visited the state capital on New Year’s Day, shopkeepers were trying to make the best of their situation.

We saw them pile their mud-covered goods out on the five-foot-way and sell them at a discount.

Among the items on offer were soiled bras going for just RM1 (S$0.40).


In Malaysia? No problem!

Driver of SJN8415S caught on camera dumping diaper filled with his infant’s shit onto the road…

Horrible driver in queue at Johor Bahru Checkpoint dumps soiled diaper — on the road

While in queue at Johor Bahru Checkpoint into Singapore yesterday (Dec 28) at about 7.27pm, a driver dumped a pair of soiled diapers – on the road.

Stomper TheGuardian was disgusted by this ugly behaviour.

“He opened the car door and conveniently dumped the soiled diaper on the road, on his way back to Singapore while waiting in queue at JB checkpoint.

“Does he think that this is his grandfather’s road, with this kind of uncivilised behaviour?”


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