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Did Ernest Zacharevic paint a Portrait of Chin Peng, Communist Bogey man? LMAO.

— Chin Peng Resurrected? THE MAN, 80, WHO WAS THE MODEL FOR THE PORTRAIT, CAME TO IPOH. 星洲日報大霹靂 “老人喝咖啡“的主角现身啦!你看像他吗?明天的《星洲日报》为你揭晓! — 7:50PM Dec 27, 2014 Malaysiakini Ipoh coffee uncle found, and he’s not Chin Peng The mural of an elderly man … Continue reading

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2014 Christmas Terrorist Attacks in Malaysia: Police say it’s just a rumour but..

— Christmas 2015 and New Year 2016 Celebrations: Police are ready — 23 December 2015 Perkasa repeats year-old church burning police report Shakira Buang malaysiakini.com ‏@malaysiakini  … … Puzzled by the lack of arrest and apparent police inaction over the matter, … Continue reading

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