You can expect more bombs to go off in South Thailand! And shootings…


South Thailand: Muslim Insurgency

6,500+ people have been killed in unrest since 2004 in Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat bordering Malaysia.

27 December 2017


17h17 hours ago

【Bangkokpost > 最新】 Multiple attacks in far South overnight: NARATHIWAT: Several checkpoints in Narathiwat were attacked by gunmen, a microwave tower set on fire and roads blocked by felled trees and burning tyres on Monday night.



UPDATE: Five injured in series of attacks in Narathiwat



Five wounded in Narathiwat ambush.



Enam anggota keselamatan Thailand dan seorang orang awam cedera dalam serangan di Narathiwat pagi tadi, menyusuli siri kejadian letupan bom dan tembakan sejak malam semalam






Six Thai Rangers, civilian injured in Narathiwat ambush

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Six Thai rangers and a civilian woman were injured in separate shooting and bombing incidents in this conflict-stricken province early today.


The two incidents were among the numerous shooting and bomb attacks reported to have occurred in several locations in southern Thailand since last night.

– Bernama

17 October 2017

Thai border attack which killed M’sian unrelated to Tak Bai, army claims



The attack on a police checkpoint in Tak Bai two days ago which killed a Malaysian man happened almost two weeks before the anniversary of one of the bloodiest incidents in southern Thailand, which still arouses a sense of dissatisfaction among the local population.

The Tak Bai incident, which claimed the lives of 86 local men, occurred on Oct 25, 13 years ago, and despite more than a decade having passed, it still remains a highly controversial issue among people in the southern provinces.

While many alleged the Sunday night attack which claimed the life of Wan Mohd Zain Wan Hussin, 46, a cook from Kelantan, was part of a broader plan by a militant group to step up retaliatory attacks leading up to the anniversary, Thailand’s Fourth Army Region disputed this notion.

According to its commander Piyawat Nakwanich….the attack was not linked to the anniversary of the Tak Bai incident, but more likely was an attempt by militants to warn the authorities and local population of their undiminished ability to create violence.

“It could be staged by someone who wanted to show they can still muster the potential to create violence and sow fear in local people, scaring them (local population) from giving any cooperation to the authorities,” he told Bernama when contacted.

He said the four unidentified armed men on a pickup truck who sprayed bullets on the checkpoint could also just have wanted to target the security officers manning the facility. The security forces collected more than 50 spent bullet casings from the scene of the attack as part of their investigation.


16 October 2017


6h6 hours ago

Seorang Rakyat Malaysia mati kena peluru sesat dalam satu kejadian tembak rambang di Takbai.





Malaysian cook, two Thai nationals killed in insurgent attack at Takbai checkpoint


TUMPAT: A Malaysian man was among three people killed in a militant attack at a security checkpoint in Takbai, southern Thailand last night.

The victim was identified as Wan Mohd Zain Wan Hussin, 46, of Kampung Ketil here.

Wan Mohd Zain, a cook at a restaurant here, was hit by a bullet when gunmen opened fire at the police roadblock around 10pm.

The other two victims were said to be Thai nationals.

Several policemen were also injured in the attack that saw a bomb being detonated near a gas station. The explosion damaged a police vehicle parked nearby.

Bangkok Post reported that the attack was believed to be the work of a militant group active in the district.

It added that Thai authorities suspected the attack to be linked to the approaching 13th anniversary of the “Tak Bai incident” on Oct 25.

Wan Mohd Zain’s brother, Wan Pa said the family was shocked to hear the news last night.

“He crossed over to Takbai after the Maghrib prayer to meet a relative and was planning to return before midnight.

“However, we received the news of the incident at around 11pm,” said the 58-year-old man.

9 May 2017



Car bomb hits Thailand’s troubled south, injures 51

PATTANI, Thailand: More than 50 people including children were injured on Tuesday (May 9) when a car bomb exploded outside a supermarket in Thailand’s insurgency-plagued south, police said, the largest attack for months on a civilian target there.

The Muslim-majority border region has seethed with violence for over a decade as ethnic Malay insurgents battle the Buddhist-majority state for more autonomy.

The latest attack hit the town of Pattani around 2.00pm with two bombs going off outside the Big C, a busy supermarket near the town centre.

The first device was packed inside a motorcycle in the car park, officers said, spreading panic among shoppers.

“The second blast was a car bomb,” Pattani police commander Major General Thanongsak Wangsupa told AFP.


Terror Events Retweeted Terror Events

– 1 explosion reportedly took place inside the shopping mall and 1 on the parking lot. At least 10 injured.

Terror Events added,




7h7 hours ago

Explosions rock Thai shopping mall, 58 injured

Thai police suspect Muslim insurgents are responsible for two explosions in front of a shopping centre in Thailand”s Muslim-dominated southern province of Pattani that injured at least 58 people today.

At least three children were among the 58 injured who were sent to hospital, a Pattani hospital spokesperson told dpa.

Two of those injured remain in critical condition and suffer internal organ damage, the hospital said.

The first smaller explosion was followed by a “huge” car bomb that injured many people, Preecha Prachumthai of Pattani’s police told dpa.

The incident occurred at the car park of a shopping centre in Pattani, 1,000 kilometres south of Bangkok.

The province is one of three affected by a long-running Muslim separatist insurgency in the south.

No one has so far claimed responsibility for the bombing.

A security guard at the shopping centre told local TV station TNN24 that he saw two teenagers throw a giant firecracker at the car park entrance before driving a pickup truck through the entrance and parking it at the shopping centre door.

The two teens then fled the scene on motorcycles ridden by two other individuals, according to the security guard.

No suspects have been identified, Preecha said.

The car used in the attack was a stolen one, but the owner could not be found when the police attempted to trace the vehicle.

The shopping centre had been targeted in two previous bomb attacks in 2005 and 2012 and will remain closed for the duration of a police investigation, according to a company statement.

6 June 2016

Southern Thailand: Five hurt in Pattani insurgent shooting attack

PATTANI — Five people were injured after suspected insurgents sprayed bullets at a grocery store in Khok Pho district on Sunday. Khok Pho police were informed of the shooting….

PATTANI: Five people were seriously hurt in a random shooting in Kampung Mae-Kang, mukim Kuan Nori, Khokpo district, Pattani yesterday.
Assist police chief of Napradu, Khokpo, Lt Col Papan Chanklab said the incident occurred at about 2pm as 10 villagers were watching television in a grocery shop.
“Suddenly, four unidentified men arrived on two motorcycles and opened fire on the grocery shop, causing five people to be seriously hurt,” he told reporters today.

All five victims aged between 44 and 66 years were rushed to Khokpo Hospital before transferred to Pattani Province Hospital for further treatment.

Read More :

Five People Seriously Hurt In Random Shooting In Pattani (file pic)

Five hurt in Pattani insurgent shooting attack PATTANI — Five people were injured after s … Thailand News

21 April 2016

More bombs go off!

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