Kuching: From cats to sex to floods to great food!

Kuching Cat dresses up to welcome the Year of the Dog…

Iconic cat statue dons CNY costume


KUCHING: The white cat statue in Padungan here is now donning the traditional Chinese costume to ring in the Year of the Dog.

Launching the dress-up ceremony today was Minister of Local Government and Housing Datuk Dr Sim Kui Hian amid the drizzle.

Kuching South City Council (MBKS) mayor Datuk James Chan, who was also present, said he was pleased that the white cat statue was dressed up despite the unpromising weather.

“Despite the rain, we dressed up the cat. It looked impossible but nothing is impossible,” he said after the ceremony.

The event was sponsored by Lot 10 Boutique Hotel proprietor Wong Kuok Kai, who is widely known as KK Wong.

This marked the second year KK Wong funded the dressing cost, which was said to be around RM1,000.




8 May 2016

The city of Kuching, Sarawak from the air.

58m58 minutes ago

Post Sarawak polls breakfast. Sarawak Laksa at Garden Cafe at Batu Tiga, Kuching

will be at Kuching late May or early June


27 Feb 2016

Please Pray For Kuching, Sarawak

5m5 minutes ago

Noted info baru banjir di Kuching, Sarawak gaiz! Boh ingat nyawa kedirik, ingat nyawa orang lain juak oh!

Translated from Malay by

New info Noted flood in Kuching, Sarawak gaiz! Boh remember life kedirik, remember the life of someone else juak oh!

Sk Tabuan Jaya banjir. Be safe everyone.

10m10 minutes ago

Kuching Sarawak dah banjir teruk tapi tak dipedulikan oleh media malaysia.

By ADIB POVERA – 27 February 2016 @ 10:09 AM

KUCHING: Heavy rain since last night caused roads in the city, including the road near Padang Merdeka, to be submerged by flash floods this morning.

Checks by the New Straits Times showed flash floods had also inundated other roads, including Jalan Tun Openg, Jalan Batu Lintang, Jalan Padungan, Jalan Tabuan Dayak and the roads near the Sarawak General Hospital.

According to Kuching Zone Fire and Rescue Station chief Tiong Ling Hi Jalan Tabuan Dayak was among the worst affected by the downpour, with floodwaters about 1m.

Read More : http://www.nst.com.my/news/2016/02/129854/flash-floods-kuching

Oh wow, who wants to go for swimming?

Anggota bomba meninjau keadaan banjir yang melanda di Kampung Tabuan Dayak, Kuching. – Foto ihsan Bomba.

1h1 hour ago

Hujan lebat, banjir kilat melanda

2h2 hours ago

Lokasi lokasi ‘panas’ yg selalu banjir kilat telah ditelenggami air. Sila elakkan kawasan kawasan tersebut

2h2 hours ago

Lagi gambar banjir kilat di beberapa kawasan di Kuching – (Ihsan JPAM)

Hospital pun dh banjir. Be safe everyone.

2h2 hours ago

Beberapa kawasan di sekitar Kuching mengalami kilat berikutan hujan lebat sejak 5 pagi tadi – Bomba Sarawak


Why is Kuching called Kuching? That is not as interesting as the latest development, if what is reported is true.



Is Kuching becoming a sex city?

Sarawak DAP is extremely worried that Kuching is fast becoming a ‘sex city’ with the mushrooming of reflexology centres that have been blamed for a more than 300 percent increase in sexual diseases, especially AIDS, its Stampin MP JulianTan said today.

Tan’s concern comes in the wake of advertisements in the Chinese press, seeking “several hundreds of women from China” for employment in these centres.

“In the past few weeks, several advertisements have appeared in the Chinese newspapers, seeking young girls to work in these centres.

“Each time an advertisement is made, the owners of these centres are looking for at least 500 young girls and most of these advertisements are targeting Chinese nationals,” Tan (above) told a media conference.

There are more than 300 reflexology centres in Kuching alone.

He said that these reflexology centres were also offering “sex services” as well, and that this was the result of the increase in AIDS in the state, which has also contributed to broken families.

The number of AIDS cases in Sarawak has risen in the past 10 years, from 75 in 2003 to 181 in 2013.

Is Kuching becoming a sex city?

Borneo Post

Nipping a problem in the bud

by Uncle DI. Posted on July 24, 2011, Sunday

I DON’T know how serious the problem is – allegedly caused by the so-called China Dolls who come to the state on tourist visas but somehow or other masquerade as health workers in local spas and as experts in foot reflexology.


THE REAL DEAL?: Many centres are offering reflexology, but how many are just a front for ‘extra services’?

By some estimate, out of 200 of such establishments in Sarawak, 30 are in full operation in the resort city of Miri alone, for quite sometime now. The rest are presumably to be found in Kuching, Sibu and Bintulu.

The men who frequent these places in order to relieve pains and aches of the body and stress after a hard day’s work are the prime targets for services other than the fiddling with aching feet. They say this is a treatment good for blood circulation and the kidneys. A matter of opinion.

But a lot of housewives in Miri are worried about their men being among the clients.

Two years ago, many Kuching wives were complaining about a similar problem in the city; they have either given up the fight or are keeping low for now lest their city gets adverse publicity. That would be sweeping the problem under the mat, though.

Cases of marriage breakups and strained relationships between spouses have been blamed on the visits by husbands to these so-called health centres. It starts with a mere suspicion and perception, perhaps. But perception is more important than reality and can cause misunderstanding leading to something worse. You know what I mean.


Reflexology is now a trend | Goolooloo’s New Inspirationswww.goolooloo.com


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