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The 7 threats against Muslims in Malaysia, according to Perkasa’s Zulkifli Noordin

December 07, 2013

Perkasa today highlighted seven threats to the survival of Malay-Islam in Malaysia and warned Putrajaya that the 14th general election may turn out to be a “Christianisation Tsunami” if the threats are not dealt with seriously.

Threat No. 1: Christians.

“The Christian movement has received support from a faction of Malays who are hell-bent on capturing Putrajaya at all costs.

“If the 13th general election was labelled as a ‘Chinese Tsunami’, I would not be surprised if the 14th general election turns out to be a ‘Christianisation Tsunami’,” Zulkifli was quoted in today’s Utusan Malaysia.

Threat No. 2: DAP

It is the main threat to Muslims because of its “chauvinistic, racist, extremist and anti-Malay attitude which is strongly prevalent within the party”.

Threat No. 3: Parti Keadilan Rakyat and Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

“Pakatan Rakyat has given a political lifeline to DAP to penetrate into constituencies which it had previously been unable to enter.

“This is a coalition which is led by a man who has been hauled to court twice on moral charges involving his own staff,” he said, referring to the two sodomy charges against Anwar.

Threat No. 4: PAS

It is being controlled by DAP and Anwar. “PAS is a party which is in cahoots with Anwar and DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang to allow Christians to use the word Allah.”

Threat No. 5: Singapore

If Pakatan Rakyat won enough parliamentary seats to form the government, the coalition could present a proposal in Parliament to invite Singapore to join Malaysia.

If the Parliaments of Singapore and Malaysia merge, “the Singapore Parliament has 89 seats, we know who will control these seats. They will be able to control the Malaysian Parliament with a big majority, even the possibility of a two-thirds majority.”

Threat No. 6: liberal NGOs.

They are pressuring Malaysia to accept several demands including apostasy, same sex marriage and dissolving Malay special rights.

“These NGOs also want Christians to be allowed to use the word Allah.”

Threat No. 7: liberal Malays.

“Liberal neo-Malays are sorely lacking in religion, patrioticism and national pride. They have conflicting loyalties and a selfish attitude of putting themselves first.

“These liberal Malays idolise the West, hiding behind a democratic system, freedom of expression and human rights without any borders.”


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