Lim Guan Eng, Chief Minister of Penang, ex ISA detainee




‘Penang win another wave of the tsunami’


They may all look exhausted but one thing’s for sure, victory is sweet for the 19 DAP candidates who not only managed to retain their seats but also increased their majorities across the board.

At a press conference in Penang tonight, caretaker Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, describing the win as another wave of political tsunami, said that “it was difficult to win but harder still to retain the seat but we did it”.

He also thanked his allies in PAS and PKR for going through the good and bad times with the DAP, resulting in Pakatan gaining an extra state seat, strengthening the coalition’s representation in the state legislative assembly.

“We feel humbled by this victory, we shall continue our commitments to the people of Penang.

“This was indeed a very tough fight, especially in Air Putih, such that state DAP chief Chow Kon Yeow had to help me,” said the winning candidate for the state seat.

On winning Seberang Jaya but losing Balik Pulau, Lim said it was better to ask PKR as the whole contest in Balik Pulau rested on the candidature, adding that the matter would have to be resolved by PKR.

Lim also dismissed the possibility of not being able to gain Malay ground in this election.

“We win some and lose some. Definitely, we will have discussions with them and it’s only fair that you ask PKR because it’s their seat so they should have the first bite of the cherry,” Lim said.

“We have not done a complete analysis but find that the majority in many of our seats have increased. There are additional Malay votes, for example in Sungai Pinang we won by 4,000 plus and that’s double our majority,” he added.

“That can only be achieved by retaining Malay votes or increase a bit. And I think that’s prevalent across the board. And we won a Malay seat in Seberang Jaya, in Permatang Pauh,” he stressed.

Penang win another wave of the tsunami’


Free Malaysia Today

Pakatan wins big in Penang

May 5, 2013

GEORGE TOWN: Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng announced that Pakatan Rakyat has retained Penang with a two-thirds majority

Guan Eng made the announcement at his Air Putih operations centre here at 9.30pm. He retained his Air Puteh seat, while deputy chief minister P Ramasamy kept his Prai state seat.

The state Barisan Nasional officials were numbed and shocked with the results.

Penang is the jewel in the crown for Pakatan.


Read Susan Loone’s report!


100,000 rally in Penang in wake of vote-buying claims

PENANG Pakatan Rakyat held several gatherings in Penang yesterday, including a mammoth rally at the Esplanade which was swarmed by about 100,000 people who stayed until midnight.

This is the coalition’s biggest rally on the island where it managed to collect a record RM505,000 in donations from its supporters.

penang dap rally 030513 audience 02The carnival-like event, which included a stage and canopy, dozens of hawker stalls and DAP’s own merchandise sales corner, kicked off at 5pm while about 500 people watched a mini-concert by local bands such as Zombie Station, TUC, and Sweet Scream.
The open field facing the iconic British-styled Town Hall building was packed by 8pm, including youths and senior citizens, and the crowd spilled over onto the surrounding roads.

The overwhelming support for Pakatan dismisses fears that its candidates would lose out to BN in Penang due to alleged money politics in the form of betting, lucky draws, cash handouts, free meals and outdoor entertainment.

he crowd was delighted when DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang took the stage, saying he should be in Gelang Patah for an event but “vote buying” tactics in the state drove him into heading  to Penang due to the

penang dap rally 030513 audience 06“I feel very angry that my daughter-in-law Betty Chew and our supporters had to go bald to protest against money politics,” he said, referring to yesterday morning’s event at the Kek Lok Si Temple.


Kit Siang then broke into a classical Mandarin song titled “I have a lot of money” to express his disgust at the situation.

100,000 rally in Penang in wake of vote-buying claims


In the 2008 election, BN won 11 of the 40 state seats in Penang—and only through Umno.

Gerakan, MCA and MIC were all wiped out.





A reader sent me this message!!!Can anyone from Penang verified this?
Dear all,
Penang finished liao.
Noticed from my 3rd sister in law yesterday that her sister and her friends’ s name all disappeared from PRU ( after submitting their ic for RM1 concert ticket.
This morning get to know that my 4th brother in law together with his wife and mum went for BN food fair and gave ic for lucky draw. Immediately I check their voting status and the result is as follow:
His name gone (GE12 vote PAS)
Wife name gone (1st time voter)
Mum name remain (GE12 vote UMNO)
High chances that Penang will falls back to BN as many Pakatan supporters will be eliminated.




50,000 at Han Chiang High School Grounds!


Overwhelming response to mega ‘Ubah’ ceramah

PENANG With five days more to polling day, Pakatan Rakyat has returned to the Han Chiang College field to seek fresh support from thousands of Penangites on whether it can rule the state government for another term after May 5.

The overwhelming support from the crowd, which swelled to about 50,000 by 9pm when PKR supremo Anwar Ibrahim arrived, was a good indication that support for Pakatan from the non-Malays remains strong.

NONETo express further their support for Pakatan, Anwar, often touted as the seventh prime minister, was greeted with screams and cheers as he took to the stage to speak.

“If we look all around us in Penang, it seems that the 1Malaysia flags have won the elections, but on May 5, we will announce our victory,” he said to loud and resounding applause.

He then repeated the Pakatan promises to reduce petrol price, provide free higher education and remove toll charges once the coalition assumes power in Putrajaya.

After Anwar left to attend a ceramah in Permatang Pauh, DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng arrived, about 11.15pm and was greeted by the pouring rain and frenzied screams from the crowd.

‘No free food… only free rain’

“We can’t give you anything free, no free food or drinks but only free rain. Penangites are really brave to stay on despite the rain, not afraid of storms. Ini kalilah (this time),” Guan Eng said and the crowd replied ‘ubah’ (change) loudly.

“We must be brave to change. It is not easy as we need to win Penang. Will you give us the support?” He asked and the audience cried ‘yes!’.

NONEDAP senior adviser Lim Kit Siang arrived at 11.30pm to even louder cheers from the people, who were now soaked in the rain and standing on muddy ground.

In his speech, the senior Lim told the supporters that Pakatan only wanted Anwar as prime minister.

“If we want Anwar to be PM, we need a political tsunami from north to south, east to west, to overcome the BN,” Lim said, shielded by an umbrella under the pouring rain.

Overwhelming response to mega ‘Ubah’ ceramah


Ceramah @ Han Chiang College Field, Penang 29/4/2013

Malaysian Insider

Penang rally draws packed audience

April 29, 2013

A section of the crowd at the Pakatan Rakyat grand ceramah in Han Chiang high school field, Penang April 29, 2013. – Picture by K.E. OoiGEORGE TOWN, April 29 – Thousands turned up for a massive rally at the Han Chiang College here tonight, organised by the Pakatan Rakyat.

The pact’s leaders addressed the crowd including Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng and others who are on the Election 2013 campaign trail.

Roads around the college field were jammed with people parking their vehicles miles away to walk to the venue.


Tonight Pakatan Rakyat Ceramah at Han Chiang at 8.00pm…..No free concerts,no free dinners,no free gifts.Will you go there? Live link here





The rain fail to dampen the people’s spirit for UBAH! Live Link Here from Han Chiang High School.A reader message to say that the crowd is about 40,000!



Overwhelming response to ‘Ubah’ mega-ceramah
11:35AM Apr 29, 2013

DAY 10 What’s happening during the election campaigns around the country today? Quotable quotes, planned events and unplanned incidents as they take place.

8.15pm – Penang: As early as 7pm, all roads leading to the Han Chiang College in Penang, where Pakatan Rakyat is having its mega ceramah are jammed with people parking their vehicles as far as 1km away to walk to the venue.

By 8pm, more than half its field is filled with a sea of red, yellow and green colours. The crowd is noisy, enthusiastic, cheerful and very responsive.

NONEThe roads are crowded with people from all walks of life, with their children and senior citizens, in colorful ‘Ubah’ red attire or green ‘Lynas’ T-shirts.

When they hear the emcee for the night call out DAP’s ‘Ubah’ slogan, the crowd shouts in unison as they approached the field.

These people, with much experience in rallies, brought small stools and newspapers to sit on the grass.

Lesser Pakatan leaders spoke first with big guns Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng to address the crowd later.

Overwhelming response to ‘Ubah’ mega-ceramah


DAP has chosen Penang Paradigm as its vision for Penang.



‘DAP’s vision for Penang? Only two words …’

The Penang BN has criticised the DAP’s vision for the state, saying it is merely showing off with the words: ‘Penang Paradigm’ – the title of the state government’s development agenda for the coming decade.

The report, prepared by think tank Penang Institute with a 30-strong team, will be released for public consultation on Feb 23 , said its executive director Woo Wing Thye.

‘DAP’s vision for Penang? Only two words …’



A paradigm to identify why M’sia and Penang are ‘sick’

Come Feb 23, Penangites would be able to access the Penang Paradigm, a comprehensive development agenda for the state in the coming decade, which will identify general reasons as to why Malaysia is “sick”.

development agenda


Gerakan secretary-general Teng Chang Yeow, BN Chief for Penang, is ready to contest in Penang.

In March 2008, during the GE 12, he was the BN candidate for Padang Kota State Constituency during the 12th General Elections. He lost to Penang DAP chief Chow Kon Yeow in 2008.
Will he re-contest there? Should he opt to recontest Padang Kota, he will most likely face Chow again, something the party or BN would want to avoid given the fact that Chow won the seat with a convincing 1,661-vote majority in the last election.
Teng is unlikely to go for any DAP-held seat but will choose to take on a Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) candidate in a mixed constituency. 

Teng may fight shy of Padang Kota | theSundaily



Chang Yeow: I will contest in Penang

Posted on 14 February 2013 – 10:11pm
Last updated on 15 February 2013 – 10:42am

Bernard Cheah

GEORGE TOWN (Feb 14, 2013): Gerakan secretary-general Teng Chang Yeow has confirmed he will contest in Penang in the upcoming general election.

However, he was tight-lipped on where he would stand, saying wherever he contests, be it a winnable seat or not, he will deliver a “wow” factor there.

Teng said the list of proposed candidates has been handed over to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak. He also said 60% of Gerakan candidates contesting in the elections will be new faces. However, he declined to give details.

“Let our president (Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon) announce that,” he told reporters at the Gerakan Jelutong Chinese New Year Open House here SJK (C) Beng Teik Cawangan in Jelutong today.

Chang Yeow: I will contest in Penang


DPM: Teng Chang Yeow can be CM if BN recaptures Penang

06 Feb 2013 12:11am

BUTTERWORTH, Feb 5 — Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin today said Penang Barisan Nasional chairman (BN) Teng Chang Yeow can be a candidate for the post of Chief Minister if BN recaptures Penang.

He said, this was not an announcement, but claimed BN had qualified leaders to run the state better.

He said this in his speech after launching the Blue Wave campaign and 1Malaysia People’s Gathering at the Taman Inderawasih Secondary School field in Perai, here, tonight.

Teng, 48, is former state exco, and had been appointed to become state BN chairman last year by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to replace Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon.

Also present were Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop, Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen and Human Resources Minister Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam.


DPM: Teng Chang Yeow can be CM if BN recaptures Penang ABN



Penang BN chief tells of ‘death threat’ against Psy

Posted on 14 February 2013 – 10:21pm
Last updated on 14 February 2013 – 11:04pm

Bernard Cheah

Gangnam Style hitmaker Psy.

GEORGE TOWN (Feb 14, 2013): A “death threat” was among the reasons South Korean popstar Psy (pix) was not able to join Barisan Nasional leaders for the yee sang tossing ceremony at the Penang BN Chinese New Year Open House on Monday.

State BN chief Teng Chang Yeow said police had informed the organisers of the threat on Psy, whose real name is Park Jae-sang.

“The police had received information that there was an attempt on Psy’s life,” he said.

Penang BN chief tells of ‘death threat’ against Psy


Free Malaysia Today

Why it’s hard for BN to win Penang

Hawkeye | February 14, 2013

MCA is Barisan’s Achilles’ heel, says a former youth leader of the party.

BUTTERWORTH: It is becoming increasingly difficult for Barisan Nasional to unseat the Penang government because the coalition is suffering from an acute shortage of young candidates, according to a former MCA leader.

Eng Hiap Boon, who was Penang MCA Youth chief when he quit the party in late 2011, said:

1 BN lacks young leaders who could meet the expectations of the Penang electorate. “The veterans are stubbornly clinging on either because they dare not hand over power to the younger set or because there are no youthful talented leaders from within the ranks.”
2 Penang voters are “highly demanding”. MCA has failedy to institute reforms at a pace quick enough to impress them

Why it’s hard for BN to win Penang


Free Malaysia Today

People turn down BN ‘Gangnam Style’

Athi Shankar | February 12, 2013

DAP chairman Karpal Singh says the thousands who attended the BN-sponsored Chinese New Year open house came to watch only Psy.

He said the thousands who thronged the state BN-sponsored open house in Han Chiang College came just to watch Psy.

He added that Najib should have realised the people have rejected BN’s 55-year rule “Gangnam Style” when they screamed “No” thrice when he asked them: “Are you ready for BN?”

Instead, the crowd screamed “Yes” thrice when Najib asked: “Are you ready for Psy?”

Karpal said the crowd’s “Big No” to BN was a public vote of no confidence in the ruling coalition.

He added that the incident showed Najib is not a smart prime minister as he should have avoided repeating his question after hearing a resounding “No” in his first attempt.

“The crowd was not only from Penang but from all over the country. Najib wanted the people’s approval for BN, but they did not give him.

“He asked for it,” Karpal, the Bukit Gelugor MP, told reporters here today.

People turn down BN ‘Gangnam Style’


And then he (Psy) did it again. And then he stopped and we all went home. After the first version finished we stormed the exit, to catch the second bus out of the place.


Jottings from a Psy-chologist on Penang BN’s CNY bash

COMMENT Napoleon once famously observed that god is on the side of the big battalions.

This may be true of military battles but yesterday some Penangites furnished reason to believe that in electoral ones, the deity may not always favour the Goliaths.

On Sunday morning, the first day of the Lunar New Year, celebrants in George Town awoke from their feasting at family reunion dinners of the previous evening to find their city decked in endless rows of blue ‘1Malaysia’ flags.

Thousands of these flags were posted along every major street of George Town and several minor ones.

Penangites knew that the big battalions of the BN had begun with a preamble of which the finale was the grand Chinese New Year bash at the large grounds of the Han Chiang High School in Jalan Lim Lean Teng, opposite the state mosque.

And then, at last, the sainted Psy arrived. By his own account he was jet-lagged after a 20 hour non-stop flight from Brazil.

NONEBut he did his Gangnam style song well, with fine backing dancers modestly attired in leggings. (We caught a glimpse on the way out; to repeat, we could see nothing at all from our seats.)

And then he did it again. And then he stopped and we all went home. After the first version finished we stormed the exit, to catch the second bus out of the place.

Not in a million years. Did we have a good day? Yes. Would we do it again? No. Will BN recapture Penang?

Based on an entirely unscientific interpretation of the crowd, not in a million years!

Was it a good use of an alleged several million Ringgit-plus spent on the affair? Of course not!

Jottings from a Psy-chologist on Penang BN’s CNY bash


Malaysian Insider

Penang BN’s CNY party in Han Chiang grounds, with Gangnam’s Psy

February 02, 2013

South Korean rapper Psy performing in Los Angeles, California in this December 3, 2012 file photo. Psy will be performing in Penang at Han Chiang High School on February 11 as part of Barisan Nasional’s Chinese New Year open house celebrations. – Reuters pic

GEORGE TOWN, Feb 2 – The Penang Barisan Nasional (BN) is to hold Chinese New Year celebrations in the Han Chiang school field on February 11, in a gesture of confidence against the DAP-led state government which held a mammoth gathering there before Election 2008.The coalition is bringing Oppa Gangnam Style singer Psy for the open house, which will be attended by some 60,000 guests including BN chairman and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

The South Korean singer is expected to sing his viral hit during the event. The song’s video clip has been downloaded more than 1.29 billion times on YouTube video-sharing site since its debut last July.

The open house is from 10am to 1pm and is part of Penang BN’s strategy to win over the key industrial and tourist hub in northern peninsular Malaysia.

During the Election 2008 campaign, the Han Chiang High School grounds was the scene of the biggest-ever ceramah held by the DAP in Penang.

Penang BN’s CNY party in Han Chiang grounds, with Gangnam’s Psy


Free Malaysia Today

‘30% chance for BN in Penang’

Athi Shankar | January 2, 2013

MCA’s Lee Hack Teck says hard work is needed to “capture the imagination of fence sitters”.

GEORGE TOWN: Barisan Nasional currently has only a 30% chance of recapturing Penang from Pakatan Rakyat, according to MCA’s Lee Hack Teck, the former state assemblyman for Pengkalan Kota.

He said diehard supporters for each of the two blocs consisted of 30% of voters, but Pakatan had the edge when it came to fence sitters.

BN could depend on only 30% to 40% of the fence sitters and would need 20% to 30% more to win, he told FMT.

He said there was a fighting chance for BN to make that gain before the 13th general election, but it would be “really tough”.

“If it can capture the imagination of fence sitters, BN has a good chance,” said Lee, who is MCA’s state religious bureau chief and vice-chairman for BN’s state public service bureau.

‘30% chance for BN in Penang’



Nibong Tebal is spread out over three state constituencies — Jawi, Sungai Acheh and Sungai Bakap — with different racial groups in different villages.

The whole of Nibong Tebal is made up of about 55 per cent non-Malays and about 45 per cent Malays, with a majority of the Malays located in the Sungai Acheh area where agriculture is the main industry.

Malaysian Insider

The battle for Nibong Tebal

By Opalyn Mok
October 26, 2012

NIBONG TEBAL, Oct 26 — Located on the southern part of Seberang Perai, this small township of about 50,000 people is almost like the last frontier of mainland Penang.

That’s because there is a spot in this quiet little town where you just need to take one step forward and you would have left Penang and stepped right into Perak.
Previously, the Nibong Tebal parliamentary seat and its three state seats, Sungai Acheh, Sungai Bakap and Jawi, were all Barisan Nasional (BN) seats.

In the 2004 general election, Umno (BN) newcomer Datuk Zainal Abidin Osman won the parliamentary seat with a 6,005-vote majority while the three state seats also saw BN winning with huge majorities but in 2008, BN only managed to retain the Sungai Acheh state seat with a slim majority of 250 votes and lost the rest.

This coming election, Zainal Abidin is tipped to be the one to try to win the seat back for BN even though the current MP, Tan Tee Beng, who won the seat on the PKR ticket, is now an independent MP.

This year, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak announced a RM8.5 million allocation for Nibong Tebal for development projects such as construction of a multi-purpose hall in Nibong Tebal (RM3 million), repainting of apartments (RM2 million), repairing of houses in Indian and Chinese villages (RM2 million) and rebuilding of Sekolah Agama Rakyat Al-Amin (RM1.8 million).
More recently, BN allocated a further RM3 million, on top of the RM1 million it had earlier allocated, to the building fund of SMJK Jit Sin II which is located in the constituency. The school is in the midst of raising RM30 million for its building fund.

But all this attention by BN does not seem to impress many of the constituents. “We are not small children who can be pleased by offerings of sweets and candies. Do they think us stupid?” a resident said when asked if they feel indebted to BN for all the goodies it has been handing out to the constituency.

After speaking to the villagers, it is clear that the general sentiment seems to be one of disgust, disappointment and even hatred for BN and its leaders.

The battle for Nibong Teba



Ahmad Zahid’s ‘3-3-3-1 formula’ to regain Penang
  • Bernama
  • 8:13AM Oct 1, 2012

Umno Penang needs to defend its 11 state assembly seats and achieve the ‘3-3-3-1 formula’ if BN wants to regain Penang at the 13th general election.

NONEUmno vice-president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the formula involved Umno, MCA and Gerakan adding three seats each and MIC one seat to the existing 11 state assembly seats.

“We can form a BN government in Penang by a majority of one seat if we achieve this.

But if the BN component parties work harder I’m confident we can win more state assembly seats here,” he said.

Ahmad Zahid, who is also defence minister, was speaking to reporters after the launch of the ‘BN, The Choice of the Youths’ state-level programme in Butterworth yesterday.

Ahmad Zahid’s ‘3-3-3-1 formula’ to regain Penang



Attack is to undermine state gov’t, says CM
  • Susan Loone
  • 12:36PM Sep 14, 2012

The early morning attack on the DAP headquarters and three service centres in Penang is seen as a systematic effort to subvert, threaten and undermine the state government.

NONEChief Minister Lim Guan Eng said the incident was serious as this was the first time in history that the safety and security of the service centre of a head of  government had been jeopardised.

The DAP secretary-general said the Penang Pakatan Rakyat government was elected by the people.

He urged party members and supporters to remain calm and be prepared.

“We do not know how many more centres will be attacked but we will definitely be stepping up our security measures,” Lim said during his visit to state DAP headquarters on Jalan Rangoon.

“However serious the attack, it will not deter us from serving the people and to continue with state policies and programmes that benefit the people,” he added.

Attack is to undermine state gov’t, says CM



Penang DAP HQ attacked, third time in 13 months
  • Susan Loone
  • 8:06AM Sep 14, 2012

The newly-minted Penang DAP headquarters – Wisma DAP – and three other party service centres were today found smeared with red paint following a spate of pre-dawn attacks.

According to Komtar assemblyperson Ng Wei Aik, he was alerted about the attack on the three-storey DAP headquarters in Jalan Rangon at about 4am by a security volunteer.

NONE“We are under attack again! Wisma DAP Pg been splashed with five packs of red paints early this morning,” Ng, the state DAP Youth chief, announced on Twitter.

Ng, when contacted, told Malaysiakini through SMS that he would be lodging a police report at the Jalan Pattani Northeast District police station later this morning.

Ng said that a CCTV recording has captured footage of the incident at about 1.15am, where two motorcycles were seen splashing the paint from a lane on the right of the building.

Penang DAP HQ attacked, third time in 13 months



Unauthorised book on Lim hits the streets

Posted on 22 August 2012 – 05:13pm
Last updated on 22 August 2012 – 05:26pm

The left is the original version while the right is the unauthorised version

GEORGE TOWN (Aug 22, 2012): A book disguised as ‘Hope for Penang’ which is a collection of writings by Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng in Mandarin has been making its rounds here.

The content of the unauthorised version of the book that has an addendum to the title – ‘Hope for Penang: Lim Guan Eng in the eyes of reporters’ – is entirely different from Lim’s writings.

Believed to have first been distributed in the southern region, the book cover bears a similar picture of the smiling first term chief minister on the cover.

Commenting on the matter, Lim labelled the book, said to be distributed free, was a “bastardisation” of his book which is now entering its second print run.

He said he had no idea who was behind the scheme as there were no details of the printer or the author on the cover of the book.

No one has claimed responsibility so far, he said.

Lim however noted that whoever was behind the printing and distribution of the book would have deep pockets to do so.

“This is an attack against me. This is not a misrepresentation, it is a bastardisation,” he said at a press conference today.

Lim described those behind the act as “cowards” who did not posses “ethics and morals.”

“I hope that the people can differentiate which is the real and which is the fake,” he added


Unauthorised book on Lim hits the streets


Malaysia Chronicle

Thursday, 26 July 2012 09:41

GOOD JOB Guan Eng & team: The Pearl of the Orient’s charm is back!

Written by  Weekend Visitor

One would need courage and humility to recognize the transformation taking place over these past several years in Penang since 2008. Indeed, a visit to Penang is the best way to learn, witness and partake in the beauty that is becoming of the once raped island.

Notice the ample thought given in creating bicycle lanes. Note too how motorists keep to the law even when out of sight of the law keepers.

Notice how the ferry is kept refreshingly clean. And sense the improved work attitudes of its employees – including clean uniforms and engaging charm.

Notice that the rotting stench of uncollected garbage and choking debris along the island’s shores have all gone missing. Improved too is the absence of stench from covered drains. And see how the shops and stall operators appear cleaner and more ‘schooled’ in mannerisms and hygiene.

Most noticeable is the re-appearance of retired senior citizens back on the circuit of being gainfully employed. From hotels to restaurants, you notice more grey hairs and weather beaten brows easily warming you with caring aged eyes and toothless grins.

Noticeable too is the almost near absence of imported legal (together with Malaysia’s paradoxical illegal labour) workers. It appears that now every Penangite has equal opportunity to work.

Chocking, honking traffic has almost vanished. In place, you sense that people are more in less a hurry.

Read more:

GOOD JOB Guan Eng & team: The Pearl of the Orient’s charm is back!



If BN is so desperate to win back Penang, what wouldn’t it do?

In the recent past, they attacked Lim Guan Eng by trying to smear his son. Now, it’s through his wife!

How dirty can it get? Dirtier! Wait and see….


Flyers attacking Guan Eng and wife appear in Malacca
4:35PM Jul 18, 2012

Flyers accusing Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng of having an affair and suffering from domestic disputes are making the rounds in Malacca.

According to Oriental Daily yesterday, the flyers contain news clippings about the alleged affair as well as a note on the reverse side, written in Chinese.

Among other issues raised, a section in the flyer states: “For Lim Guan Eng to fall prey to the honey trap is not unusual.”

This was because Lim’s wife Betty Chew, a member of the Malacca state legislative assembly, “did not wear make up and never accompanied her husband”, it says.

Flyers attacking Guan Eng and wife appear in Malacca


Free Malaysia Today

Lim blames MCA for his alleged affair

Hawkeye | July 18, 2012

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng says the MCA was responsible for spreading the lies that he had an affair.

GEORGE TOWN: Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng rubbished online speculations that he had an affair with one of his former staff. He said this was pure slander by desperate BN politicians.

Lim also dismissed claims that his wife Betty Chew had physically abused (slapped) the same staff, saying the only time that Chew had ever beaten someone, was her children for been naughty.

His remarks drew a wide applause from the predominantly Malay crowd at Kota Giam in Jelutong ceramah last night.

Lim laid the blame squarely on BN, particularly MCA, for dragging his family through “political mud slinging.”

Stressing that he would not cave in to pressure, made worse by slander, Lim said he would redouble his efforts to fight for the truth and to banish corruption from Penang.

Read more:


Free Malaysia Today

Ridiculous’ lie detector call draws flak

RK Anand | July 11, 2012

MIC man comes under fire for suggesting that Lim, his wife Betty Chew and Ng Phaik Keng, whom the CM had been accused of having an affair with, should undergo a lie test.

PETALING JAYA: The suggestion that Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng scientifically prove his fidelity has drawn condemnation.

Lim termed the call from MIC leader R Ramanan for a lie detector test as ridiculous while PKR vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar described it as a pathetic display of political mudslinging.

The DAP secretary-general told FMT the opposition had never even suggested that Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak subject himself to such a test to prove his innocence over the allegations against him.

Dismissing the need to issue a counter-challenge to Barisan Nasional leaders to undergo a similar test, Lim said: “When a person is ridiculous, there is no need to ape him.”


Free Malaysia Today

Battle of scandals: Guan Eng vs Soi Lek

RK Anand | July 4, 2012

In declaring his fidelity and denying his wife assaulted him or the other woman, the DAP leader slips in an attack against the MCA president, who then retaliates.


PETALING JAYA:  In the latest chapter of the tussle between DAP and MCA, Lim Guan Eng has been accused of sharing an intimate relationship with a former staff and thus earning the wrath of his wife.

His enraged wife Kota Laksamana (Malacca) assemblywoman Betty Chew, alluded MCA, had then assaulted both Lim and the woman, who had since been transferred.

In a media statement this afternoon, the DAP secretary-general denied the allegation that his wife had beaten him or the woman.

Launching a vitriolic salvo against his opponents, Lim, who denied indulging in an extra-marital affair, also seized the opportunity to revisit MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek’s scandalous past.

He dared Malacca MCA chairman Gan Tian Loo, who raised the matter in the state assembly on Monday, to repeat his claim outside the House without hiding behind the cloak of immunity.

Lim said this would allow his wife and him to drag Gan to court and prove that he (Lim) was not like the MCA president.

“DAP never indulges in gutter politics,” he pointed out.

“DAP never abused parliamentary privilege and proceedings to attack the MCA president when he was caught in a video tape having an extra-marital affair with another woman,” he added.

Lim regretted that while DAP chose to exercise restraint, MCA was willing to stoop low.

Taking another swipe at the MCA president, the Penang chief minister said he would not ask Chua to direct Gan to repeat his allegation outside the House since the former had no moral authority to do so given his own scandal.

Instead, he wanted Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak to issue the order.

Battle of scandals: Guan Eng vs Soi Lek


Malaysian Insider

Soi Lek praises self, challenges Guan Eng to quit

KUALA LUMPUR, July 4 — Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek praised himself today for having what he claimed was the courage to quit all political posts in 2008 after he was secretly filmed having sex with his lover, hours after DAP Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng deflected allegations of sexual impropriety from his Barisan Nasional (BN) rivals by … Read More



Soi Lek: At least I dared to admit it
5:08PM Jul 4, 2012

MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek said he dared to admit his past indiscretion and accused his chief rival Lim Guan Eng of being incapable of doing the same.


Malaysian Chronicle

Wednesday, 04 July 2012 14:24

I am NOT Soi Lek, I have no secret relationship with my ex-staff, my wife never hit anyone

Written by  Lim Guan Eng

I wish to condemn in the strongest possible terms the attempted character assassination not only against me but also against my wife and children by BN and MCA. Clearly BN will practice the dirtiest politics to try to topple democratically elected leaders, even attacking innocent members of the family.

Before this my 15 year old son, who is still at minor, was accused of sexually molesting his female classmate by UMNO Online, UMNO Youth chief Khairy Jamaludin and pro-UMNO blogs.

A picture of the alleged female victim of my son was also posted on the internet. The alleged female victim was identified Anya Corke, a chess champion from Hong Kong, who had never met me or my son. No apology was forthcoming from UMNO Online or Khairy Jamaludin and neither was there any action taken by both the police and Malaysian Communications &Multimedia Commision on the various police reports filed by me.

In contrast, immediate action is taken when such smear campaign is directed against BN leaders.

REPEAT the remarks outside the assembly so that we can SUE YOU!

Having failed to destroy my son and affect me, the BN media machinery has now undertaken another smear campaign through MCA against my wife. Melaka MCA Chair Datuk Gan Tian Loo has abused the Melaka State Assembly privelege and immunity by making false allegations of a private moral scandal against me and my wife in the Melaka State Assembly.

I want Gan to repeat his allegations outside so that my wife and me can file a legal suit against him for defamation for making such “kurang ajar” or uncouth remarks.

Lim Guan Eng |



Guan Eng denies affair, says ‘I’m no Soi Lek’
  • Susan Loone
  • 1:20PM Jul 4, 2012

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has finally broken his silence on recent allegations that his wife Betty Chew assaulted his former staff member.

Lim said the allegation was a result of BN and MCA’s character assassination while denying that he had an affair with his former staff and that his wife assaulted anyone.

chua soi lek debate lim guan eng“Let my wife and me prove in court that MCA lied, that Lim Guan Eng is not (MCA president, left) Dr Chua Soi Lek,” said Lim, in reference to Chua’s admission of an extramarital affair in December 2008.
Guan Eng denies affair, says ‘I’m no Soi Lek‘ – Yahoo! News .
..… – Cached

Guan Eng denies affair, says ‘I’m no Soi Lek‘ – MalaysiakiniChief Minister Lim – Cached



DAP claims premeditated plot to smear Guan Eng’s wife
4:27PM Jul 3, 2012

Five Malacca DAP assemblypersons claimed that the state assembly speaker and an MCA state assemblyperson have conspired with two TV stations and a Malay daily to smear the good name of Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, his wife Betty Chew and the Penang state government.

Together with four other DAP representatives, Chew, who is also DAP assemblyperson for Kota Laksamana, condemned speaker Othman Mohamad and Duyong assemblyperson Gan Tian Loo in the state assembly today.

The four are Khoo Poay Tiong (Ayer Keroh), Lim Jak Wong (Bachang), Goh Leong San (Kesidang) and Tey Kok Kiew (Bandar Hilir).

They claimed Othman had allowed the crew of two TV stations – one is government-owned and the other is private-owned – and a photographer of a Malay daily to record and photograph Gan’s attack against Lim and Chew in the state assembly yesterday.

NONE“The cameras were focussed on Chew, especially during Gan’s speech to smear Chew (right in photo), Lim and the Penang state government in the 8pm evening news last night and today’s Utusan Malaysia front page,” they said in a joint statement today.

Utusan Malaysia is owned by Umno. The two TV stations were not named.

Yesterday Gan, while debating the motion to condemn the Bersih 3.0 rally, urged Chew to answer questions related to the transfer of a female staff member in her husband’s office.

Chew refused to respond despite being pressed several times by Gan, and instead challenged Gan to repeat the allegations outside the assembly. However, Gan did not do so.



Malacca DAP reps walk out over Utusan photo
  • Bernama
  • 4:25PM Jul 3, 2012

Five DAP assemblypersons, including Kota Laksamana representative Betty Chew Gek Cheng who is also Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s wife, walked out of the Malacca state assembly sitting today in protest of a newspaper report and publication of photos of Guan Eng and a woman.

Prior to the question-and-answer session, Goh Leong San (DAP-Kesidang) held up today’s issue of Utusan Malaysia and queried Speaker Othman Muhamad why the media was allowed to write a report and take photographs inside the building.

Othman replied that the media could do so including inside the Parliament building as well.

Dissatisfied with the response, Goh, Chew, Khoo Poay Tiong (Ayer Keroh), Tey Kok Kiew (Bandar Hilir) and Lim Jak Wong (Bachang) staged the walkout.

During the winding up of the debate condemning the Bersih 3.0 rally yhesterday, Gan Tian Loo (MCA-Duyong) had asked Chew whether she knew the woman (with Guan Eng in the photo) but Chew declined to respond.

Malacca DAP reps walk out over Utusan photo



Do you know this woman, MCA asks Guan Eng’s wife
  • Elissa Helmy
  • 5:25PM Jul 2, 2012

A BN assemblyperson’s challenge to DAP’s Kota Laksamana representative Betty Chew to clarify the transfer of a certain woman caused a stir today, the opening day of the current Malacca State Assembly sitting.

The incident took place when Gan Tian Loo (MCA-Duyong) called on Chew to answer questions related to the former staff of the office of her husband and Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

However, Chew (on Guan Eng’s left) refused to respond, despite being pressed several times by Gan.

Do you know this woman, MCA asks Guan Eng’s wife


BN just can’t bear the fact that the people of Penang rejected it. It wants to regain the State, so it’s using every dirty trick in its books.




Penang CM lashes out at daily for ‘rewriting history’
5:50PM Jul 1, 2012

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has lashed out at MCA-owned newspaper The Star for what he claims as a “dishonest attempt to rewrite history” by blaming the Pakatan Rakyat-led state government for for Penang’s hillslope development woes while ignoring that they were approved by the previous BN administration.

“In its enthusiasm to lynch the Penang PR state government, The Star has ignored the fact that Pakatan-led Penang government did not approve any development projects above 250 feet.

“At the same time, the MCA-owned paper makes the startling claim that there are Pakatan or DAP assemblymen who agree with The Star that the hills in Penang are dying under Pakatan’s stewardship. Nothing can be further from the truth,” he said in a statement today.

In contrast, Lim said the state had imposed stringent guidelines – developed by an independent professional committee led by Oxford geotechnical engineer Gue See Saw – for the hill slope projects approved by the previous state government.

“Whilst these new hill slope guidelines have caused unhappiness amongst developers about the legality of implementing these technical guidelines retrospectively, the state government is determined to compel compliance.

“And yet The Star and its BN accomplices continues to tag on the Penang Pakatan-led government as pro-developer and even claim that there is a gag order imposed by the state government and MPPP on those who wish to speak out on hill projects,” he said.

  1. Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has lashed out at MCA-owned newspaper The Star for what he claims as a “dishonest attempt to rewrite history” by blaming the …… – Cached

  2. Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has lashed out at MCA-owned newspaper The Star for what he claims as a “dishonest attempt to rewrite history” by blaming the … – Cached


Malaysian Insider

Attacks against Guan Eng intensify ahead of GE13

UPDATED @ 03:40:18 PM 01-07-2012
By Shazwan Mustafa Kamal
July 01, 2012

KUALA LUMPUR, July 1 — All eyes are now on the DAP’s Lim Guan Eng as the Penang chief minister struggles to fend off concerted attacks against him ahead of general elections due within a year.

The pro-Barisan Nasional (BN) mainstream media today published lopsided reports of the federal opposition leader’s run-in with members of Perkasa, a right-wing Malay organisation, at the Teluk Bahang market in Penang yesterda

  1. Attacks against Guan Eng intensify ahead of GE13; Bumi firm sues Bank Negara RM131.9m for wrongful termination and fraud; Ali Rustam eyes federal seat, confident of …… – Cached

  2. Read ‘As attacks increase, Guan Eng takes extra … View Photo. GE13 may be ‘most violent’ polls in Malaysian history, says Guan Eng … secretary general against… – Cached


The Menace of Perkasa

Free Malaysia Today

CM fears for safety after Perkasa ‘brush’

Athi Shankar | June 30, 2012

Lim Guan Eng has a rude shock when a youth brushes against him from behind.

Teluk Bahang: Enjoying a Saturday morning stroll in Teluk Bahang, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng had rude a shock when a Perkasa member suddenly appeared from behind and brushed his left shoulder and arm.

Some local village security and development committee (JKKK) members managed to push away the youth and escorted the chief minister to his car.

Though Lim was uninjured, he was stunned by the incident.

Teluk Bahang: Enjoying a Saturday morning stroll in Teluk Bahang, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng had rude a shock when a Perkasa member suddenly appeared from…


Free Malaysia Today

Lim slams Penang police

Tarani Palani | July 1, 2012

The Penang police did not act fast enough when the chief minister was harassed yesterday. Lim wonders if the same would have happpened if the prime minister had been harassed.

PETALING JAYA: Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has taken the Penang police to task for failing to provide adequate protection for him and not taking stern action against the Perkasa member who harassed him in Teluk Bahang yesterday.

Lim was brushed hard over his shoulder area by a Perkasa member yesterday while he was in the wet market complex for a ‘meet-the-people’ session.

The young man who harassed Lim had to be pushed away by some local village security and development committee (JKKK) members before Lim could be escorted to his car. Lim was uninjured but expressed shock over the incident

Earlier in the day, some 10 Perkasa members had gathered at the market to protest against Lim. They had also thrown posters at Lim just as he arrived at the market.

Lim said today that although the police were informed of the event and were present, they failed to take any quick action when the incident had occurred.

“Dragging the Perkasa member away from threatening my safety should have been the duty and responsibility of the police, not Pakatan Rakyat local leaders.

“The failure of the police to offer adequate protection was followed by the failure of the police to immediately arrest the Perkasa member involved.

PETALING JAYA: Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has taken the Penang police to task for failing to provide adequate protection for him and not taking ste……/07/01/limslamspenangpoliceCached



Commotion in Teluk Bahang during Guan Eng’s visit
  • Bernama
  • 7:18PM Jun 30, 2012
A commotion occurred at Teluk Bahang today when a delegation of Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng visiting the local residents stumbled upon a gathering organised by Malay right-wing group Perkasa.A police spokesperson said the incident happened at 10.15am when about 50 Perkasa members and local residents who had gathered for a demonstration at the Teluk Bahang market confronted Lim’s group.Based on a report lodged, he said, a Perkasa member claimed that one of his arms was twisted from the back and he was hit.A scuffle broke out and there was a lot of shoving and pushing for several minutes until the police on duty intervened, he said.Penang Perkasa chief Mohd Rizuad Mohd Azudin claimed that the commotion was orchestrated to make Perkasa look bad in the eyes of the local people.North East District Police chief ACP Gan Kong Meng, when contacted, confirmed having receiving reports on the matter.

– Bernama
2BERNAMA – Commotion In Teluk Bahang DuringChief Minister’s Visi – Cached



DAP to BN: Join us in blocking Penang port deal
  • Susan Loone
  • 3:31PM Jun 20, 2012

Penang DAP head Chow Kon Yeow has invited state BN chief Teng Chang Yeow to support its ‘Return the port to Penang’ campaign.

Chow (left) said it appears that Teng has voiced his stand on the matter and that his position is similar to that of the DAP.

Like Teng, the DAP is against privatisation of the port by an individual who may not have the best interests of Penang at heart, noted Chow.

“We are against the selling out of Penang’s economic potential and future direction,” he told a press conference today to launch the second phase of the campaign.

“We are against this decision that was made without consultation with Penangites or even the people’s elected government of Penang.”

If the Penang BN is indeed against the privatisation plan, he said, it should have no problems crossing the political divide to support a matter that concerns the future of the state’s economy.




Malaysian Insider

Penang says port privatisation will hurt Malaysia’s competitiveness

By Shannon Teoh
June 19, 2012

KUALA LUMPUR, June 19 — Penang warned today Malaysia’s competitiveness as a trade and investment destination will be hurt by plans to privatise Penang Port Sdn Bhd (PPSB), which it says will relegate it to a feeder port.

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng told a press conference today that as Penang accounted for a quarter of Malaysia’s trade and attracted the most manufacturing foreign-direct investment (FDI) of all states in the past two years, the move “made no sense at all.”

“You can’t afford to let Penang Port become a feeder port,” the DAP secretary-general (picture) said, referring to Putrajaya’s proposal to let Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar al-Bukhary’s Seaport Terminal run the port.

KUALA LUMPUR, June 19 — Penang warned today Malaysia’s competitiveness as a trade and investment destination will be hurt by plans to privatise Penang Port Sdn Bhd …… – Cached


Malaysia Chronicle

Monday, 18 June 2012 18:35

Penang BN ‘smarter’ than Soi Lek, urges Najib to drop port privatization deal

Written by  Stan Leei, Malaysia Chronicle

Smelling a dead rat ahead, Penang BN has decided to go against the plan to privatize the Penang port to Umno-linked tycoon Syed Mokhtar al-Bukhary as proposed by Prime Minister Najib Razak and MCA president Chua Soi Lek.

Unlike the Johor-based Soi Lek, who is also the Penang Port Commission chief, Penang BN chairman Teng Chang Yeow was quick to distance himself from the plan that has angered Penangites, who mostly see it as a slap in the face as well as a further example of the ruling coalition’s notorious corruption.

Teng urged Najib to review the deal, which has not been inked yet.

“We will send a delegation to the prime minister to express our views collected from the people,” Teng told reporters.



DAP launches ‘Return the Port to Penang’ campaign

Posted on 17 June 2012 – 05:28pm
Last updated on 17 June 2012 – 07:33pm

Aaron Ngui and Edmund Lee

GEORGE TOWN (June 17, 2012): The DAP has launched a “Return the Port to Penang” campaign following confirmation that the Penang Port has been privatised by the Federal government.

State DAP chairman and executive councillor Chow Kon Yeow said the initiative was to rally the people to call on the cabinet to revoke the decision to privatise the port without an open tender.

The campaign also wanted the federal government to deepen the northern part of the Penang channel immediately as well as transfer ownership of the port to the state government.

“As far as Penang’s economic future is concerned, this is the most pressing and urgent issue,” he told a press conference.

The Transport Ministry had confirmed that Seaport Terminal (Johor) Sdn Bhd, owned by tycoon Tan Sri Syed MokhtarAl-Bukhary, had been allowed to take Penang Port Sdn Bhd (PPSB) private.

This was revealed in a written parliamentary reply to Bukit Mertajam MP Chong Eng who had asked for an update of the port’s privatisation.

The port is currently operated by Penang Port Sdn Bhd, which is under the Finance Ministry, with the Penang Port Commission, an agency under the Transport Ministry, acting as a regulatory body.

DAP launches ‘Return the Port to Penang’ campaign


Malaysian Insider

Guan Eng calls Penang BN’s bluff over free port promise

By Lisa J. Ariffin
June 16, 2012

KUALA LUMPUR, June 16 — Lim Guan Eng today demanded Penang Barisan Nasional (BN) apologise for dangling the promise of restoring the island’s “free port status” as vote bait when Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak recently said the concept no longer exists.

The Penang chief minister asked if Najib, who had reportedly made the statement in Parliament on Wednesday, was lying over the issue or if the promise was merely an election ploy to woo voters ahead of the coming polls.

“Penang BN must apologise because they talk about free port when (Prime Minister) Najib had announced that free port doesn’t exist anymore,” Lim (picture) told a press conference in Penang.

An audio recording of the news conference was made available to The Malaysian Insider.

Newly-appointed Penang BN chief Teng Chang Yeow had pledged to restore the state’s free port

Main – Malaysia – Guan Eng calls Penang BN’s bluff over



Syed Mokhtar wins bid to privatise Penang Port

Posted on 13 June 2012 – 08:25pm
Last updated on 14 June 2012 – 08:48am

Hemananthani Sivanandam

KUALA LUMPUR (June 13, 2012): Seaport Terminal (Johor) Sdn Bhd owned by tycoon Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar al-Bukhary has won the bid to privatise the Penang Port.

The Transport Ministry, in a written reply said that the company had won the bid via its equity ownership in Penang Port Sdn Bhd.

“The negotiations with the company on the privatisation agreement however is still ongoing,” said the ministry in reply to Chong Eng (DAP-Bukit Mertajam).
Chong Eng had asked the ministry on the latest update of the port’s privatisation and which party had won the bid to do so.

The ministry further said that one of the conditions to be included in the privatisation agreement was that the successful company must bear the cost of dredging Penang Port.

KUALA LUMPUR (June 13, 2012): Seaport Terminal (Johor) Sdn Bhd owned by tycoon Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar al-Bukhary has won the bid to privatise the Penang Port. – Cached


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