David Noble FRSM on John Campbell and his ‘Frankenstein virus’



David Noble: Trained in microbiology, biochemistry and molecular genetics. COO for a medical education provider.

John Campbell is a retired Nurse Teacher and A and E nurse based in England.


John Campbell. ‘Frankenstein virus’. Yes, dear reader, you read that correctly. This is the latest from Campbell using this ‘Mickey mouse’ drawing to incorrectly claim that Pfizer have created a hybrid virus.

I rarely now watch his videos these days. Watching his videos generates ad revenue for him, so I’m not keen on contributing to his ill gotten gains! But let’s look at why he’s talking about a ‘Frankenstein virus’. To get there, lets look at what else he claims..

Firstly, he starts off trying to point to Pfizer releasing the press release at a late hour, but that of course means nothing. It doesn’t actually state the time zone, but as it’s a global release does it matter? No.

Next, he tries to be ‘cute’ by stating that they don’t reference specific allegations – but of course everyone knows it’s about the alleged Pfizer executives rather drunken (also allegedly!) rant on an amateur video

then he introduces his own whacky theories, cleverly hiding behind the things he ‘thinks’ this could be about. He disingenuously introduces the prospect of Pfizer mutating the virus. He doesn’t refer to what they specifically say about that and the rationale behind it..

but this is what they say: ‘Most of this work is conducted using computer simulations or mutations of the main proteaseโ€“a non-infectious part of the virus.’ The eagle eyed amongst you will notice it says ‘most’. So what DO they do in vitro? Lets take a look at what they do..

..in a lab environment, which is biosafety level 3 (see link for a look inside Stanford University’s facility as an example). There are 4 levels of Biosafety lab. I’ve worked in a Level 3 facility – and I can tell you nothing gets in or out that shouldn’t!

What they work on in this instance, where there is no demonstrable gain of function, are viruses where mutations are on the non-infectious part, and used to test the antiviral activities of specific compounds. In this case..

..Pfizer state that: ‘in vitro resistance selection experiments are undertaken in cells incubated with SARS-CoV-2 and nirmatrelvir’ . Nirmatrelvir being a protease inhibitor potentially used with ritonavir ( the combo is called paxlovid) as a therapeutic antiviral agent.

Campbell uses this video to wildly speculate, thus feeding the anti pharma paranoia. Much of which he says is scientifically baseless, or pointless, with no possible gain either clinically or financially for anyone (apart perhaps from himself in seeding his daft ideas)..

Campbell conveniently switches away from the press release text quickly on a number of occasions, to focus on his own added notes – these are written in a similar font and shown in parallel to the press release – just saying!

he continues with baseless claims that ‘you’ could have a virus on the shelf that ‘you’ engineered, and ‘you’ already have a vaccine for as ‘you’ made it whilst waiting for this virus to be released. We are now in the realms of science fiction. To be honest the rest of the video

just descends it utter tripe, comparing canine evolution with viral evolution etc.. He laughably talks about people being influenced by ‘huge sums of money’ – perhaps he should look closer to home on that one! Then we get to the bit where he confuses himself and draws the image.

Tongue in cheek he suggests Pfizer can correct him if he’s wrong. Obviously he has not understood what he’s read, and what I elucidate above. This is where he tries to coin the phrase a ‘Frankenstein virus’, of course that’s complete nonsense – you might as well call every..

..biologically based therapeutic a ‘Frankenstein’ compound. What he doesn’t also seem to understand, is that the type of confirmatory experiments they do are specifically required by the FDA & other authorities – Pfizer state this, but Campbell avoids it – skips right over it as

well as the mention of In vitro studies in BL-3 facilities. Having skipped all that important & contextual information he then starts harking on about natural immunity, rather oddly his earlier pandemic videos properly discussed the role of vaccines & acquired immunity so he’s

now onto ‘double speak’. He ends with a Shakespeare quote ‘the lady doth protest too much’. I should have thought that: ‘You told a lie, an odious damned lie; Upon my soul, a lie, a wicked lie’ , from Emilia in Othello would be more apt.

Of all the Campbell video’s I’ve watched, this is one of the most bizarre. Please do not ‘snitch tag’ him, he wouldn’t see it anyway as we are mutually blocked – wonder why he blocked me?!



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