In Kampar, the District Council still shoot stray dogs, don’t they?


Rajesh, who is representing the residents, said the local council claimed the Taman Kampar Barat residents had no legal standing to sue them.

The council has applied to strike out the suit.

“This is a public interest case, so the test of locus standi is genuine interest, which the residents have as dog lovers,” he told FMT.

Sachpreet Singh and Amanda Sonia Mathew also appeared for the residents, while Zaizuraimy Abd Rahim represented the local council.



John Bunyan

5 November 2021

IPOH, November 5 — The Kampar District Council today claimed one of its enforcement team openly fired at stray dogs to protect themselves from being attacked by the canines that were violent and aggressive during the attempt to capture them.

Council president Abdul Halim Saad stressed that there were no laws that permit enforcement officers to deliberately shoot strays except in an emergency situation.

Abdul Halim said that the operation to capture the strays was conducted late on November 2 as previous attempts to catch the strays in the daytime were unsuccessful.

He said the operation was carried out following complaints from various parties including West City Management, LDS International Management and Keranji assemblyman’s office, which reported that the strays attacked and bit nearby residents.



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