Court allows Iris Koh to leave Singapore for alternative cancer treatment in Malaysia


Obbana Rajah – Thursday

Earlier today (Jun 23), a district court granted an application by Iris Koh to leave the country for Malaysia to seek alternative medical treatment for her thyroid cancer.

Koh, the founder of the anti-vaccine group Healing the Divide, was charged in January with conspiring to defraud the Ministry of Health (MOH) over fake-Covid-19 vaccination records. She has been out on a S$20,000 bail since Feb 4. District Judge Ng Peng Hong imposed an additional bail sum of S$30,000 for Koh to travel to the city of Malacca and get a second opinion from a doctor there.

Koh’s defence counsel Wee Pan Lee said that she previously wanted to travel to two medical institutes in Malaysia — Malacca and the western Malaysian state of Negeri Sembilan — but now plans to only go to Malacca. The Singapore General Hospital (SGH) recommended that she remove her thyroid glands, but Wee explained that Koh was apprehensive about it. “As a result of that, she is seeking an alternative”, he said.



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