Lee Lam Thye’s selective memory at work in his Biography: He blames Lim Kit Siang for his departure from the DAP


Word in my circle: Lam Thye sold out. He jumped into the BN pond and got benefits, posts and titles. He was a FROG.


Lim Kit Siang: It is most regrettable that Lee Lam Thye has to tell a big lie in his autobiography why he quit politics. Till today, 32 years later, I still do not know why Lam Thye quit politics on the eve of the 1990 general election.

I have checked the records. A day after Lam Thye announced his retirement from politics and went overseas, I said the following at a DAP function in Batu Pahat:

“There had been a long-standing attempt to create splits and divisions between us because of our different political styles, but I have always regarded our different political styles as mutually complementary, and that the DAP is what it is today because of the sum total of our different political styles…

“I had my first discussion and meeting with him on Sept. 19, where he told me that he had no intention of withdrawing his resignation as Chairman of the Federal Territory DAP, and also that he was going to announce his retirement from politics.

“The next ten days were agonizing days for him as well as for me. I had four meetings with him to try to persuade him to change his mind, not only to resume the Chairmanship of Federal Territory DAP, but also to continue to provide his political leadership and services.

“I also had several telephone conversations over the matter, and after a midnight telephone call on Thursday, I thought I saw light at the end of the tunnel, and that Lam Thye would reconsider his position.

“It proved to be otherwise, and on Saturday, Lam Thye announced that he was retiring from politics.”

Full statement:







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